Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction in a New Relationship

Dealing with erectile dysfunction in a new relationship

Erectile dysfunction, also called the couple’s disease, is a dysfunctionality that affects both partners. Not just this, it starts to build the stress on the sex life of the couple, and many times spills over the other relationship aspects too. This is why it is important to have a conversation with your partner if experiencing ED. Dealing with erectile dysfunction in a new relationship will not be easy, but letting it causes other problems will definitely be. So, make the choice and find the solution to the issue.

If you are on the other side, where it is your partner who is experiencing ED, it is advised to tackle it as a couple. Here, the first step would be to step in the shoes of your partner. Many men suffer due to ED, and they feel to have lost their confidence, both outside and inside the bedroom. They start to struggle with depression and anxiety. This is why it becomes important to acknowledge the partner’s struggle and try to be supportive. It is only then things can be better.

Either way, if you are one such person who’s dealing with erectile dysfunction in a new relationship, this article is for you. Continue reading ahead to know more.

Communication and Understanding

ED can be a very difficult topic to talk about and discuss. Especially if dealing with erectile dysfunction in a new relationship, it is too difficult to open up. However, it is important to note that to be able to have proper communication about the trouble with the partner will help perfectly in having a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.

When making the communication, make sure to choose the right place and time. Try to be completely honest and direct. Do not sugarcoat things. Also, remember, ED is a couple’s disease. So, as much as you want your partner to understand you, it is going to take time for them to understand you. This is why being understanding and patient and answering any questions that are brought up will be helpful. Once the conversation is done, try to focus on the relationship. Try to enjoy one another, and do not let erectile dysfunction define your relationship.

Even when trying to understand your partner, make sure to be willing to sit down and listen instead of continuing to make assumptions. Be very patient and try to adjust to the fact that your partner will take time to adjust to the complete idea of ED. So, remember, support is needed on both hands. How you guys handle it, it is on you.

Seek Medical Evaluation

ED might be a common trouble for men of all ages, but it is necessary to seek proper treatment for the condition. To begin treatment, it is important to seek medical evaluation on time.

Know that there can be varied causes of erectile dysfunction, and only a professional will get a chance to determine the underlying cause of the concern while helping to recommend the best treatment like cenforce, vidalista and fildena medicines are very effective in this situation.

Some common causes of ED are physical conditions, psychological conditions, medications, lifestyle factors, etc. To understand the reason for ED, the doctor will ask about the medical history and the symptoms too. They will perform the physical exam and other tests like blood tests to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Further, after ED’s underlying cause is determined, one can recommend the best treatment, like lifestyle changes, surgery, medications, etc.

Remember that when dealing with erectile dysfunction in a new relationship, it would be better to seek medical help instead of suffering in silence.

Emotional Support

ED is quite a personal topic. It can be difficult to talk about, specifically, if it’s the case of the new relationship. The person might feel frustrated or embarrassed. They might think they are not good enough. However, it is important to know that you aren’t alone. ED is one of the common problems, and many people are going through it.

When looking for emotional support if dealing with erectile dysfunction in a new relationship, the below-mentioned tips will be helpful.

  • Talk to your partner honestly. It will be difficult but keep the conversation open.
  • Talk to the doctor and let them know the issues you are facing. Remember, the doctor will provide support and needed information on ED.
  • If needed, join the support group.
  • Make sure you read enough self-help books or articles. They are very resourceful and will give effective information.
  • Be patient and kind to yourself. Try to just focus on the positive.

With proper emotional support, it becomes quite easy to cope with the ED and to have a fulfilling ad healthy relationship. So, do not feel shy when talking about it all.

Couples Therapy or Sex Therapy

Know that Couples therapy and Sex therapy are quite helpful in cases of ED. On the one hand, where couples therapy helps the partners to communicate in the right way regarding ED and the impact it creates on the relationship, sex therapy helps people in learning how someone can manage the ED condition while improving sexual function.

Either be the situation, it is the individual preferences and needs which would determine the type of therapy ED needs. Further, one must even consider what the relationship requires, what has been prescribed by the doctor, etc., and do the best possible things to make life easy and to sort out concerns.

If you have been considering therapy, it will be best to talk to a doctor or any professional for mental health. It will help to discuss the aspects and make the right decision.

Lifestyle Changes

ED can be caused due to varied reasons, including psychological, physical, or lifestyle choices. This is why when certain lifestyle changes are made effectively, it helps improve erectile functionality. It also helps in reducing the ED.

Some lifestyle changes that would prove useful are maintaining a healthy weight, doing regular exercise, quitting alcohol and smoking, getting enough sleep, finding a support system, trying to reward yourself when your realistic goals are fulfilled, and maintaining stress levels. Further, if you have been experiencing ED, it would be if you talk to your doctor. It will help in knowing the underlying conditions of the concerns.

Exploration of Sexual Intimacy

Exploration of Sexual Intimacy

In most relationships, sexual intimacy is very important. It happens in specific if one is in a new relationship, and this is why it becomes to not just communicate openly and honestly but also to remain respectful towards the boundaries of each other. Also, try to take things slow. Remember, there is no rush, and taking time and then exploring the bodies of each other, will make one another comfortable. Apart from it, even when having fun, do not forget to be patient. Do not try to expect all things to happen just overnight.

With the help of the above, you can explore your partner’s needs. You will even be able to do this by starting with the non-sexual touches, trying to pay attention to the body language of your partner, not being afraid to ask for what you have been looking for, communicating a lot, and trying new things from time to time. Just by following these simple aspects, sexual intimacy in the new relationship can be established, and the best is it would remain enjoyable, safer, and respectful.


No matter what you try, when dealing with erectile dysfunction in a new relationship, try to include your partner’s presence. Let them know what is happening and how you feel about it. No matter if it’s the oral medications you are taking or the vacuum pump you try, let them know. It will help them to feel involved and understand the situation. Remember, no one is forcing you to speak your heart out, but at one point, you will have to. Let the partner know, and who knows, the support system you are expecting becomes much stronger than what you expected.

Remember that you aren’t alone, and ED is a very common issue. So, communicate and be honest, as this is where the base of the new relationship begins.

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