Does Testosterone Increase Size? Understanding the Relationship 

Does Testosterone Increase Size

Yes, testosterone has a hand and is an important one in the size of the penis; from childhood until adulthood, it will create that impact on the size. After adulthood is reached, testosterone doesn’t have a role to play as the penis size will not increase or decrease.

Relationship between testosterone and size:

Testosterone plays a pivotal role in the size of the penis in the early or growing years of a teenager. Thus, it creates a relationship between them, the real and direct one.

During the puberty period, testosterone becomes vital for the penis’s growth, but after a male enters adulthood, the growth will stop, and afterward, even if the testosterone is increased with any supplement, the growth of the penis will not get affected.

Overview of Testosterone

Knowing testosterone is important to understand the relationship between it and the penis’s size. 

Let’s understand the definition of testosterone first: 

This is how it is pronounced – (Tes-tos-teh-rone). It is a hormone created in the tests, and its work is to create, grow, and develop male sex characteristics, such as facial hair, deep voice, and muscle growth. These days, testosterone is created in the lab as well to be used in the treatment of certain medical conditions.

Factors influencing testosterone levels:

All the things that are bad for the human body those all things are factors that will influence testosterone levels, and they are poor nutritious levels, overconsumption of liquor, age factors, fat or overweight condition, sleep deficiency, stress, anxiety, etc.

Theoretical Basis of Testosterone’s Effect on Size 

The biological mechanisms by which testosterone might influence size is it activates the androgen receptor or after conversion to 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone (DTH) by the enzyme reductase. Testosterone is a male sex hormone found to be doing this work in humans, mammals, birds, and vertebrates.

Scientific Evidence

After studies conducted for decades have proven this very fact that there is a strong relationship between testosterone and penis size and Does testosterone increase the size of the penis or not. Testosterone works with androgen receptors and plays a fundamental role in the size of the penis in human males and in animals and birds as well.

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A link has been established that testosterone increases anogenital distance, AGD meaning distance between the anus and the upper level of the penis and this analysis and findings have proven that it is a fact. So the question, does testosterone increase size in adults has an answer in positive.

Factors to Consider

There are multiple situations and things that could influence the relationship between testosterone and size; as a matter of fact, their relationship is influenced at the very beginning at the level of the fetus, an unborn child and what kind of nourishment it gets from the mother.

After they are born, there are other factors that influence their relationship:

  • The nourishing of the child
  • The surrounding environment
  • Activities that a child is able to do and the parents make a child do
  • In the development years, what kind of food does the kid prefer
  • The psychology of the kid is also a very important influence

Consideration of individual differences and limitations of research:

The relationship between testosterone has been established, but there are limitations to the result of the same as all human beings have different ways of upbringing, situations, nourishment, and all other aspects while growing up.

This is the reason 100% accurate research on this subject has lots of barriers that create obstacles. The growing years of a male in all countries, communities, and cultures are different, and it creates difficulty and limitations in performing research.

Though scientists are finding a way out of this, and they will come up with one acceptable scientific solution to the subject of testosterone and its relationship with the growth of the penis.

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Real-world Applications

Implications for athletes, bodybuilders, and individuals seeking to enhance size: 

As testosterone influences another part of the body and its size, many athletes, bodybuilders, and individuals seek an increment in their testosterone. Athletes and some individuals require their bodies to grow in a certain way; they want to build specific parts of their body or muscles, and testosterone can do that with the help of diet and supplements.

Practical recommendations and advice based on scientific evidence: 

Many medicines are primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction, but it is also used as testosterone enhancers. Their use in many medicines is off-label, and some are approved for use under the guidance of a health provider for increasing testosterone for various reasons. The medicines are called Sildenafil and tadalafil, and there are many others that your health provider might suggest if you want to use them, but they fall under use with prescription-only medicine, so that must be considered before starting their use.

Does testosterone make you last longer in bed?

Does testosterone increase size? The answer to that question is yes, and in connection to the question of does testosterone makes you last longer in bed, the answer to this question is also yes. They both are interconnected, as testosterone is the driving force of erection, and it also influences the bloodstream in the penis. Testosterone gives a firm and extended erection, and therefore, we can say that it makes you last longer in bed.

How long should a man stay on testosterone?

‌As testosterone makes you last longer in bed, and at the same time, it increases other body parts as well, the answer to the question would differ from human to human as nobody knows what kind of effects it will create on each individual. Health providers and experts on this matter suggest taking testosterone until you feel better; you can take it till you get the benefits from it.

As you stop taking testosterone, you will stop getting the benefits of it as well; at the other point, an individual has to stop as age, weight, and health factors will play their role. Taking testosterone has its side effects as well; one needs to consider them as well, and after the perfect assessment from the health provider, testosterone should be stopped or continued.


Testosterone works as a helping hand in the growth of the body and its various parts; one of the most important of them is the reproductive organ in males called the penis.

Testosterone does not just play a vital role in increasing the size of the penis, but it also is responsible for a firm and extended erection. Other than this, testosterone is used to increase some specific body parts as well, so sportsmen and bodybuilders use it, but they must do this practice under the guidance of health providers.

Testosterone can be created in the lab also, but can topical testosterone increase size experts say positive things about that; it is why the use of it has become pretty common among a section of people. 

There are multiple research that have been provided and have established and proved does testosterone increase size, and there are many other research with implications are underway that will make us understand the relationship between testosterone and size.   

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