Ega Cream 30gm

Ega Cream (Retinol/Vitamin K)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Retinol/Vitamin K
Indication: Reduces dark spots and dark circles
Manufacturer: Curatio Healthcare India Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 30g in 1 tube
Strength: 30gm
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Ega Cream (Retinol/Vitamin K) - 30gm

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Ega Cream is a medication that’s known for the diagnosis/treatment of anticoagulant overdose, acne, and blood clotting issues. Its active ingredients are a mix of Retinol and Vitamin K that are quite helpful to treat different skin conditions and infections that are caused due to bacteria, like furunculosis, ulcers, scalds, etc. So, when used in the dose and time as prescribed, the medication offers an effective treatment to the users.

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Are you worried about your skin getting thinner, less elastic, and drier? Or is it the sun damage that’s affecting your peace of mind? No matter what the reason is, Ega Cream is an effective medication that’s prescribed by the doctor to offer the needed relaxation and to speed up the healing process.

Buy Ega Cream today and begin the process of treatment, as advised by the doctor. It would help to address the photo pigmentation, age-related signs, under-eye dark circles, and even the fine lines. Do not delay, and don’t miss any dose. In order to see better results, Ega Cream online, one of the best products available in the market, is to be used as prescribed. Just make sure to read the below-mentioned to understand the medication before use.

What is Ega Cream?

Manufactured by Curatio Health India, Ega Cream is one of the best choices one can make to receive the effective treatment for different skin-related concerns. What makes the product trustworthy here is the manufacturer who assures quality within the medication. 

Buy egg cream for sale today. This innovative product, which remains based on multi sal technology, is the best available in the market. It helps address the fine lines along with photo pigmentation, wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, and also other age-related concerns or caused due to sun damage that is all visible on the skin. It is all possible because of the active ingredient, Retinol that comes with its unique ingredients present within the medication. 

Retinol works in promoting the cell turnover and hence improving the appearance of wrinkles and the fine lines, blemishes, and the skin discoloration. On the other hand, Vitamin K or Phytonadione helps in improving the skin elasticity while speeding up the process of skill healing. Lastly, the presence of hexapeptides, the 6 amino acid sequence, it helps increase the collagen synthesis to have improved tone and also to reduce fine lines & wrinkles appearance, while it increases the cellular oxygen consumption. 

Make sure to take the medication according to the prescription. The doctor suggests the dose based on individual cases and by considering the factors including age, height, body weight, the skin issues, and the body’s adaptability to the dose. So, use it as prescribed and at the time it has been prescribed to be used. Do not miss the dose. 

Uses of Ega Cream 

The Ega Cream is useful in the treatment of anticoagulant overdose, acne, and blood clotting issues. With its active ingredient, including vitamin K and Retinol mix, the medication is very helpful for the treatment of different skin conditions as well as infections that get caused because of the bacteria. 

Benefits of Ega Cream 

Consisting of a mix of vitamin K and Retinol,Ega Cream helps minimize fine line appearance along with the appearance of wrinkles, aging spots, and skin roughness. 

  • Retinol helps in increasing the skin cell turnover while stimulating the collagen synthesis. 
  • While vitamin K helps in the improvement of skin elasticity and speeds up the healing/recuperating process of the skin. 

Altogether, it all helps to reduce dark circles and dark spots appearance too. So, consult a physician or a doctor today, buy Ega Cream for sale, and start to receive better results. 

How does Ega Cream work? 

Combining the active ingredients, including vitamin K and Retinol, Ega Cream is the perfect medication that helps in the improvement of the skin by reduction of fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, and skin roughness. On the one hand, where Retinol helps in stimulating the collagen formation and increasing the cell turnover of the skin, vitamin K increases the skin suppleness while it hastens up the process of healing. 

Buy Ega Cream in US and UK 

Ega Cream USA and UK can we bought through offline or online stores, based on individual choices. However, in order to get the medication through either mode, there is a requirement for a doctor’s prescription. It helps to take the dose in the right dose to ensure not just the treatment of the condition but to provide enough relaxation to it. 

When making an online purchase, choose to receive the best Ega Cream price. The website also offers huge discounts and better prices on other medications sold through them. Apart from it, they offer complete transparency, home delivery, and discreteness when delivering the product in terms of the order placed. So, make your choice today and buy Ega Cream online without much delay. 


Use the medication as prescribed by the doctor. However, before you do, wash the face with the mild cleanser and then apply the cream 15 minutes after skin cleansing. Ensure to spread it evenly over the face, including the area that remains under the eyes. Then massage it gently for absorption and follow the dose and the process for the time period that has been prescribed by the doctor.

Side Effects

  • Changes In The Sense Of Taste
  • Blue Colored Lips
  • Changes In Color Of Treated Skin
  • Burning


  • According to the Ega Cream review, the medication must always be used as prescribed by the healthcare professional. 
  • One must not use the cream if they remain allergic to any of the ingredients that are present as part of the medication. 
  • Make sure to cleanse the face and then pat it dry before applying the medication. 
  • Spread cream evenly on the face and around the eyes. 
  • The medication isn’t recommended if the user is pregnant or breastfeeding. It is there for recommended to discuss all the benefits and the risk of the use of medication with the health care professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I use Ega Cream without consulting the doctor? 

No, do not use it without taking the advice of the doctor. In order to receive better results, complete the entire course and do not stop the medication in between. 

What are some of the ingredients present in Ega Cream apart from the key ingredients? 

Some of the ingredients apart from the key ingredients are glycerin, aqua, Citric acid, dimethicone, stearic acid, cetyl phosphate, and silica. 

Is Retinol alright for use on the face? 

Yes, the ingredient is completely safe for the skin, and it is one of the highly recommended ones for counteracting the aging signs. 


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