How to be more sexually intimate with your partner?

How to be more sexually intimate with your Partner

If you’re in a romantic relationship and looking for ways to be more sexually intimate with your partner, this blog is for you. Also, it is for any individual willing to upscale their love life with a pinch of sex. Agree or not, sexual intimacy plays the main role in defining and strengthening an emotional bond with your partner. When you get intimate, not only your bodies connect but your hearts too. After fulfilling sexual intercourse, if you feel relaxed and refreshed, the emotional bond is surely going stronger.

In this read, we’ll discuss how to be more sexually intimate with your partner by exploring all the ways that make it possible. But first, let’s have a brief on the importance of sexual intimacy in a relationship.

Importance of sexual intimacy in a relationship

If you want your romantic life to be promising, please each other in bed. Whether it is about overcoming your insecurities or making your partner more comfortable, make sure your sexual intimacy is smooth.

Having sex regularly benefits your emotional and physical well-being. Moreover, couples involved in pleasing sexual intimacies have low chances of divorce. Besides this, they feel less stressed, get better sleep, and have enticing benefits in boosting the immune system. Overall, it increases satisfaction in a relationship and fosters the feeling of closeness.

Sex is crucial for an intimate connection with your partner, especially if you’re involved in a long-term relationship. Let us also mention, a ‘healthy’ sex life is important. It increases self-confidence among individuals and allows them to express love in newer ways.

So, what you can do to build a stronger sexual intimacy with your partner? Here are the former aspects that play a pivotal role in building a healthy sexually intimate relationship with your partner:

Trust & Vulnerability

Trust is the fundamental aspect of life whether it is sexual intimacy or anything else. Create an environment where your partner trusts you over anything else. It is undoubtedly a cornerstone of a successful relationship. Allow your partner to be vulnerable and treat each other with utmost care and respect. It is very important for establishing a deeper emotional bond with your partner.

Open Communication

Let your communication be open whether the topic is sexual intimacy or any given aspect of your life. Encourage your partner to share whatever they’re going through with an assurance of being there for them, no matter what.

At the same time, make sure you understand their feelings and catch what’s wrong without any words. This opens the room for expressing desires, concerns, preferences, and most importantly – honest communication.

They’ll only get more comfortable in coming to you regardless of what’s going on in their mind. You can clearly understand their desires and boundaries and this fosters a stronger emotional connection. Show your willingness to listen, and understand, and it’ll have a positive impact on your sexual relationship too.

Physical Connection and Intimacy

A physical connection doesn’t always start away being sexually intimate. You may explore the desires of your partner and allow them to explore yours. An individual’s physical intimacy is much of their desires and fantasies. Knowing your partner’s deepest desires will allow you to act accordingly & please them in bed. Let it be a non-judgmental space where both of you feel comfortable to open up, express desires & have fun.

To make this physical connection stronger, men may try sexual enhancers like Cenforce, Fildena, Vidalista, etc. These oral remedies are meant to boost sex drive in men and minimize symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Over the years, their popularity increased because of their capability to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. Such medicines let men get firm erections with which they can initiate new moves with full confidence. Besides this, they can extend sex drives up to 5 hours during which multiple penetrations are possible and both partners reach a satisfying climax.

Strengthening emotional bonds

If you want to make your emotional bond stronger, make sure you’re thinking outside of getting sexually intimate. Here are the major points you need to work out on:

Spending quality time together outside the bedroom

Love can be expressed in many ways and it is not always about sex. Make efforts to know your partner closely. Ask them about their hobbies and engage with them in what they like doing the most. Travel together, go on date nights even if you have kids, surprise your partner with their favorite dinner, or take them to movies. These are just a few suggestions on how you can spend some quality time together outside the bedroom. Explore the world together and create some memories that last a lifetime. This will surely assist in reinforcing the emotional foundation of your relationship.

Overcoming insecurities

No matter how long you’ve been together, there should be no room for insecurities. Assure your partner that you’re there for them as their motivation, a shoulder to cry on whenever they need you, and their forever cheerleader. All they seek is safety and support from you. This will have a positive impact on your bedroom.

Expressing love and appreciation

Birthday and anniversary celebrations are common. Did you ever praise your wife’s home-cooked meal? What do you do to keep your partner happy? It’s the little things in life that’ll make you go a long way with enhanced relationships. Express love and appreciate your partner more often. Compliment them, share thoughtful gestures, and show physical affection with warm hugs and kisses.

The ongoing journey of sexual intimacy

Remember, being sexually intimate does not mean you should create a pattern and follow it through your life. As your relationship gets older, you should find newer ways to keep the spark alive. Adapt to the changing phases of your lives together and grow a fulfilling sexual connection. Try something new to make your partner feel you’re still passionate about them. And feel free to seek help from a medical professional whenever required. A sex therapist can always help whether you’re facing relationship or sex life issues.


We’ve discussed the crucial elements of a successful relationship. That’s how you can be more sexually intimate with your partner, create a stronger emotional connection & lead a fulfilling life.

We hope you enjoyed this read and got some tips too. Keep coming to this space for more of such interesting articles!

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