How To Order

How to Order Medicines Online Using Arrowmeds.com?

Go to Arrowmeds.com and search for your desired product, for example, Cenforce 100 mg using the search option on the landing page.

You can search for a medicine by its brand name such as Cenforce or by the generic drug name such as Sildenafil citrate.

The search result will show you all the medications with the brand name or the generic drug name that you searched with their prices and dosages.

Select the desired brand of medicine along with the dosage required, along with the quantity you need, and add it to your cart.

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Once you enter your code, you will be directed toward the Shipping form in which you have to enter your accurate shipping address and order details.

Once the shipping details are in order, you can sign in and create your own account by clicking on the checkbox above to receive reward points and extra information about sales and discounts.

Once you have created your own account with us, you can choose your preferred payment option to make payments.

For PayPal payments, choose Pay with Credit card or Pay with Debit Card and Check out.

After you have checked out, you will receive your order number and a confirmation email. 

If you have signed up, you will receive two emails in your mailbox, one with the confirmation of your account with us, and the second for the confirmation of your order.

If you are an old customer who already has an account with us, then you will receive only one mail, of order confirmation.

Go through these emails, and verify if all the information is correct.

In case all the information is correct and verified by you, then click on the Pay Now button available in the mail.

Confirm the payment amount and click send to initiate your payment.

Oreder process

Your order will be shipped within 1-2 days after the confirmation of your payment. 

Usually, the order is delivered within 13-22 days after the payment, the exact number of days varies based on the location of delivery.

Millions of customers are happy with our services and return often to place their orders with us.

After getting the payment confirmation, your order will get shipped out within 1-2 working days usually delivered within 13-22 days depending on their location.

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