World Asthma Day

General idea

World Asthma Day constitutes a yearly event held by the Global Initiative for Asthma specifically and local stakeholders generally to expand asthma awareness and modes of taking care throughout the world. Asthma forms a chronic ailment exercising its impact on the lungs of the patient and one among the highly usual chronic ailments found in kids, however, grown-ups might as well fall prey to this disease.

The day of Prevent asthma awareness is organized by GINA or Global Initiative for Asthma and NHLBI or National Heart Lung & Blood Institute present in the United States, together with the World Asthma Foundation. The event was initiated several years before in 1998. This day, as a rule, does have a yearly theme.

The aim of this World Asthma Day

The day is all regarding enhance awareness regarding asthma and the way it exerts its influence on the patients. This event comes to pass each year on the 1st Tuesday of May and intends to gain assistance for its victims and the members of their families. This year as per norm, the day shall see the celebration in the month of May. It has been popular since its inception and continues to be the largest asthma event internationally.

About Asthma Disease

Asthma is an unceasing lung disease that leads to breathing problems and exerts an impact on victims to different levels. This disease comes about by inflammation & swelling relating to the bronchial tubes, seldom crops up by way of reaction to stress, temperature changes, exercise, and above all allergens. This is a disease that is not normally curable, however, it is controllable to some degree that is reliant on the manner it affects its victim. In case the disease remains under control, the victim will lead a comparatively normal life; however, several triggers need to be at arm’s length.

Asthma may be kept under control by prevention remedy in aid of chronic symptoms and as regards flare-ups relating to asthma signs relief remedy is the best. Comprehending and education make the efficacious key to keep asthma under control, in case not dealt with appropriately, it may prove lethal. The day imparts awareness and knowledge pertaining to the condition with the expectation to alleviate agony and cut down death rates.

Key Facts

  • Asthma forms the severe condition of chronic inflammation of bronchitis resulting in breathlessness, cough, repetitive wheezing at the time of sleep, chest tightness, severe attacks of coughing in the morning and during the night.
  • There prevails no cure concerning asthma that may be administered by averting triggers like irritants, allergens, and eliminate them in all to stay away from irritation and falling prey to asthma.
  • The incidence of asthma is high in kids in comparison to grown-ups, and less in males as opposed to females.
  • The chronic disease does not usually occur amid kids.
  • Asthma is frequently a genetic ailment.
  • Weather conditions like stormy, wet, extremely dry weather are able to render the signs of asthma intense.
  • Sufferers need to consult their physician and go on with medicines in line with their counsel to maintain the poor health under control & aid their lungs to carry out their functions normally.


In line with the Asthma victims & their families guide put forth by the MOH or Ministry of Health, by way of the national program to counter asthma 2016:

  • There exist above three hundred million people who are the victim of asthma throughout the world. It is the culprit responsible for each death out of 250 deaths taking place throughout the globe.
  • The incidence of asthma within the zones of the kingdom is amid 15 to 25 percent.

World Asthma Day objectives

  1. Expanding awareness concerning asthma and its overall impact on the healthiness
  2. Propagating its knowledge and looking for reasons responsible for its occurrence
  3. Encouraging studies of relations that prevail amid environ and asthma
  4. Cutting down the risk relating to asthma
  5. Enhancing the system of disease
  6. Parking up accessibility and availability pertaining to effectual asthma medicament
  • WHO Approach in support of control and prevention of asthma

World Health Organisation is conversant with the fact that asthma makes a problem of the main public healthiness significance. WHO performs an active part in putting together international endeavors to combat this ailment. The principal purpose of its plan is to aid the Member States in their attempts to diminish the disability & untimely death linked to asthma.

WHO Programme objectives

  • Close watch to chalk out the enormity of asthma, make an analysis of its determinants and scrutinize trends, laying stress on deprived and the destitute population.
  • Mainly prevention to diminish the degree of exposure to usual risk factors, specifically air pollution (i.e. outdoor, indoor, & work-related exposure), repeated lower respiratory infections in the early years of kids, and tobacco smoke is necessary.
  • Render reach possible to economical interventions that take in medications, advancing accessibility and standards of care offered at various levels in the system of the healthcare.

Activities to take place on World Asthma Day

The celebration of this event occurs every year in May. That is because May is as well referred to as the Asthma Awareness Month while the NAEPP or National Asthma Education & Prevention Programme is held to persuade the masses to look after their asthma without fail.

Members of the families and the victims of asthma are persuaded to participate in the AAP or written asthma action plan via their physician offices to cater to the particular requirements of the asthmatic patients. Like the right remedy to seek prevention from airway inflammations & environ reasons causing asthma such as tobacco smoke and dust mites.

APP forms the huge stride initiated by the NAEPP to pull together the asthma victims, clinicians, and others looking after the asthma victims to team up so that to take in hand the control over the unceasing ailment. Patients who go through constant asthma are persuaded via a number of activities for utilizing inhaled corticosteroids to exercise better control over this ailment. Activities are:

  • Dealing with asthma signs and its attacks on a daily basis, free of charge camps for the checkup to gauge the intensity amid masses to begin medication
  • Sufferers encouraged to go for planned follow-up visits after every six months and stay away from environing triggers
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