We at Arrowmeds offer 100% guarantee on our products. If our product is damaged, or does not show on time, or is not received by the recipient, there is a full refund that is offered by our company. Our guarantee works on a request basis and once a guarantee is requested by our customer, in case of a partial order, the remaining balance is refunded back to the clients.

Arrowmeds in case of partial orders, charge according to the products received by the client. All the transactions that start from placing an order to you it reaching your doorsteps take around 20 to 30 days.

In case of any delay, hold or return of the sender, a notification is sent to the buyer and in case no notification of such kind is being received, it is advised to reach out to us by sending us a ticket at the refund section so that the issues regarding shipping of our products is resolved and done on priority.

For any other queries regarding the order dispatch or to know the status of the order, you can reach us at our support section.

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