Chewing Tobacco and Erectile Dysfunction

Chewing tobacco and Erectile Dysfunction

Chewing tobacco, just like the other smokeless tobacco forms, contains harmful substances, including nicotine, some tobacco-specific nitrosamines, and other chemicals. Even though the tobacco industry, when advertising smoking/chewing tobacco, makes it all seem sexy by using sexual themes in advertisements to make it all look appealing, the truth is it’s all a lie. The reality of tobacco companies isn’t correct, and it’s far from sexy. Remember, smoking or chewing tobacco can impact the sex life as Erectile Dysfunction of a person in big ways. It can even cause huge health-related issues.

When it comes to finding the link between chewing tobacco and erectile dysfunction, erection only remains possible when the penis’s blood vessels enlarge, and they get filled up with blood. With chewing tobacco, these blood vessels get disrupted, hence not allowing one to achieve an erection. So, the question is, will you take this awareness ahead and implement some changes in your life, or will you continue the same habits as before? The choice is all yours.

Understanding Chewing Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco, or chewing tobacco, it’s a product that either gets chewed or just dipped instead of being smoked. This is of high threat to physical fitness, appearance, and sexual as well as reproductive health. So, it isn’t safe, and there doesn’t exist any safe way to use tobacco.

Smokeless tobacco, it can stain teeth, make teeth fall out, and cause bad health. It acts addictive just like the other products of tobacco, including cigarettes. Truly, just using the dip for around 30 minutes would be similar to smoking three cigarettes.

Using tobacco can narrow the blood vessels, and this impacts sexual performance negatively, causing ED. Smokeless tobacco is very harmful. It can even cause varied other conditions like heart issues and cancers. It can even cause oral health issues like mouth cancer and tooth decay.

The workouts or the drills, get tough when one is actively dipping or chewing the tobacco as smokeless tobacco, it causes an increase in heart rates as well as blood pressure. Also, nicotine within smokeless tobacco, can decrease the strength of the muscles. So, the choice is yours.

The Link Between Chewing Tobacco and Erectile Dysfunction

Chewing tobacco, like the other smokeless tobacco forms, consists of harmful substances, including nicotine, etc. Even when there’s just limited research that can directly link the relationship between chewing tobacco and erectile dysfunction, tobacco products use, including chewing tobacco, has got associated with huge ED development risk. Certain factors which could contribute towards the association are,

  • Vascular damage- chewing tobacco can cause some detrimental effects on blood vessels. It can impair blood flow, and with restricted blood flow, there comes an effect on the ability to both achieve & maintain an erection which remains essential for Sexual functioning.
  • Damage to the nerves- it can damage nerves and impact their normal functioning, especially concerning the involvement of it in sexual arousal and the response. It will cause difficulties with achieving/sustaining erection.
  • Hormonal imbalances– tobacco’s addictive substance, nicotine, affect the body’s hormone levels. These imbalances cause trouble with erectile functioning.
  • Psychological factors- the constituents of chewing tobacco cause psychological impacts like anxiety, negative self-perception, and stress. It can lead to ED and affect sexual performance.

Remember, there’s an association between erectile dysfunction and chewing tobacco, but it is not necessarily the cause of the issue always. There are some other lifestyle factors, including poor diet, lack of exercise, or other medical conditions, including cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, which can all contribute to erectile dysfunction.

In case you have been experiencing ED, or you remain to be concerned about the potential cause of it, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor and get appropriate guidance that can help have a positive impact.

Effective and Fast Solution for ED

Lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, doing regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, etc., can help with ED, but they might not show as fast results as you are expecting. It takes time to try and repair the damage that our habits cause to erection issues. Some might even recommend going through psychological counseling, using vacuum erectile devices, going through surgery/implants, or taking penile injections or suppositories, but they are not all fast solutions for ED, even though they might be effective. So, what to do?

Well, there are certain medications available in the market that helps with the issues of erectile dysfunction. Some of them, including Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, etc., are commonly prescribed ED drugs. They all work to enhance the blood flow within the penis and hence facilitate the ability to achieve as well as maintain an erection. These medications like Cenforce, fildena, and Vidalista just take 1 hour to show better results.

In case you are planning to use any of the above-mentioned medication doses, make sure to consult the doctor first. Also, ensure that you take it just as it has been recommended. However, before you do, find out authentic sellers like Arrowmeds, as here you will get nothing other than quality medications. You might even get your hands on some discounts or offers. So, do not delay. Go ahead and talk to your physician today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does chewing tobacco contribute to erectile dysfunction?

Yes, chewing tobacco can contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels in the body, including ones supplying blood to the penis. You can make available medicines to cure the condition. Make sure to talk to the medical practitioners before you quit. Some other lifestyle tips are to take a rest in plenty and relax.

Can occasional chewing tobacco use affect sexual performance?

Yes, it can impact sexual performance. Chewing tobacco has substances like nicotine and other chemicals which affect blood flow, hormone levels, and nerve function. All this contributes towards ED or any other type of sexual performance concern.

Does nicotine in chewing tobacco impact erectile function?

Yes, nicotine that’s present in chewing tobacco, can impact erectile dysfunction. It is one of the substances that are highly addictive. When nicotine enters the body, it works to stimulate adrenaline release and hence increases heart rate and blood pressure. Such physiological effects, they can have a negative impact on erectile dysfunction.

Are there any long-term effects of chewing tobacco on sexual health?

Yes, there are long-term effects of chewing tobacco on sexual health. Some of them are erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, issues related to fertility, performance anxiety, and lastly, cardiovascular health.

Can quit chewing tobacco reverse erectile dysfunction?

Quit tobacco can have some positive impact on the entire health, including sexual health. Now, even though the improvement extent, might vary among the individuals, quitting chewing tobacco does help improve erectile dysfunction while ensuring to restore the sexual function.

What are some other health risks associated with chewing tobacco?

Apart from erectile dysfunction, other health risks associated with chewing tobacco are oral health issues, risk of oral cancer, increased pancreatic cancer risk, cardiovascular issues, digestive issues, pregnancy complications, respiratory issues, and other cancers.


Even though the individual experiences related to chewing tobacco and its side effects might vary, the severity of ED can depend upon varied factors. It can be the duration of use, individual susceptibility, overall health, etc. This is why quitting chewing tobacco is highly recommended to improve overall health, including sexual health. Quitting would potentially reduce the chances of either developing or worsening erectile dysfunction.

One can even seek support from healthcare professionals. Remember, seeking support from healthcare professionals or just being a part of the tobacco cessation programs, it can prove to be beneficial to quit the use of tobacco and to address any of the concerns related to sexual health. So, the choice is yours. How fast do you wish the situation to be treated, and if you are concerned with your health at all?

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