Dr. Keren Sidham, M.D., CDE

Arrowmeds Pharmacy Doctor

We proudly introduce Dr. Sidham, who is associated with Arrowmeds as a health expert. One of the most common diseases we see these days in the whole world is diabetes, which is the product of the adverse lifestyle that people have adopted. Dr. Keren Sidham is a specialist in this area; he has been a bright student from the beginning and has treated thousands of patients worldwide, especially in the Covid era. He has treated and guided patients online. 

Dr. Sidham, with his 25 years of experience, will guide Arrowmeds customers with their diabetes condition on demand. Our customers can apply for an online appointment with Dr. Keren Sidham for their issues dealing with diabetes. Various blogs, articles, and white papers that he produces are accessible to our customers on this portal; they can read and increase their knowledge about various diseases. 

Qualifications & memberships

Studied a Bachelor of Medicine (M.D.) 

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) 

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Medical specialty & areas of interest

 Diabetes specialist and related areas of expertise 

Current practice

Arrowmeds Pharmacy (USA) 

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