10 Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic

10 signs of a high functioning alcoholic

Explanation of high-functioning alcoholism

People with High-Functioning alcoholics, or HFAs, maintain both their lives and personal and professional jobs while taking excess amounts of alcohol every day. Many individuals drink enough amounts of liquor per day without fail at the same time. People who drink more alcoholic beverages look the same as normal people, who don’t drink alcohol, but they are depressed and stressed from the inside; high-functioning alcoholism can also affect life; it really impacts one’s life very badly but can easily manage the situations even not like other people who lose their control. No matter how big the festival is, people offer alcoholic drinks, and they can even find ways to get addicted to liquor; whatever the occasion, like normal or something different, they choose alcohol consumption always.

10 Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic

High-Functioning alcoholics have many warnings and signs so that people get to know why they are involved in alcohol intake. Those 10 signs are:

Here are the symptoms and signs of high-functioning alcoholism:

  • Intake of more than two packs of alcohol daily.
  • No control after drinking.
  • Hide drinking alcohol use from other people
  • Facing problems of finances and relationship issues, which lead to high functional alcoholism.
  • Fighting and arguments with friends while drinking alcohol
  • Drinking alcohol anytime without fixing your period.
  • Alcohol consumption to manage depression and stress in life.
  • Keeping alcohol in isolated areas like cars, any corner, clothes and other secret places.
  • People experience signs of withdrawal when they don’t drink alcohol, such as fatigue, headache, and dizziness.
  • Becoming more aggressive after drinking alcohol.

Regular Alcohol Consumption

People who consume alcohol regularly face many terrible health problems even though, at first, it doesn’t show its effects, but over time, the health complications keep developing and making it worse. However, excessive alcoholic drinks lead to chronic health illnesses in the body, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart stroke, cancers in any part of the body, liver or kidney damage problems and digestive issues.

Drinking enough alcoholic liquor will weaken your immune system and also enhance the chances of getting health complexes at a time. Regular alcohol consumption may lead to dementia diseases, in which people forget things and cannot remember most things, whatever happens to them throughout the day.

It also increases mental health problems in people when they consume lots of alcohol at a time, and it increases the risks of getting more anxiety and stress in your life. That is why alcohol consumption should be stopped on a regular basis and taken very rarely.

Denial of Excessive Drinking

When it comes to the term of denial of excessive drinking alcohol, people during a situation of treatment deny they are alcoholics. However, they directly refuse to say they drink a lot and blame others so they won’t get caught in this trap of drinking alcohol a lot. They sometimes lie that they will cut back from drinking life and they won’t touch it, but in spite of such false statements, they drink alcohol again. They blame others, which means that just because of that or this person, they have to indulge in alcoholism. 

Maintaining Responsibilities

When people have high-functioning alcoholism disorder, they have to manage everything in that situation as well. It means they have to maintain their responsibilities properly, but due to heavy drinking, they lose their control sometimes and are unable to maintain various liabilities at home. They are not perfect at maintaining responsibility for their jobs, and due to this problem, the conflicts in the family start from that point in life. But maintaining a home and workplace is important no matter how much you are a high-functioning alcoholic person.

Hiding Alcohol Use

Most people hide alcohol use, and they don’t have an idea about how much alcohol they drink in a day, and they keep consuming it continuously. They are used to hide their information about alcohol consumption like they drink separately from others. People drink heavily alone, and they miss many travels or journeys just because of drinking alcohol heavily. People hide alcoholic drinks from others and go to separate places to enjoy drinks with alcoholic partners.

Physical Symptoms

People who are heavy drinkers may face many health problems, signs, and symptoms, such as:

  • Body shape changes
  • Kidney problem
  • Liver failure signs            
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in certain areas of health
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Fatty liver
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Certain cancers
  • Weakened immune system
  • Alcohol poisoning and others

Psychological Indicators

There are also various psychological indications for high-functioning alcoholism in people, such as:

  • They drink alcohol heavily.
  • They consume alcoholic beverages non-stop every day.
  • They face stress, depression and other mental tensions.
  • They become very short-tempered.
  • They are unable to mix up with people.
  • They would like to feel alone.
  • They won’t get involved with others.
  • They only mind their business and just talk a lot after drinking.

Neglecting Health

After drinking alcohol, people lose control and neglect their health even though, at first, they don’t feel any worse ignoring their health, but sometimes, it impacts their health. Alcoholic persons continue to ignore health just because of heavy alcohol consumption.

Mental Health Challenges

People who drink alcohol heavily every day have to face many mental health problems such as depression, anger, anxiety, and stress in life, and sometimes it also provokes persons to commit suicide. These mental health challenges are too dangerous after you drink alcohol, so try to become a high-functioning alcoholic.


Drunken people want an isolated place so that they can easily deal with their issues themselves, and so they would like to separate from others and drink quietly. That is why such people search for a separate area to drink alcohol.

Failed Attempts to Cut Down

Continue failing to attempt to cut down on how much alcohol you should drink, which can make you helpless to quit alcohol consumption at the same time. At this time, when you fail to cut down on alcohol, you should seek advice from professionals for this treatment of successfully quitting alcohol.

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