Lashona 3ml (Bimatoprost)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Bimatoprost
Indication: Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular hypertension
Manufacturer: Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 3ml in bottle
Strength: 3ml
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Lashona 3ml (Bimatoprost) - 3ml

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Lashona (Latisse) is one of the best and most recommended treatments for eye disorders (glaucoma & ocular hypertension). Besides this, it shows dramatic improvements in eyelash growth which makes it a former choice for achieving thicker, denser & fuller eyelashes. Make sure your eyes are soothed and your eyelashes grow naturally with Lashona Ophthalmic Solution. Buy this medication online with us at the best prices but with a prescription!

What is Lashona?

In simple words, Lashona (Latisse) is an FDA-approved medication prescribed for promoting eyelash growth and improving symptoms of eye disorders. Officially, it is termed Latisse which is also the brand name of this medicine. It is mainly prescribed for treating open-angular glaucoma and intra-ocular hypertension. This medication might be prescribed to children (above 5 years) and adults for underlying medical conditions.

Buy Lashona Ophthalmic Solution Online for the given purposes as it is among the safest & most effective medications. Usually, the expected improvements for eye disorders can be experienced from day one. On the other hand, it takes around a month for boosting eyelash growth by nourishing the eyelashes naturally. It can be used for up to 4 months for eye disorder treatment and a prolonged period for eyelash growth.

Lashona Uses

  • Improving symptoms of open-angular glaucoma & intraocular hypertension
  • Nurturing eyelashes & increase in length, density & volume

Lashona Availability

  • Bimat
  • Lumigan
  • Lashisma
  • Careprost
  • Super Lash

Key Features & Benefits of Lashona

  • Soothes symptoms of eye disorders instantly
  • Beautifies eyelashes by making them longer, denser & fuller
  • Suitable for any adult male or female as well as children above 5 years
  • Low-cost generic that is approved by the FDA
  • Minimal side effects

Lashona Dosage

Be it for lash hair growth or eye disorders, the ideal dosage frequency and total treatment period will be shared by the physician. You’re supposed to follow that strictly. Do not increase the number of times you apply the eye drops in a day without medical guidance.

  • For Eyelash Growth: Squeeze the eyelash serum on the applicator brush and swipe it on your upper eyelid base only. It can be used daily. This lash hair serum is best used before bedtime so that you’re done with your routine and lash hair gets time to soak the solution. Continue it for at least six months for seeing expected lash hair growth.
  • For Glaucoma & Ocular Hypertension: Apply a drop or two in the affected eye right before bedtime. Use it regularly for up to 4 months or your suggested treatment period for desired results.

Remove your eye makeup and contact lenses before applying this medication. Also, wash and rinse your hands properly before using the medicine.

What if you missed applying Lashona?

Do not worry if any dose is missed or skipped. Continue with your next scheduled dose. As this medicine is safe for long-term use, you can apply it according to the next planned dose. However, don’t miss out more often else you won’t see expected results.

Will it grow eyelashes faster if applied more frequently?

It may take around a week or two for you to see improvements in eyelash growth. If it’s been long and you haven’t seen improvements as expected (which rarely happens), talk to your doctor. Avoid applying it more frequently for boosting eyelash growth. Overdose might lead to immediate allergic reactions in your eyes.

Common Side Effects of Lashona

In most cases, these are the side effects of Lashona eye drops. Please note, the discolouration of the Iris is very common and is permanent. Talk to your doctor if any of these side effects get adverse.

  • Redness in the eyes
  • Itchiness
  • Irritating eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Discolouration of Iris

Warnings for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

Beware before applying Lashona eye drops or eyelash growth serum during pregnancy or breastfeeding. These are exceptional medical conditions when this medicine isn’t recommended for use. Often, the risk of the active ingredients overweighs the benefits for the unborn baby and breastfeeding child. It can be harmful to the foetus developing in the womb and the child having breast milk. So, talk to your doctor before using these eye drops straight away during pregnancy or lactation.

Tips & Care Instructions for Handling Lashona Safely

  • Follow your prescription and medical guidance for the safe handling of this medication. Also, read the product label for more information. In case any doubt remains, contact your healthcare provider.
  • Make sure your hands and eyes are clean and wiped before applying Lashona Ophthalmic Solution. If you are wearing makeup or contact lenses, ensure it is removed before using these eye drops.
  • If you want to reinsert contact lenses, wait for at least 30 minutes after applying these eye drops.
  • Apply the eye drops to the affected eye only.
  • Do not touch the applicator brush or tip of the eye drop nozzle else you might infect it. Any contamination can increase the risk of infection.
  • While applying for eyelash growth, use the solution on the upper eyelid base only. Avoid applying it on the lower eyelid base.
  • If the medication gets into your eyes accidentally, blot the extra solution using a cloth or tissue.
  • Inform your healthcare provider if you’re using any eye drops already. Ask them if they can still be continued with this ophthalmic solution.
  • Talk to your doctor if you witness any new eye problems after starting treatment – infection, trauma, vision changes, redness, swelling, etc.

Is Lashona safe for long-term use?

If you’re using this as eyelash growth serum, it may be continued for the long term. Long-run use is highly recommended for maintaining the effects of eyelash growth. However, you’ll need medical guidance if you’re considering these eye drops for open-angular glaucoma or intraocular hypertension. Regular follow-ups will help you track improvements and determine if you need this medication for a longer period or not. Avoid its prolonged use without medical guidance.

Storage Instructions

Store the eye drops bottle at a temperature below 30 Degrees Celsius. Avoid letting it under direct sunlight, heat, or moisture. Place it away from the reach of children.

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Some Honest Lashona Reviews

“I was diagnosed with intraocular hypertension, thanks to my almost 14-hour working day. It imposed high stress on my eyes and the lack of sleep was a bonus. Lashona was the only way out to relax my eyes and it did its job perfectly. My doctor suggested I apply these eye drops for a month right before bedtime and it worked so well. Now, I’m advised to use it whenever I feel high stress on my eyes and I’m here for a restock.”

“Lashona is one of the best eyelash growth serums if you prefer natural look and feel eyelashes. It took me a week to start seeing improvements and I’m thrilled to see what’s coming ahead. Currently, I plan for using these eyelash drops for six months. If it meets my expectations, which I’m sure it will, then I shall continue it for life!”

Commonly Asked Questions on Lashona

Is Lashona safe?

Lashona is one of the safest, most effective & legit solutions for eye disorders like glaucoma and intraocular hypertension. In addition, it has shown significant improvements in eyelash growth. This medication is safe for long-term use and doesn’t have any serious side effects. Therefore, it is regarded as safe provided it is used according to the prescription.

Does Lashona work for eyebrows too?

A study was conducted for observing the effects of this eyelash growth serum on eyebrows. The results were impressive and much better than the placebo. It works for thicker and denser eyebrows too. On the contrary, it didn’t show any side effects. However, avoid applying it to eyebrows without consulting the doctor.

Will Lashona change the color of the Iris?

Yes, it is possible for these eye drops to cause discolouration of your Iris. It usually darkens the iris color or makes it brownish which will be visible within a few months or years of treatment. This can happen if you apply eye drops. Also, the eyelids may darken if you’re using it for eyelash growth.

How long it takes for Lashona to work?

In most cases, patients see improvements with the very first dose for glaucoma or intraocular hypertension. For eyelash growth, it may take a couple of weeks to see improvements depending on the bodily response to the medication.

What is Lashona price?

Lashona Ophthalmic Solution is available in many generic versions. This likely affects the pricing according to the manufacturer. However, it’s going to be a budgetary deal if you choose to buy Lashona online with For the latest prices, scroll above!

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Bimatoprost Bimatoprost Bimatoprost
Indication: Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular hypertension Glaucoma, Ocular hypertension Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular hypertension
Manufacturer: Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. Healing Pharma, India Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 3ml in bottle 3ml in bottle 3ml Bottle
Strength: 3ml 3ml 3ml
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days 6 To 15 days 6 To 15 days
Price: $40.00


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