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Abstinence vs Celibacy

Abstinence vs Celibacy

Abstinence vs Celibacy seems to have no difference, however, Abstinence is the personal choice of a person to stay away from all sexual pleasures when he/she doesn’t get his/her expected life partner, while celibacy is the religious choice of a person to lead an ascetic life.

What is Abstinence vs Celibacy?

What is Abstinence vs Celibacy?

Abstinence is a choice of people who don’t find a suitable life partner and due to stress and anxiety, they make a personal choice to not indulge in sexual activities, however, they resume their pleasures, when they get the right match. However, people believing in celibacy are nuns and priests, who take an oath to stay away from sexual urges throughout their lives.

Abstinence is a feeling of not intimating because people find it easier to refrain from sex due to fear of getting involved with either the wrong partner or of getting an STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or getting pregnant. However, they resume their pleasant feelings when they get the right partner. Talking about Celibacy, the case is really different. In this case, people tend to lead an ascetic or religious life (free from worldly pleasures), and refrain from sex entirely from their lives, it does/doesn’t matter if they get the right partner, they remain neutral in their lives.

Some Similarities between Abstinence and Celibacy

Some Similarities between Abstinence and Celibacy

Abstinence vs Celibacy, Even if we find differences between Abstinence and Celibacy, we do have the following similarities between the two:

  • People stay away from sexual intercourse
  • Self-control
  • Willpower
  • A certain amount of self-contradiction
  • Capability to regulate temptation and pressure

Is there any way out to practice abstinence? If yes, how do we find the ways? Now, let us understand it.

Three Ways to Practice Abstinence

Three Ways to Practice Abstinence

Below are the proven methods for practicing abstinence and leading a self controlled life:

Talk to your partner about your set priorities in an appropriate time

When you talk about your break from sexual needs to your partner at an apt time, it becomes easier for you both to take things in that manner, and talking openly about your abstinence practice would make it easier for him/her to accept the truth. In the coming time, when you wish to resume your sex life, you can start anytime comfortably.

Explain What abstinence means for you

When you explain the significance of abstinence in your life to your partner, you can lead your relationship happily. The reason is that people have made their beliefs that abstinence is completely leading an ascetic life or permanently erasing sex from your life, the same myth your partner may also hold. Now, to not to let this myth uproar your relationship, it is better that you explain the meaning of abstinence to your partner that for you abstinence is just a break from sex life and you are learning to control your over pleasures and temptation, in this way, your relationship will work longer with no regrets or no stress would deep-root in your relationship structure.

Spend the best time without having sex

Sex is a body needs that we should consider a fraction of our life, and we believe that a relationship works the best when you are physically attached to each other. However, relationships can work smoothly without sex you can have other methods to keep your partner, which can be going for a long drive, hanging out with your common friends, partying, going shopping, watching a movie, or visiting or exploring new places. Trying these methods for the time you are practicing abstinence, you can happily lead your relationship without any deep rooted expectations for sex.

What Can Be the Benefits of Practicing Celibacy?

What Can Be the Benefits of Practicing Celibacy?

Celibacy is associated with religious or cultural views when a person decides to stay away from sexual desires because people practicing celibacy believe that leading a virgin life is actually a sign of spiritualism, purity, and innocence. The concept of leading a Ceibatic life is living a single life, i.e., without marrying anyone or even having sex with anyone, especially for women, this is where the white wedding dress of women originated as a symbol of a pure, virgin woman starting a new phase of her life.

Celibatic life also has a significance that we all are leading a stressful life and enjoying watching sex films or thinking of intimating someone that we absorb our mind completely consume a lot of our precious time thinking about having sex. This thought process is an unbreakable cycle until we apply our efforts. However, people leading a celibatic life are calm and composed with their lives and they utilize their precious time to achieve something new. Thus, celibacy helps us restore efficient life and achieve what we aim for in our life.

Ways to Practice Celibacy

Ways to Practice Celibacy

Ensure that you want to be a Celibate

We are sexual beings and getting attracted and intimitaing is our basic need just like food. However, when we suppress our emotions, we lead a resenting, sad, and depressed life. If you are absentinence, it is normal to restore your sex life. However, leading a celibatic life, you have to completely remove “sex” from your life. Therefore, ensure that you really want to lead a Celibate life.

Lead a Celibatic life for yourself

When leading a celibate life, stick to the decision that you are doing for yourself. If you are doing this to earn appreciation for making others happy, then stop this practice. Celibate life is free of ostentatious life, so try to avoid leading a superficial life, and be natural.

Keep yourself cool under Pressure

Leading an ascetic life was never easy for anyone, not it is for celibate people. When you have decided to lead a sexual-free life, you are actually standing out from the crowd, and it requires a broad heart and stable mind to face external religious, family, and cultural pressures. And yes, you should be bold enough to face people and avoid getting influenced by external factors then only you can lead a celibate life.

So this is all about abstinence vs celibacy. Going through the above text will help you understand that people leading an abstinence life are different from those leading a celibate life.

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