Pletoz 50 mg

Pletoz 50 mg (Cilostazol)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Cilostazol
Indication: Intermittent claudication
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 50mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Pletoz 50 mg (Cilostazol) - 50 mg

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Having Pletoz 50mg tablet means it improves blood flow into the legs as it is utilized to treat pains in the leg. However, the medicine’s main aim is to cure intermittent claudication, as it works by providing proper blood supply into the legs so, that it reduces cramps, severe aches, and numbness in the legs while walking in the patients.

Buy Pletoz 50 mg online because this medicine is extremely effective in preventing severe leg cramps, such medicine incredibly assists to cure certain types of discomfort and uneasiness in the legs. Therefore, use this medicine to ease pains in your legs and get rid of it immediately.

What is Pletoz 50 mg?

Pletoz 50 mg tablets are available to stop cramp-like pains in the legs. This medicine appears with a combination of medicine Phosphodiesterase type 3 inhibitors, along with, consists of an active compound called Cilostazol which ensures to send proper bloodstream into the legs which can prevent leg cramping and ease pains in the legs quickly.

The symptoms of leg pains you face such as aches, pain, fatigue, distress, and discomfort in the muscles always, at that moment taking Pletoz 50 mg is more beneficial than treating such aching signs in the legs.

Sometimes the pains reach to thigh, upper buttocks, calves, and hips so, the above medicine helps. Thus, CIPLA LTD designs the medicines of Pletoz 50 mg that leads to decreasing pain aches.

Hence, taking this drug regularly can relax your pain. Select this anti-pain medicine that can provide relief from severe cramp-like pains. Get it right away from a trusted site and achieve pain-free life always.

Uses of Pletoz 50 mg

If you are undergoing severe pains in the legs and you have taken lots of medicines and treatments but all are useless, at that time taking the prescribed Pletoz 50 mg medicine is that remarkable medication that helps treat such pains.

You don’t have to face leg pains which cause due to insufficient amounts of blood supply into the legs, therefore, start taking it from today and get rid of such pains. The intermittent claudication can be cured and eliminated immediately once after you take this drug.

Due to heavy pains in the legs, people face difficulties like they feel uneasiness and discomfort in the legs and it disturbs your sleep so, with the help of such medication, you can get the right treatment. Own this medicine which assists to overcome all kinds of leg cramps easily.

Benefits of Pletoz 50 mg

The significant benefits of Pletoz 50 mg tablets are helpful in curing and preventing aches in the legs.

Whether it is a cramp type of pain or even, feeling soreness in the legs, even though, you can find the best solution by taking such drug Pletoz.

Having poor blood flow in the legs that leads distresses in the legs, at the same time using the above medicine can eradicate that particular leg aches.

Obtaining this Pletoz 50 mg Online can benefit you with numerous offers so, buy it now. Picking this medicine can help to remove leg cramps in the fastest and easiest ways. Also, taking such medicine doesn’t affect such severe side effects and they are tolerable.

How does Pletoz 50 mg work?

Pletoz 50 mg incorporates one of the best quality and powerful active components like Cilostazole as it finally, starts functioning by dilating or expanding the blood vessel along with, also decreasing your blood clotting period, therefore, it reduces tackiness in blood vessels.

Thereby, it boosts blood flow to the limbs. Additionally, it also enhances the distance you can walk with no aches as it also increases blood flow into the legs. Thus, it is highly prescribed among patients who are in severe pain and it did not improve even after leaving smoking and doing exercise as well.

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The medicine of Pletoz 50mg is taken with the proper schedule on time. This tablet needs to be consumed with fresh and normal water.

Take it two times a day after having your meals whether morning or evening time. The medication is taken daily without missing a dose.

Too much dose or repeated dosage should be avoided also. However, consuming this medicine every day can be effective and delivers the best results instantly.

Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Abnormal stools
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and loss of appetite


The safety measures of Pletoz 50 should be followed by every patient they should take this medicine very carefully and when you take this drug then only take this is only not other medicines that may cause drug interactions.

Smoking should not be involved while taking such medicine. Alcohol intake should be avoided too. Don’t rush to take Pletoz 50mg, make your fixed time and take it accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Pletoz 50 mg increase the risk of bleeding?

Yes, taking Pletoz 50 mg enhances the risk of bleeding as it comprises cilostazol so, be careful and take it before consultation by doctors.

Can I take Pletoz 50 mg by myself?

No, don’t medicate yourself and take Pletoz 50mg after the doctor’s advice only.

Can Pletoz 50 mg cause blood thinning?

Yes, sometimes Pletoz 50 mg causes blood thinning which increases blood clots also thus, discuss with your doctor immediately when you face this problem.


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