What happens to sperm after vasectomy?

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Vasectomy does not stop the body from producing sperm. It does however keep the sperm from entering the semen which prevents ejaculation in the first place. The real question is, what happens to sperm after vasectomy?

Testicles are just like a sperm factory and are known to produce sperm for a lifetime.

How is sex after Vasectomy?

The procedure of vasectomy is performed on vas deferens, which are the tubes. These tubes are responsible for putting sperm into the semen which enables a person to ejaculate.

The process of vasectomy keeps your partner from getting pregnant and has a success rate of 100%. It is one of the most successful birth control methods used by couples.

After getting the procedure done, a person needs to stay off sex life for a short period of time which can be resumed after a short break. There are no long-term effects of this procedure and it is widely followed. Here are things that you can expect from Vasectomy. However, the question of whether the sperm is still manufactured in the male body and what happens to sperm after vasectomy?

The answer to that is: Vasectomy does not alter the sperm production in a male body.

After how long can you have sex after a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a procedure with two incisions in the scrotum that need to heal before a man can jump back to his sex life.  Ideally, a man should wait for the pain as well as the swelling to pass before beginning to have sex again. This can require a man to wait for a couple of weeks altogether.

If you decide to have sex right after the incision, it can re-open the incision which allows the bacteria to enter the wound at the same time. This also causes infection in many cases. Vasectomy is a great way to prevent pregnancy and condoms are not as effective as vasectomy. The part covered by the condom does not remotely cover the areas covered during the procedure of vasectomy.

Does it hurt to have intercourse after a vasectomy?

Here are some of the common things experienced by men after getting their vasectomy done:

  1. Bruising and soreness around the balls
  2. Pain
  3. Swelling in the genital area
  4. Blood presence in the balls
  5. Blood clots in the scrotum

The symptoms faced by men can last up to a couple of weeks. Having intercourse is a very impactful process and requires a lot of movement. If you are someone who experiences swelling, pain, soreness, you should definitely avoid having sex as it can prolong all this discomfort.

After the symptoms of the procedure heal, you can now engage in sexual activity without having to irritate the site of surgery.

Do I need to worry about conception after getting a vasectomy?

After getting the procedure of vasectomy done, a man still has sperm in his balls for the next few months. A man will need to ejaculate about 20 more times after the procedure in order to make the procedure 100% effective.

A doctor’s appointment is taken after 6 to 12 weeks in order to analyze the semen. This usually gives the doctor an idea of how much sperm is left in the semen. Once the semen is free of sperm, the doctor will probably let you know so that you can carry out your sex life without having to now wear any kind of condom. Until the doctor confirms the semen to be empty, you can have sex with your partner and use birth control pills just to be on the safer side. This can keep a couple from getting pregnant post their vasectomy procedure.

Does Vasectomy affect the sex drive of a person?

The amount of sperm in a person does not affect the sex drive of a person. Having an uninvited baby and taking care of the birth control through the pills can be quite exhausting for the mental health of the couple. Vasectomy can make a person more confident which enables a person to have sex without having to worry about getting their partner getting pregnant or wearing a condom. Vasectomy in many cases has been said to increase the sex drive of a person as it makes a person freer.

What happens to sperm after vasectomy?

Vasectomy does not affect the hormones or penile structure of a man. All these things can affect the erection-causing capability of a person. It is often asked by patients as to what happens to sperm after vasectomy?

If you are someone who is able to get an erection nicely before getting this procedure done. Y9u are most likely to get an erection even after the procedure. In case you notice a change in the erection, you should go and see your doctor. The sperm gets collected as such but does not pass through the semen.

Does it feel different to ejaculate after getting the vasectomy done?

The quality of the semen does not change noticeably after getting the vasectomy done. There are a lot of people who question what happens to sperm after vasectomy?

The sperm is produced in pretty much the same way as it does and the sensation that comes with ejaculation pretty much ends up feeling the same even after the procedure.

However, the first few ejaculations after getting the procedure done can be uncomfortable and will usually diminish over time. In case, you still feel discomfort, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.


Vasectomy does not have any impact on the sexual drive or performance of a person. People still have questioned whether they should get this procedure done or not. A lot of people end up questioning what happens to sperm after vasectomy?

And if a man is able to have sex after the procedure itself.

The answer to that being:

Men end up having 100% protected sex right after the procedure considering there is no sperm left in the semen. This usually happens after 3 months of having the procedure done.

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