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What size penis do women want?
Satisfying the sexual demands of women can be quite tough. At some point in time, you might have already wanted to know about the penis size that a woman desire. Generally, men get insecure or worried about their penile size even though it is normal. So, have you ever searched about the penis size that […]
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My boyfriend has erectile dysfunction. What should I do?
It’s obvious that your boyfriend is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. While it may be a difficult and sensitive topic to discuss, it’s important to remember that ED is a common condition that affects men of all ages. If you are shy and feeling shameful then you didn’t want to worry about it as there are […]
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What Happens if You Masturbate Too Much?
What Happens if You Masturbate Too Much? Well, masturbating is a healthy sexual behavior because it protects your partner from getting pregnant, and catching any infection. However, over masturbation becomes quite risky as it leads to various physical and psychological orders, among the physical disease is premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, when this happens, it […]
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Abstinence vs Celibacy
Abstinence vs Celibacy seems to have no difference, however, Abstinence is the personal choice of a person to stay away from all sexual pleasures when he/she doesn’t get his/her expected life partner, while celibacy is the religious choice of a person to lead an ascetic life. What is Abstinence vs Celibacy? Abstinence is a choice […]
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How to Not Cum Fast?
Do you know getting ejaculation quickly doesn’t satisfy your partner? Now, to make your partner satisfied and happy in bed, you need to know the slow process of reaching the climax with your partner. If you are looking for the best tricks on how to not cum fast and slowly reach orgasm then you need […]
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Vitamins to Boost Energy
Vitamins to Boost Energy, Vitamins are organic compounds that we intake for the growth of our body and to improve our metabolism rate. Our body cannot synthesize vitamins directly, so we intake them through food. Some of the energy boosting vitamins that can be taken as sources are sweet potato, carrots, Tuna, spinach, butternut squash, […]
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Botox Aftercare
Botox aftercare are the tips that need to be followed after getting a botox treatment. Botox is a cosmetic drug that contains botulinum toxin that clinicians inject into the infected areas. This drug prevents muscle contraction, relaxes and softens wrinkles, and keeps them from coming back to your face. Several steps need to be followed […]
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ED After Divorce
ED is one of the serious physical issues that middle-aged men suffer from. This issue is the ability to keep oneself and have penetrative sex. ED after divorce prevails because of many psychological and physical reasons. Why Erectile Dysfunction Occurs after Divorce? We all need a sexual partner with whom we can share our expected […]
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