What size penis do women want?


Satisfying the sexual demands of women can be quite tough. At some point in time, you might have already wanted to know about the penis size that a woman desire. Generally, men get insecure or worried about their penile size even though it is normal. So, have you ever searched about the penis size that will be fulfilling for your partner?

There is now pornography that has made men concerned about penis size. After all, it is directly linked with satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with your sexual performance use Cenforce or Vidalista and other ed medicine. There have now been cultural norms to assume that the perfect penis size must be large. But in reality, most of the size-related concerns are actually not worth worrying about.

There have been researches that state women prefer a penile that is about 6 inches or around the average size. The guide here will provide you with clear information about the same. So, you will understand things in detail.

What is a big penis?

Before actually getting to the main issue, it is important to take a second to remind everyone that there is no normal size when it comes to the penis. It is quite understandable why man worries about this.

There has long been a preoccupation of boys and men who get concerned about penis size during adolescence, and it can even continue throughout adulthood.

Thanks to porn and the mass media, it is now quite easy to assume that the big penis size can be about 9 or 10 inches. However, there have been researches that state the average penis size isn’t the size that most men think. This means you might be above the average size without actually realizing it.

Are 6 inches the best?

Are 6 inches the best?

The General of Sex and Marital Therapy came up with a review where the researchers considered ten studies that measured the erected penis length of the man and 21 studies that measured the stretched penis size.

After all the analysis, it was found that an erected penis length can be somewhat within 5.1 to 5.5 inches. This is way more than what many people expect. It was also noted that because of the biasness, the average size is probably lower.

If you have a penis that is longer than 5.5 when erected, you are on the larger side of the average. So as per the research, 6 inches is the perfect size for a penis.

What penis size do women prefer?

When talking about penile size, there is a lot more thing to consider than just average size. What matters more is the experience. But the guys wish to have a large enough to satisfy the partner. But the question is, do women consider a big penis as the best, or what is the preferable penis size for women.

They have high-quality scientific data that states the details of the average penis size. Also, there have been researches that clearly specify the women’s specifications on the penis size as well as the ideal size they would like to have in their partner.

There have been studies conducted on a variety of 3D models for serving women based on their preferable penile size. Interestingly the studies found that women when in long-term relationships prefer a slightly smaller penis.

It was identified that women prefer an erected penis size of about 6.4 inches in length, while 5.4 can be good for one-time partners. However, things differ in the case of long-term relationships. Herein are the women generally prefer slightly smaller average size, meaning they love 6.3 inches in length while the penile must be 4.8 inches in circumference.

You need to remember, irrespective of what you read online, that penile preference size is dependent entirely on the personal preference of the person, and it is a subjective question. The average size is average. This means it represents the preference of a majority of women. There are also some outliners meaning some women can also prefer a penis smaller than the average size while others might like a larger penis size.

What research states about penis size and sex toys?

What research states about penis size and sex toys?

In 2017 there, a study was conducted to identify the average size of sex toys that were purchased from online platforms. The study identified that the average length of the sex toys that a woman preferred to purchase online was 16.7 cm plus or minus 1.6 cm.

While if the standard deviation can be considered, then it will come to around 6.57 inches. This is longer than the average male penis size that has been stated in the research.

When talking about the circumference, about 12.7 cm of 5cm was typically the preferable one for the adult man. In simple words, the women’s preferable size in sex toys is exactly what they are looking for in terms of an actual penile, irrespective of long-term or short-term relationship.

Does it really matter to have a perfect penis?

There are men who have got 6 inches of penis by luck. While others choose to go ahead with treatment or surgery to increase their penis size. But the question is it actually worth it?

Penis size is one of the most influential factors. It surely plays a great role in healthy, but it is not that important. In fact, researchers have stated that penis length actually isn’t important when it comes to enjoying pleasurable sex. There has been an overwhelming majority of females who have reported that penis width is more important.

Good sex involves a lot of factors. Right from stamina, larger penis size, emotional connection and all can become a major contributor to it. But this does not mean having that perfect penile size is important. Instead of worrying about it being confident in what you have will be the best for you to perform the activity properly and enjoy the experience with your partner.


When it comes to penis size, there is no one fit or perfect average size. As there are different types of penis, the requirement varies. Although there is a misconception that the average penile size is necessary for a person to enjoy a sexual experience, various other factors will contribute to the same. So, paying attention to it all will be the best to have a good time.

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