Dr. Harris Anderson, P.N.S.

Arrowmeds Pharmacy Doctor 

It is an honor for us at Arrowmeds that Dr. Harris Anderson is associated with us. We have been getting her expertise for a long, and our customers have benefited from her guidance. She has had a dream of helping humankind since childhood. A brilliant student, Harris, completed her MBBS and opted for osteopathy in 2010. With her ten years of experience, she has worked with major hospitals and health centers and treated thousands of patients. 

Obesity is a giant disease all around the world, and people need proper and accurate guidance on it. Dr. Anderson will guide our customers regarding weight loss, treatments, how to take medicine, and other medicine and disease-related issues. She will also write blogs and medicinal information with her expertise, and our customers can review and read her articles, blogs, and medicine descriptions on our portal. Dr. Anderson has excellent command over worlds; you can experience it in her blog on this portal. If you have any queries or questions, she will be here for guidance and to review the information we share.      

Qualifications & memberships 

Studied a Bachelor of Medicine (M.D.) 

Physician Nutrition Specialist (PNS) 

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) 

Medical specialty & areas of interest

 Weight loss specialist and related areas of expertise 

Current practice

Arrowmeds Pharmacy (USA)

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