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Proluton Depot 250 mg Injection (Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate


Preterm labor


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2 ml in 1 vial



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6 To 15 days

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Proluton Depot 250 mg Injection (Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate) - 250 mg

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Proluton Depot 250 mg

Buy Proluton Depot 250 mg online

  • Proluton Depot 250 mg injection is useful for the prevention of premature labour in childbearing women.
  • Also, Proluton Depot 250 mg minimizes the danger of preterm birth or delivering a child too early.
  • Besides, this injection saves abortion.
  • Moreover, it cuts down the danger of premature birth in females who have given birth too early in the past.
  • Hence, this injectable drug is very crucial for women and their unborn children.
  • Plus, Proluton Depot 250 mg can ensure the safety of both the child and the mother.
  • Therefore, patients need to get it for their safety from a dependable online seller like Proluton Depot 250 mgAdditionally, this site is highly popular for retailing high-quality drugs both branded and generics.
  • Furthermore, this online vendor enjoys eminence for vending products at affordable prices.
  • Also, this site has provisions for deals, rebates and coupons for its consumers.
  • Besides, Proluton Depot 250 mg online dispensary does not disclose your order or identity at any cost.
  • Moreover, this online company delivers medicaments fast to your home.
  • Hence, you will find everything at one shop both quality wise and product-wise.

About Proluton Depot 250 mg

  • Proluton Depot 250 mg encloses Hydroxyprogesterone which falls in the category of remedies popular as progestins.
  • Plus, this is a hormone medication useful for cutting back the danger of preterm birth. 
  • Additionally, it aids women having one pregnancy who had undergone preterm birth some time ago.
  • Furthermore, Prolution Depot 250mg forms a steroid hormone made by man.
  • Also, this injection cuts down the odds of preterm labour and assists to keep up a healthy pregnancy.
  • Besides, Proluton Depot 250 mg is not for preventing active preterm labour in childbearing women.
  • Moreover, this injectable medicine is not for women who have multiple gestations.
  • Plus, this remedy is not either for women having the danger of other risk factors for delivering a child too early.
  • Additionally, a patient must not administer this injection remedy on her own.
  • Furthermore, only your doctor or a trained nurse can give this injection to you in the muscle (intramuscular injection).                           

Uses Proluton Depot 250 mg

Premature labour

  • Proluton Depot 250 mg forms an injectable version of the female hormone made by man synthetically famous as progesterone.
  • Also, Proluton Depot 250 mg aids to minimize the danger of preterm labour or delivering a child too early.
  • Besides, especially in women who have undergone such complications in their earlier pregnancy.
  • Moreover, Proluton Depot 250 mg medication makes the lining of the uterus thick.
  • Plus, the drug gets it ready for the development and growth of the unborn child.
  • Therefore, it aids her uterus to grow at the time of pregnancy. 
  • Additionally, it stops any contractions that may result in miscarriage.

Menstrual abnormalities:

  • Proluton Depot 250 mg is assisting in the cure of menstrual abnormalities.
  • Plus, these abnormalities surface as amenorrhea (absence of periods) & abnormal uterine bleeding.


  • Proluton Depot 250 mg injection forms a progestin hormone for females.
  • Also, this injectable drug functions by restraining the immune response of a baby’s mother to avert rejection of the embryo.
  • Besides, Proluton Depot 500 mg permits an embryo’s attachment to the mother’s uterus.
  • Moreover, this thwarts miscarriage.
  • Plus, it curtails the danger of preterm birth in women who have already undergone one such complication before some time.

Manufacturer Proluton Depot 250 mg

  • The preeminent drugmaker Zydus Cadila produces the injection of Proluton Depot 250mg in India.


  • The dosage of the injection medication is 250mg.
  • Also, a patient should follow the directions of her GP.
  • Besides, the dosage relies on the response and medical condition.
  • Moreover, this injection is for administration in the muscle (intramuscular).
  • Plus, do not self-administer the injection only your doctor or nurse can give it.

Missed Dose

  • Maybe you miss the dose of this injection medicine somehow.
  • Then you cannot take it anytime you like.
  • Plus, you have to consult your doc for further directions.
  • Additionally, do not try to use more medicine.


  • When you suspect an overdose on the injection medication, contact your GP.
  • Also, overuse of the drug can start side reactions.
  • Therefore, getting medical aid in time can avert a further worsening of the symptoms.

Usage mode

  • Before the administration of Proluton Depot 250mg, you must shake the vial thoroughly.
  • Plus, by making use of the provided syringe, you have to inject the contents of the vial intramuscularly.
  • Additionally, the injection administration takes place into the buttocks or your upper arm.
  • Furthermore, for habitual miscarriage, administration of weekly injection must follow through the initial weeks of her pregnancy.
  • Then the drug regimen should go on for the time doc prescribes which can be all through your pregnancy.
  • Also, for threatened abortion, a patient should get an injection 2 or 3 times each week until her bleeding stops. 
  • Besides, a patient should continue to get the injection of this medication for the period your GP advises.

Precautions Proluton Depot 250 mg

  • The injection medicine is not for preventing preterm birth in women who are heavy with twins or triplets i.e. above one child.
  • Also, Proluton Depot 250mg is not for stopping active premature labour.
  • Besides, a patient has to confer with a doctor if she is a smoker or she gets allergic reactions such as itching, swelling, rash etc.
  • Moreover, notify a physician in case you develop high blood pressure or jaundice or have a history of depression.
  • Plus, you inform the GP if you are pregnant and have issues like high blood pressure, migraine, fits, asthma etc. 
  • Additionally, tell your doc if you are fighting pre-diabetes or diabetes or you have issues with kidney or heart function.
  • Furthermore, talk to the physician in case you are dealing with a blood disorder.

Side effects


  • Buy Proluton Depot 250mg starts side effects like nausea, increased appetite, redness of a patient’s skin on her neck and face.
  • Fast heartbeat,
  • Fainting,
  • Dizziness,
  • Chest discomfort,
  • Anxiety,
  • Chest pain,
  • Lumps at the place of injection
  • Additionally, itching, swelling, pain at the place of the injection administration site.


  • Cyclosporine
  • Carbamazepine
  • Paracetamol
  • Ketoconazole
  • Insulin
  • Warfarin


  • The contraindications can start with an allergy to hydroxyprogesterone or any inactive constituent in the injection medication.
  • Also, the drug contraindicates with issues such as your liver or liver cancer etc.
  • Besides, in case a patient has breast cancer or is facing some other hormone cancer, contraindication can begin.
  • Moreover, if a user has undiagnosed unusual vaginal bleeding, contraindication can occur.
  • Plus, if a patient has a history of blood clot disorders or is dealing with jaundice in pregnancy, can contraindicate.
  • Additionally, you can have contraindication with high blood pressure that is not under control.


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