Different Kinds of Addictions

Different kinds of addictions

What is an addiction?

This is a question that is pretty much easier than you expect, although addiction can be physical or behavioral as well. Addiction is a term that is a habit that you do every day nonstop, even though, when you are craving for one thing for all time, it can be an addiction.

The addiction can include anything like alcohol intake, smoking habit, too much eating frequently, shopping, gambling, video gaming, watching porn videos, and many more. Whatever addictions in life, whether substance or behavioral addictions, which oblige you to participate in them every day, is not good, and whatever addiction you have, that should be limited even as overdoing anything can affect your life poorly.

However, addiction is a kind of disease that should not be involved in your life; instead, you should throw it away and inculcate a good habit of addiction within the limit. Here, we will learn the types of addictions and their function and treatment.

Types of Substance Addictions

Most people use substances to relax and unwind, including alcohol, drug addiction, cannabis addiction, marijuana use, etc. But drowning in substance addiction can lead to harmful effects in your life and cause various offenses and health problems.

Substance addiction is an addiction that can encourage people to use drugs nonstop. It can cause different addictions whereas it leads to missing various tasks continuously and persistently involved in drug addiction such as alcohol, cannabis, and others.

The substance addiction uses comprise heroin, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, and others. Here are the types of substances incorporated:

Alcohol: Alcohol is an addiction that affects everyone’s life badly, and it is the home of many diseases. And one of the common health issues is liver damage. It also causes high blood pressure, kidney damage, etc., so avoid it.

Tobacco: Tobacco comes in a substance addiction that ruins most people’s livers, and it has nicotine substances that damage your livers, so stop taking it.

Opioids: Opioids fall into the group of many drugs that are illicit that relieve your stress and reduce tension but are so dangerous that you should stop taking them.

Stimulants: Stimulant is another addict that encompasses drugs like cocaine and marijuana. This addiction gives short-term relief like increasing energy but for a lifetime it is not suitable for health as it causes many health complexes.

Cannabis: Cannabis is a substance addiction that is taken by a drug addict and it is a type of herb that holds several types of nicotine so, it causes health problems. It is best not to use it.

Behavioral Addictions

Behavioral addiction is categorized with different addiction uses, like when you are badly involved in behavioral activities. In contrast, your behaviors seem different, which means you are only addicted to one particular side of a thing.

There are some common types of behavioral addictions, such as:

  • Sex addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Porn video-watching addiction
  • Internet using addiction
  • Work-out addiction 
  • Gambling addiction
  • Video game-playing addiction
  • Phone using addiction
  • Computer addiction  
  • Shopping addiction        
  • TV addiction
  • Social media addiction, etc.

Food and Eating Disorders

Food eating addiction disorder comes in a category of behavioral addiction. This addiction means people are always hungry and want to eat more, although whatever they see, they feel like eating can cause many health complications. Eating excessively at a time can cause lots of health troubles such as gas and indigestion problems, so avoid becoming a frequent eater. That may lead to several health troubles that you will realize over time.

Technology and Internet Addiction

Technology and internet addiction mean people are frequently looking for online platforms to use for various purposes like gaming, shopping, watching movies, playing games, and more. Internet addiction is also referred to as digital use most often and continues using smartphones along with online digital platforms without looking here and there. This addiction may lead to many mental problems, such as upset minds, stress, depression, and anxiety, so stop them. Love and Relationship Addiction.

Some people are very possessive to maintain healthy love relationships in life, but extra possession for relations can kill your bonds with spouses. People try hard to find out how to sustain love and relationships even as the love does not last and stays in one place, but other people try to make it stable, and they are very possessive about it. Try not to drag this love relationship unnecessarily; otherwise, you may face mental issues.

Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

Having Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders always leads to a mental illness that is mainly caused by substance use. It may cause mental problems that poorly impact your life and don’t allow an individual to live a stress-free life. With this disorder, people are always disturbed and upset; they are unable to control themselves, so it is important to have a better life by avoiding substance use.

Prevention and Support

For prevention and support of addictions, it is important to follow the correct path where you can get rid of any addiction in life. Whether substance abuse or behavioral addictions are, even though you don’t involve them too much in your lives. There are other best ways to overcome the addiction, such as exercising regularly, being involved in good habits, doing activities in extra time, keeping yourself busy with other tasks at home, and not being too possessive about any work.


In conclusion, whatever addiction is not good in life, any habit that is repeated every day in excess amounts should be avoided. However, do not indulge in any habit too much in your life and get addicted in a limited way so that it can balance your life perfectly. Make sure you are not compulsive about anything excessively. Just do what you like but not at enough level.

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