How long after quitting smoking weed does libido return?

How long after quitting smoking weed does libido return.


Today, almost 85% of people are addicted to smoking, and they keep smoking continuously, and almost more than six times they continue to smoke. But do you know how smoking affects your day-to-day life and completely ruins your life, although smoking leads to several health problems together? However, sometimes, when people keep watching and experiencing different types of health issues altogether, they just want to get rid of them. Still, after trying many times, they are unable to stop smoking, and the time it impacts their health. Today, we will learn how, after a longer period of smoking weed, you can restore your libido. So, here we will know that how long after quitting smoking weed does libido return.

Overview of how weed impacts libido and sexual function

Quitting smoking weed doesn’t only affect your health, but it also impacts your sex health as well. Finally, after struggling with your life quitting smoking, the time comes when you want to give up smoking; people who have been addicted to this habit, even though they don’t want to leave it very quickly when they start feeling something going on wrong with their mental and sexual health so, only then they want to abandon it. After suddenly quitting cigarettes, do you think the libido can come back?

How long after quitting smoking does libido return? If yes, then it is alright, but most times, it doesn’t restore instantly, and it takes time. But whatever it is, even as your libido takes time to return to normal conditions. Most of the time, when weed impacts libido and sexual functions, they won’t show any kind of interest in sexual activity; it badly influences one’s sex life with poor effects.

Therefore, at that time, you have no idea how you can easily get rid of poor libido and poor sex health, and can you imagine that just after quitting weeds, it can be gained? No, you cannot receive that joy in sex health because after quitting smoking weed, people can go into depression for some time. But during weed consumption, their sex life will be destroyed and damaged, and they will feel an end to all pleasures in their sex life. Weeds can affect your sex health; therefore, to overcome it, you need to discard weed, but if you think that just after, instantly, libido will return, that won’t be, and it takes time for it.

Timeline for libido changes after quitting

How long after quitting smoking does libido return? There are several timelines for libido changes just after leaving smoking weeds, and you need to watch them closely and frequently for such treatment options:

First 1-2 weeks: With the timeline of quitting smoking, people can notice a declining number of nicotine longings. However, people can feel that the amounts of nicotine will be reduced day by day even as it will take time to heal such a particular condition.

First month

In the first month of nicotine use, your blood flow will begin to increase and improve completely. On the other hand, at the same time, people can experience it is easier to do a workout or any physical activity together. You can easily get rid of the addictions and also the psychological effects of quitting weed.

First 2-3 months

During a timeline of 3 to 6 months of weed quitting, your lung function also starts improving even as you can notice lung functions are improving day-by-day. Furthermore, wheezing and coughing will be reduced, and respiratory health will improve over time.

3-6 months

All your heart-related diseases will be reduced by around 60% in a 3 to 6-month timeline. In addition, blood vessels will start widening and dilating again, and the blood clots will normalize. At that same time, the risks of lung cancer will also decrease during that period. Thus, day by day, you can observe that health problems are reducing now, and people are restoring their health and fitness and are able to stop smoking completely. Thus, people can see such kinds of improvement after quitting smoking in their days and within such timelines particularly.

Factors impacting libido recovery

Certain factors can impact libido recovery just after leaving smoking weed and will understand how long after quitting smoking does libido returns. The factors include:

When people are addicted to cannabis before leaving it so, that time they don’t experience any kind of severe health complications, but after quitting it, they can experience affecting their libidos. At that moment, people have to face several kinds of health hazards, so they cannot recover their libido stamina at the same time.

If persons have some medical conditions or they are suffering from any kind of severe chronic diseases so, that time it impacts libido. They are unable to regain libido and restore their sex health when they are underlying any long-term medical complication.

Three things in life that impact your sex life include age, hormones, and taking certain types of medications. Increasing age can cause a decline in libido, and people experience failure of erections. However, hormone reduction can also lead to several health complications among people, even as they cannot receive a proper amount of erections at a certain stage of life completely. Taking too many medicines can also cause several health issues at the same time, and people consume medicines of antidepressants, antifungals, ED medications, and many others. Hence, these medications impact people’s sex lives badly.

As we know, maintaining diets, exercises, and lifestyles are important in a person’s life, but if you don’t maintain them properly, that is a reason behind not gaining libido at all. So, it is essential to maintain these routines increasingly.

Supporting libido recovery

To gain enough level of erections during sexual performance and want libido recovery then, people have to manage their lifestyle, which comes first together with people who need to deal with the symptoms they experience just after quitting smoking. They notice withdrawal symptoms, so it should be managed by people only because they can do it. Therefore, after managing such symptoms, only people can gain libido successfully. Knowing that how long after quitting smoking does libido return? Apart from this, eating healthy diets and doing exercise regularly can help to regain your libido completely. This way, you can successfully recover your libido and improve your sex wellness. Additionally, it is extremely vital to reduce your anxiety and stress; these two things ruin people’s lives, so try to reduce them anyhow if you want to better sex health.

Certain types of medical issues should be decreased, and if you are suffering from any long-term disease, first of all, try to overcome them. Don’t think that you will get immediate results; be patient and watch carefully; it takes time to heal your poor sex health.

Some medicines to boost libido

In addition to boosting your libido, you need to take some medicines that will help boost your libido. Thus, certain drugs for increasing your libido include Flibanserin, Bremelanotide, Tadalafil, Sildenafil, Avanafil, and other associated drugs can help in increasing your sex drives and improve sex libido as well.


In conclusion, with the question of how long after quitting smoking does libido return? We find that how after quitting smoking cannabis, people can easily be able to gain their libido within one to six months. However, people can experience complete sex health and libido progress after leaving weeds easily. Other different ways support your healthy sexual functions also, and that is possible when you all maintain the tips above and take advice from healthcare professionals.

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