Sclerifuma 120 mg (Dimethyl fumarate)

Sclerifuma 120 mg (Dimethyl fumarate)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Dimethyl Fumarate
Indication: Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 Capsules in a Strip
Strength: 120mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Sclerifuma 120 mg (Dimethyl fumarate) - 120mg

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Sclerifuma 120 mg tablets for Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Are you suffering from multiple sclerosis? Are the symptoms of it affecting your daily life? Do you seek treatment for symptoms? If yes, now’s the time to get the necessary treatment, but only with the doctor’s consultation.

Buy Sclerifuma 120 mg and begin the use of the medication. Take it as per the doctor’s prescription and maintain the course of the treatment. Further, if you have any questions or queries, it is better to clear them off on time before you begin taking the medicine. Also, if you face any altered effects, consult a doctor immediately instead of waiting around to let it clear off on its own.

What is Sclerifuma 120 mg?

Sclerifuma 120 mg is a medication consisting of Dimethyl Fumarate. It works to suppress the immune system and inflammation, which causes more nerve damage in cases of multiple sclerosis. The dose works to suppress inflammation and the immune system, which can cause nerve damage in MS. It also helps in reducing any worsening of the condition. However, it is important to know that the dose isn’t the cure but a temporary treatment for MS.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a known manufacturer and seller of medications around the world. The medication they offer people around the world is of quality, and this is why the trust they have got is the best in comparison to any other pharma company. Further, they even make sure to provide the complete needed transparency in the list of ingredients, which makes anyone who’s allergic to those avoid the medication. So, if you are willing to give it a try and are not allergic to the ingredients of the dose, now is the time to use Sclerifuma 120mg.

Remember, the dose must be used with the advice of the doctor. It must be assured to take it with the food to avoid the chances of an upset stomach. Further, make sure to take all the tests as and when asked by the doctor. It will help in avoiding any kind of troubles later on and will help you to receive just the benefits out of the use.

Uses of Sclerifuma 120 mg

Sclerifuma 120 is a medication belonging to the class of drugs called the anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective agents, used for treating people who suffer due to varied types of multiple sclerosis. The medication consisting of Dimethyl Fumarate is the active ingredient of the dose, and it works to reduce inflammation and helps avoid any nerve damage, hence effectively alleviating multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Benefits of Sclerifuma 120 mg

Sclerifuma 120 mg online is bought and used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, a disease of the brain and the spinal cord, wherein the immune system of the person attacks the protective sheath of nerves. It causes symptoms like improper coordination, pain, etc. The help of Sclerifuma dose, dose helps in suppressing the immune system of the body, hence reducing the disease progression. It also reduces damaged nerve inflammation, hence preventing further damage and also stabilizing the immune system. It helps improve muscle strength and thereby helps patients walk better. It is what allows patients to feel confident and have an enhanced quality of life.

How does Sclerifuma 120 mg work?

Buy Sclerifuma 120 mg online and use it. The medication consisting of Dimethyl Fumarate is the monoclonal antibody that can target the CD20 protein on the B cell’s surface. These B cells are white blood cells type that is known to play a role in the immune system. Further, by targeting the CD20 protein, the dose of Sclerifuma 120 helps reduce the body’s B cells number. It helps to reduce inflammation and also the damage which is caused by MS.

Buy Sclerifuma 120 mg in US and UK

Sclerifuma 120 mg USA and the UK can be purchased through Arrowmeds. They have affordable Sclerifuma 120 mg price. They, at times, even offer Sclerifuma 120 mg for sale. So, make sure to keep an eye on the website. As for the quality, you do not have to worry about anything. Further, if you want to add any other medication to your cart, feel free. You will be able to find some great discounts and offers on those too. Once all of it is done, remain assured of the delivery to be made on time.


The dose of the Sclerifuma 120mg is to be taken according to the doctor’s prescribed dose. Further, make sure to follow the time of the dose. Remember, taking the dose at the same time every day will ensure that the level of the dose remains maintained in the body. Further, swallow the tablet whole and do not chew it.

Take the medication with the food, or you will risk having an upset stomach.

Side Effects

Sclerifuma 120 mg review suggests some side effects associated with the medication. They are,

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Rashes
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach inflammation
  • Increase in liver enzymes
  • Flushing
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting, etc.


  • Do not consume alcohol when you are on the course of the Sclerifuma tablet.
  • The dose must be either not taken during the pregnancy or if breastfeeding or one must make sure to consult the doctor about the use of the medicine.
  • The medicines decrease the alertness level and vision and can even make one feel sleepy. So, do not drive or try to operate heavy machinery if the symptoms occur.
  • If you are suffering from kidney, liver, or heart issues, it is advised to consult the doctor before you begin the course of the treatment.
  • Make sure to take the medication with the food to avoid an upset stomach.
  • Do not try to break or chew the medications.
  • If the doctor asks for urine or blood tests, take them to monitor the blood cells, liver, or kidney function, during medication treatment.
  • Let the doctor know if there are any altered effects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the dose of Sclerifuma 120 mg available in the generic form?

No, the medication isn’t available in the generic form.

Is the medication Sclerifuma 120 mg safe for use?

The medicine is generally safe, but only if the same is used as directed. But it can cause certain unwanted results at times. Before the medication begins, it’s important to talk to the doctor regarding all the benefits and risks of Sclerifuma 120 mg.

Can the dose of Sclerifuma 120 be stopped on my own?

Even if one starts to feel better, make sure to keep taking the dose of Sclerifuma 120 as prescribed. Make sure not to discontinue the medicine without consulting the doctor.


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