What Happens If Testosterone is Not Injected into the Muscle?


Testosterone is an imperative sex hormone and androgen in males, responsible for the prime development of male reproductive tissues and promoting sexual characteristics. And when it is not sufficient, the hormone is then injected through muscles. But what happens if Testosterone is not injected into the muscle and how would the human body respond to it?

The testosterone hormone is necessary for muscle growth, bone mass, body hair, and other male physical characteristics.

This is exactly why awareness regarding testosterone injection is needed for hours to prevent false administration.

The following guide will shed light on these worrisome doubts and provide insights into the potential consequences of incorrect testosterone injection administration. Explore the risks, guidelines, and effective alternatives related to intramuscular testosterone injection.

Testosterone injection for men

The testicles in males produce testosterone naturally, which triggers the development of internal and external reproductive organs since Fetal development. During puberty, the male teen notices many bodily changes, including an increase in height, growth of body and pubic hair, enlargement of the penis and prostate gland, and increase in libido.

However, the problem arises when testicles do not produce sufficient testosterone, which leads to the underdevelopment of male characteristics. 

Upon seeking help from the doctor, testosterone injections might be prescribed as the injections are better for effectively increasing hormonal levels.

Testosterone injections are always administered through muscles, and they are known as intramuscular injections. Let’s learn more about intramuscular injection in the next section for a better understanding.

The Importance of Intramuscular Injection

One of the medication routes is through muscles, widely known as Intramuscular injection. The muscles in the human body have exceptional vascularity, which enhances the pace of the drug as it reaches systematic circulation, bypassing the first-pass metabolism.

The absorption power and efficacy increase in this route, making it preferable over other routes of medications. 

Many drugs are specifically formulated for this particular route of muscles as they allow higher concentrations and volumes, ensuring optimal and prolific therapeutic effects.

Sometimes, patients are not comfortable with other routes, such as oral medications, so medical practitioners prescribe them IM injections to provide comfort and relaxation.

However, it is imperative to adhere to all the precautions and guidelines while administering these injections, ensuring the patient’s safety and health.

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What Happens If Testosterone is Not Injected into the Muscle?

The hormone-like Testosterone is preferably injected into the muscles for better blood supply, opening room for rapid absorption in the bloodstream. However, due to medical negligence and carelessness, Testosterone is not injected into the muscles in some cases. There are specific reactions and effects one can experience if one is not injected in the designated place. Let’s break down each effect and discuss them further for a better understanding of the consequences of incorrect injecting cases. 

Risks of Incorrect Testosterone Injection

Less absorption

First and foremost, a problem will occur with the absorption of the hormone as the outcomes would not be as effective as expected. The time, effort, and money of the needy patient will all go in vain. 

Blood vessels and nerve damage

Secondly, the needle can puncture blood vessels and nerves, injecting the hormone there which results in adverse effects. This can also lead to hematoma, a medical issue of damaged nerves that form clotted blood in organs, tissues, etc, causing swelling and pain. 

Infection risk

The puncture or piercing through the needle can cause infections and unbearable pain at the injecting site. If neglected in the initial stages, these infections can further lead to ugly health situations and cause the patient a hefty amount of trouble in treatment. 

Hormonal imbalance 

As the injection is injected in a wrong place, the requirement for hormone will be not fulfilled. Therefore, the inadequate hormone level will result in hormonal imbalance in the body, worsening the patient’s medical condition. 


Infections in the subcutaneous tissues may lead to a bacterial skin infection called cellulitis, which causes redness, swelling, and warmth at the infected site.

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Side Effects of Improper Testosterone Dosage

We are aware of the fact that improperly injected Testosterone can imbalance our hormonal level and further cause side reactions. The hormonal imbalance can either increase the testosterone level or decrease it. In both cases, specific side effects create chaos in male anatomy.

High Testosterone Effects

When the testosterone level surges heftily, adverse consequences and abrupt changes occur in males that need to be addressed. The listed effects are due to high testosterone levels. 

  • Aggression
  • Mood swings
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular issues
  • Liver toxicity
  • Fluid retention
  • Prostate enlargement

Low Testosterone Effects

In some cases, the hormone level declines exponentially due to insufficient absorption of injected Testosterone. The following mentioned side effects occur due to the declined testosterone levels.  

  • Decreased libido
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased energy levels
  • Loss of muscle mass and strength
  • Increased body fat
  • Mood changes and depression
  • Loss of bone density
  • Hot flashes
  • Sweating
  • Memory and cognitive issues

Guidelines and Safety Considerations

Adhering to guidelines and instructions while administering intramuscular testosterone injections is imperative and unavoidable to ensure effective results and minimum risks. The guidelines and safety considerations are listed below; it is advised to check them before initiating the treatment. 

  • Medical assistant – It is better to get the injection under the strict supervision of a doctor and follow his guidance and advice regarding the proper method of using the injection. This way, the doctors can monitor hormone levels and adjust the dosage amount accordingly. 
  • Injection site – Knowing the ideal injection site will eliminate the chances of an incorrect injecting situation. The preferred sites for getting shots of Testosterone in muscles are the upper arms and gluteal muscles (buttocks). 
  • Injection technique – The patient may use sterile techniques while injecting themselves as it will reduce the risk factor. Ensure that there’s no bubble forming in the medicine barrel, and plunge the injection only after cleansing the area with an alcohol swab. 
  • Needle size – For intramuscular injections, the needle size is quite different from the regular one, so make sure to get the right size after consulting with a medical practitioner. 
  • Dosage and frequency – It is imperative to follow the doctor’s suggestion on suitable dosage and frequency based on your requirement and condition of testosterone level. With utmost carefulness, don’t overdose and miss a dose in the middle of the treatment duration. 
  • Interactions – Discuss the patient’s medical history and underlying health issues with the doctor, as some drugs and food habits may interact with this injection dose. This can complicate the patient’s treatment; therefore, pay attention to every interaction this injection has. 
  • Side effects – It is better to consult a doctor if any side effects are persistent and causing difficulties. The proper solution is for side effects to become essential to mitigate future health issues reflected by these side effects. 
  • Self-awareness – Patients should educate themselves about Testosterone, the ideal hormone level, intramuscular injection, and administration guidelines. This will eliminate the chances of incorrect usage. For better understanding, one may ask the doctor for personal assistance and guidance. 
  • Disposal methods – After using the injection, remove the used needle immediately and dispose of it as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

Psychological and Emotional Impact

As we know, what happens if Testosterone is not injected into the muscle? But there are more issues regarding it. There’s a huge impact psychologically and emotionally on the patient who experienced incorrect testosterone injection. Both psychological and emotional factors affect the person which are mentioned below. 

Psychological impacts

The person who injected the hormone into the incorrect site will have constant fear and anxiety regarding it. As there are chances of infection and other unfavorable situations, the person will hyperventilate along with persistent distress, which can lead to mental disorders like anxiety and depression. These psychological factors can de-energize the person to the extent that he will withdraw from being in public and socializing. 

Emotional impacts

Due to incorrect injecting experience and associated health issues, the emotions of a person may fluctuate extensively, resulting in mood swings, irritability, and rage. This emotional imbalance can interfere with the sleep schedule too, leaving a person annoyed and moody. The primary emotional drawback is having a strained relationship with people around. Hence, the emotional impact is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. 

Alternatives to Testosterone Therapy

Lifestyle Changes

Particular lifestyle and habit changes can promote testosterone levels naturally without putting yourself at risk. The significant lifestyle changes that one can adopt incorporate regular exercises and yoga, adequate sleep, meditation, and mindfulness techniques. Joining a gym or jogging at a park, along with meditation and yoga, can definitely help in balancing the hormonal level. The patient should alter his regular regime by including sleep of 7 to 8 hours every night, which can open room for a relaxed body. With that, a proper mindfulness session can help in managing levels of hormones in the body. 

Nutritional Supplements

Including certain nutritional supplements such as, vitamin D, zinc, etc can regulate the testosterone amount in the body. Maintain an ideal and healthy weight according to Body-Mass Index (BMI) with a proper and nutritional balanced diet. One can try having caffeine daily as it can help boost Testosterone in humans due to its anabolic effects. Eating nuts and beans can add value as well. 


The testosterone level is an imperative factor for males having their male characteristics and reproductive anatomy. The problem arises when the hormone is insufficient, and thus, injecting the hormone in the body helps tackle the scarcity of it. The best way to take the hormone is through muscle injections, called intramuscular injections. But what happens if Testosterone is not injected into the muscle?

Therefore, it is best to be aware of administration methods, precautions, safety measures, and adverse reactions regarding intramuscular testosterone injection, which will mitigate the chances of incorrect use of injection. The proper guidance and technique can help the patient establish a regular regime of a healthy lifestyle along with having an ideal level of hormones. This can counterstrike all the issues related to male anatomy and characteristics, giving a manly personality.

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