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Best-in-class packaging material 

Arrowmeds deals with international clients, and our packages and packets are of international standards as well. To achieve the set benchmark, we have partnered with companies that are market leaders in manufacturing packages and packets. We make sure our packages and packets have world-class materials because the word compromising at any stage of our business is against our ethics and policies. We use packaging materials that are standard, solid, have enough strength, and have extra durability.  

Different types of packages and packets 

We have categorized our products into different sizes and, according to their sizes, have packages and packets manufactured. We are strong believers in environmental safety and green initiatives; thus, all over packages and their materials match that requirement; in continuation of this, we have been minimizing the use of plastic in our packages.      

Following international packaging norms 

We have associated with packaging manufacturing companies that are certified internationally and produce packages that follow all the norms and regulations of international packaging. Moreover, we have our dedicated packaging quality control department, which is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the quality of all the packages and packets.


Our main adjective is that products our customers purchase must reach safely to their address. Therefore, we take extreme care in the safety of our packages and packets. We realize that what we are sending is not just a product but lifesaving medicine, and we take very good care of the safety of our products.   


All the packages and packets that leave our warehouse have a barcode on them and other security features, which make our packages easy to track and exponentially increase the security of each package. We keep watch on each of our packages until they reach their destination, and with that, we have all the data stored regarding all of our deliveries.

Small Packaging Box (For 1-3 Injections upto 90 Softgel cap,Eye Drop etc)

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