How to keep an erection longer without pills?

How to keep an erection longer without pills

When you talk about not having erections or not able to sustain an erection then you could be suffering from something that is called the erectile dysfunction problem.

This male sexual disorder problem is a penis-related disorder that hampers your natural ability to have erections.

Would you like to have a downgraded and below-par sexual life?

Of course not.

With the advancement in science and healthcare, you have got ways of overcoming this problem.

You have got various ED or erectile dysfunction pills to find a way out of it or even there are other modes of ED cure too such as surgeries.

But what if we tell you that a way of getting to stay hard longer without the use of pills?

What if we tell you a natural way without the use of any synthesized medicines and a completely natural way for getting longer and harder erections?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Is it something that you are looking for?

if, yes, then we hope to give you conclusive answers by the end of this article.

See the mode of ED cure that we have mentioned here relies on two basic pillars. If you want to cure your ED and have longer and harder erections without the use of medicines then you got to start keeping a note of these two factors as noted below-

  • One is to have a better lifestyle
  • The other way is to focus on your diet

Thus we have formed a comprehensive harder erection obtaining plan based on the optimum use of these two techniques.

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Start adapting your life to a better lifestyle

Start adapting your life to a better lifestyle

Let’s get to know what are the points that you can include within a better lifestyle for curing erection disorder.

Start reducing your alcohol intake

Alcohol intake is not good at all if you already have to deal with the ED disorder problem. Alcohol has been known to work as a depressant and can fuel to increase your stress which is a psychological reason behind ED disorder.

Talk to a doctor or a physician and find out ways of lowering the addiction towards alcoholism from today.

Start reducing your alcohol intake_

Stop smoking

Stop smoking

Did you know that smoking is one of the primary factors behind ED? Well, guess what this is one of the core factors why the younger generation people have problems with their erections.

Smoking causes blood flow to hamper when nicotine layers start adding up on the internal walls of the blood vessels and arteries. You got to reduce the temptation to smoke and for this, you need an expert’s consultation.

Reducing stress? Kee a boundary between professional and homely life

Stress is also one of the core psychological issues of ED disorder. You got to deal with stress at work and keep it away from homely matters. Get a psychological expert t back you up if you have excess stress as this can also aggravating your ED and disrupt your normal sleeping cycles.

Start talking with your partner about your problem- you keeping shy about it is not the ideal solution

Start talking with your partner about your problem- you keeping shy about it is not the ideal solution

Avanafil (Stendra)

Generally sleep problems are a result of excess stress, anxiety, depression, and fear. And the fear backing this is your inability to get hard even upon stimulation.

So how can you derive a relation between how not having the right sleep can fuel your ED problem?

Try going to bed early and of course, keep all sorts of distractions away such as smartphones and TVs.

Exercises and yoga are a thing of your daily life schedule for lowering erectile problems

Doing exercises and yoga is a good part of having a well-improved lifestyle. You can focus on doing some ED-specific exercises such as pilates exercises.

Along with this, some general exercises like running, jogging, and skipping should also keep you at bay from cardiac problems and nerve diseases.

If you are the yoga person type then there are some specific yoga exercises that you can take help from Youtube.

Exercises and yoga are a thing of your daily life schedule for lowering erectile problems

Indulging in doing exercises at any time during the day is highly beneficial in having longer and harder erections over the longer course of the term.

Don’t add too much weight

Don’t add too much weight

Adding up too much weight can also hamper blood flow problems to your penis causing hindrance in erections. For controlling your weight you have got to take a look at the other main pillar of a comprehensive cure plan which is the diet as mentioned below.

Role of diet in harder erections

This is the second pillar of our comprehensive ED curing and harder erection obtaining strategy without the use of pills.

What you can do is take a look at how having the right diet can ease off your ED and have you better erections over a period.

Role of diet in harder erections

Things to take-

Items like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes are the substances that should be a part of your diet for getting harder erections without the use of pills.

Fruits rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins should be on your focus as they reduce the risk of heart diseases a major ED back end problem.

You got to concentrate on items rich in vitamins, foliate, L-arginine.

All these substances should be used to cover your daily meal right from breakfast to dinner.

Veggies like kale, spinach, carrots

Fruits- apple, banana, berries, avocados.

A whole lot of nuts like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds

In the protein segment you can include eggs, and fishes like sardean, tuna, and mackerel.

For caffiene intake, you can include a daily cup of coffee or have chocolate daily.

Things to avoid-

Just like you have to include the items mentioned above there are some items you got to keep in your avoid list too that includes-

Any fatty foods containing high oil, butter, ghee, cheese as having lots of cholesterol which is not at all good for your cardiac and liver health.

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