Which one is a Best contraceptive pill for Women

which one best contractive pills
  • The pill for birth control saw its legalization in the year 1960 in the United States.
  • Besides, since then the contraceptive pill has turned into a highly popular mode of birth control.
  • Moreover, the birth control pill is for female contraception.
  • Also, all forms of the pill are for females.
  • However, nearly sixty percent of females coming under childbearing age use some kind of birth control.
  • Furthermore, they do so to avoid getting pregnant.
  • A lot of females desire to take contraceptive pills.
  • Besides, they pick birth control pills due to their safety, effortless use, and availability.
  • Moreover, they use them because of fewer side effects, effectiveness, and extra health gains.

Various kinds of birth control pills

various birth control pills

  • The pills for birth control enclose man-made variants of hormones such as progestin and estrogen.
  • Besides, a female body naturally produces these hormones.
  • Which particular pill forms the best contraceptive pill for you will rely on the needs of your body.
  • Moreover, it depends on the suggestion of your doctor who prescribes the best contraceptive pill for you.

Below is a short description of the different varieties of pills available on the shelves:

Combination pills

  • A woman needs to use them at a similar time daily by mouth.
  • Moreover, these blended tablets control the menstrual cycle.
  • Besides, they do it with a fusion of the progestin & estrogen hormones.
  • Also, the best contraceptive pill choice depends on the woman using them and her doctor.

Extended cycle pills

Extended cycle pills

  • This is a combination pill that carries the fusion of progestin & estrogen.
  • Additionally, these tablets are such that they facilitate longer menstrual cycles.
  • Such as, in place of having a period every month, a woman will have fewer cycles.
  • Besides, by using an extended cycle pill a female will have four menstrual cycles in a


Moreover, this can be the best contraceptive pill choice with a doctor’s counsel.

Progestin-only pills

progestine only pills

  • These pills are also popular as minipill.
  • Besides, this pill for contraception simply carries progestin hormone.
  • Moreover, this hormone is an artificial variant of the progesterone that exists naturally in the body.
  • Also, similar to combination pills, this pill needs oral intake only.
  • However, the use of the best contraceptive pill depends on your body’s need.
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1.Low-dose pills

  • A woman can get this pill in two forms.
  • Moreover, in one form it comes in combination variety. In another form, it carries only progestin hormone.
  • Also, this low-dose pill carries a lesser dose of hormones.
  • However, it is as efficient as a high dose pill.
  • Besides, the low-dose pill can comparatively start a few side effects.
  • Therefore, with the doctor’s consent, the best contraceptive pill can be this one.

2.Emergency contraception

  • Dissimilar to other contraceptive pills, females use this one after unprotected sex to prevent getting pregnant.
  • Moreover, they do so in case a condom ruptures.
  • However, this kind of pills is present in different forms like anti progestin pills, combination pills, and progestin-only pills.
  • Besides, the best contraceptive pill after unprotected sex is the best pick.

Which one is the best contraceptive pill? 

Best contractivepills

  • One female body is different from the other.
  • Besides, this is the reason to decide on the correct and best contraceptive pill for your use.
  • Moreover, for it, you require consulting with your gynecologist or doctor.
  • Also, doctors take into consideration numerous factors while prescribing a contraceptive pill for your use.
  • However, these factors can include health history, your response to these pills, your preferences, and your lifestyle.
  • Additionally, your journey for discovering the best contraceptive pill for your use may often use up some period.
  • Therefore, in that time there can be trial and error mode as well as your discussion with your gynecologist.

Combination contraceptive pills

cobination contractive pills

  • You will find combination pills with a mixture of two hormones.
  • Moreover, namely, these two hormones are progestin & estrogen.
  • Besides, she needs to consume it one-time each day at a similar time.
  • Also, these two hormone-containing best contraceptive pill keeps pregnancy at bay in three ways:

1-This pill prevents semen from catching the egg. Therefore, it keeps the ova from fertilizing. Besides, the gush of semen stops because the cervical mucus becomes thick.

2-These pills suppress ovulation. In case eggs are not present, then there will be no ova waiting for fertilization.

3-The pill renders the endometrial lining of her uterus thin. Therefore, in case the sperm fertilizes the egg, it will not sustain implantation.

A woman will find two kinds of contraceptive combination pills at present in the United States:

1-Combination contraceptive pills

  • This variety of pills carries progestin & estrogen together.
  • Besides, a woman has a wide choice to make while buying combination pills.
  • Also, it depends on how frequently she wishes to have periods.
  • Moreover, it relies on the dose of hormone she wants to suit her condition.

2-The minipill 

the mini pills

  • This kind of contraceptive pill carries merely progestin.
  • Moreover, you will not have many options in the minipill in comparison to the combination pill.
  • Besides, every pack of these pills carries all the tablets of a similar quantity of progestin.
  • Also, all its pills are in active mode.
  • Furthermore, the dose of progestin in combination pill is more in comparison to the minipill.
  • Therefore, the minipill carries a low dose of progestin.

However, combination contraceptive pills are present in various concoctions of inactive & active pills. Besides, this will depend on how frequently she wishes to have menstruation or periods. These packs areas:


  • This type of pack normally carries 21 active pills as well as 7 inactive tablets.
  • Or it can have twenty-four active tablets & 4 inactive tablets.
  • However, a woman menstruates every month while she uses the inactive tablets.

Extended cycle or constant dosing

  • This sort of pack usually carries eighty-four active pills and 7 inactive tablets.
  • Also, while using this pill she menstruates merely 4 times in a year when she uses the inactive pills also.
  • Besides, there are compositions that carry merely active tablets. Such pills eliminate bleeding.

Moreover, combination contraceptive pills have also the category as that the dose of hormone differs or remains similar. They are under:


  • This kind of combination contraceptive tablet carries a similar quantity of progestin & estrogen in every active tablet.
  • Multiphasic
  • This kind of combination contraceptive tablet carries a different quantity of hormones in every active tablet.
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