Entehep 1 mg

Entehep 1 mg (Entecavir)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Entecavir
Indication: HIV infection, Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection
Manufacturer: Zydus Cadila Pharma
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 1mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Entehep 1 mg (Entecavir) - 1 mg

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Entehep 1 mg is made up of a drug called Entecavir that falls under the category of Antiviral agents. Chronic Hepatitis-B infections. It is a viral infection of the liver which may be acute or chronic and causes hepatitis B. Entehep 1 mg for sale is available on our portal.

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What is Entehep 1 mg?

Entehep 1 mg is a medication used as a NRTI in conjunction with Entecavir to treat HBV infections. It is frequently used to treat persistent HBV infection since it comes in a tablet formulation that can be taken once daily.

If the immune system fails to eradicate it within six months of infection, it happens. A medication called Entehep 1 mg prevents viruses from replicating in human cells. Additionally, it stops viruses from growing and creating new ones, curing the infection.

Benefits of Entehep 1 mg

Chronic HBV virus infections:

Entehep 1 tablet inhibits HBV replication in patients’ bodies. It’ll help to control the infection and give an individual immunity system a boost. Therefore, it minimizes the chances of complications that will encourage a good life. This medicine is not intended to cure disease but to be used to prevent HBV infection.

How Does It Work?

Entehep 1mg tablet is NRTIs that contains the active ingredient, Entecavir. HBV chronic infection management use. This drug is effective due to interfering with DNA synthesis, thus reducing HIV and HBV replication. Therefore, it helps in improving the liver condition by reducing liver inflammation and halting viral-related damage to the liver.

It is normally administered along with other ARV drugs. It doesn’t treat HBV so one must not use it as prevention for infection with HBV. You should take this drug exactly according to your doctor’s prescription and the given dosages. The medicine’s effectiveness is highly optimized when all doses are appropriately taken in the right amounts and at the right times.

How long do the effects of this medicine last?

The time duration of Entehep 1 mg to take effect hasn’t been clinically proven.


If someone thinks they may have taken more Entehep 1 mg tablets than is necessary, they should see a doctor right away.  Ensure that you are taking the prescribed 1 mg of Entehep every day. They should attempt to take the medicine as soon as they remember. Once you’re ready for the next one, come back to your regular schedule.

Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Inability to sleep
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion

Precautions Warnings

  • Before beginning this process, it is a good idea to get a blood test done to confirm no allergic responses to its fundamental constituents.
  • People managing severe issues like kidney or liver disease, breathing issues, or cardiac problems should be careful before taking this medication.
  • Consumption of alcohol should be avoided while undergoing this treatment to sidestep any possible interactions with the drug.

Entehep 1 mg Reviews


In a short period of time, the medication was evidently able to successfully decrease the effect of HBV. Within the first week of treatment, I could sense its powerful effect and felt amazing. After four months of taking Entehep 1 mg, I’ve come to the point where I barely remember that I’m HBV positive because I feel totally ordinary with the remedy.


I had been diagnosed with HBV 3 years back and my first thought was that life would be over. My doctor recommended Entehep 1mg, which I have been using regularly for a reduction in the number of my HBV counts and it does great for me. This gave me the hope of a new life. The side effects are not that harsh either.


My symptoms have been hitting hard lately. I visited several doctors to get relief from this pain. It was my last doctor who prescribed this medication to me. Because of the pain I couldn’t go outside so I succeeded in buying Entehep 1 mg online. The Arrowmeds portal even gives the best Entehep 1 mg prices which gave me additional benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how many days should I use the Entehep 1mg tablet?

Never stop taking entecavir without a consultation with the physician. Hepatitis may become worse if you stop entecavir in advance. It may occur in the first few months following your cessation of entecavir intake. Take the drug strictly on prescription and none should be skipped.

Can liver problems be caused by Entehep1 mg Tablet?

Indeed, hepatomegaly and steatosis are two major liver conditions that Entehep1 mg Tablet can induce. It’s critical to understand that hepatomegaly and steatosis together constitute a serious medical emergency that needs to be treated right away.


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