Physical Activity to Improve Erectile Performance

Physical Activity to Improve Erectile Performance

Erectile dysfunction is one of the common issues faced by men all around the world. It brings in not just dissatisfaction within the relationship but causes one to lose confidence too. The best part is that there are varied factors on how ED can be treated, and relief can be received temporarily, but before you go ahead or try any of the other ways, check on how you can use physical activity to improve erectile performance. It is one of the easiest ways or, rather, the lifestyle habit one can use to treat ED without causing harm to your body.

So, if you are interested to know about physical activity to improve erectile performance, this article is for you. Ensure you read it with utmost care to receive the needed benefits.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction is one’s inability to get or maintain a firm erection for better sexual intercourse. It can affect men of all ages but remains highly common in men who are aged above 40. There can be various causes of ED, including lifestyle habits, psychological troubles, etc. What works best for you, it is for you to find out.

A. Causes and risk factors of ED

Some causes of ED are,

  • Physical problems like cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, nerve damage, alcohol or drug use, etc.
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking, drug use, and alcohol consumption.
  • Psychological troubles like stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

As for the risk factors, it is important to know that with ED prevalent within men and the presence of this condition, it is, in most cases indicator of a systematic disease. The associated risk factors of ED are,

  • Hypertension
  • Hypogonadism
  • Tobacco use
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Lower symptoms of urinary tract
  • Depression, etc.

In case you have experience in ED, it’s quite important to see the doctor to determine the cause and then have a discussion about the treatment options.

B. Prevalence and impact on overall health

Know that ED affects around 30 million men just in the USA. ED prevalence increases with age and affects around 40% of men who are aged between 40 to 70 and around 70% of men who are above the age of 70.

The impact of ED is quite significant on the overall health of a man and also their life quality. Men who face ED, experience,

  • Depression
  • Physical health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure, etc.
  • Relationship troubles; after all, ED does create strain on relationships and leads to decreased communication and intimacy.

C. Importance of seeking professional medical advice

Contacting the doctor on time and seeking professional medical advice for erectile dysfunction is important. It helps in the identification of any type of underlying medical condition, helps fight against the mental health concerns like lower self-esteem, anxiety, or depression, find the best and the most effective treatment for oneself, and finally helps get the necessary treatment for ED. Cenforce 150 and Cenforce 200 are very effective remedies for treating ED in men.

In case you face issues or symptoms related to ED, it is better to seek medical attention and get an improvement in erectile function and life’s overall quality. Further, when talking to the doctor, remain completely honest and do not feel any embarrassment.

Benefits of Physical Activity for Erectile Performance

There are varied benefits of physical activity on erectile performance. The discussion on the same has been mentioned below.

Benefits of Physical Activity for Erectile Performance
Benefits of Physical Activity for Erectile Performance

A. Improved blood circulation and vascular health

Physical activity helps a lot in improving blood circulation in the body, which means even the penis. The reason behind this is that exercise helps a lot for widening blood vessels and making the same elastic. This allows for a better flow of blood. Also, improved blood circulation is very important to get as well as maintain an erection.

B. Enhanced testosterone production and hormonal balance

With proper physical activity every day, one can get a boost to the testosterone level. As a hormone that plays an important role in sexual function, which means even erectile function. According to studies, men who remain physically active, tend to have a higher amount of testosterone levels than men who aren’t actually active.

C. Stress reduction and its impact on ED

Physical activity helps reduce stress which is one of the common causes of ED. When a person is stressed, their body releases the hormone, which can interfere with erectile functioning. With the help of exercise, one can even reduce stress and improve overall mood, and this can all lead to better erectile function.

Types of Physical Activities for Erectile Performance Improvement

There are some physical activities for erectile performance improvement that are the means for a man to regain their lost confidence. One just needs to maintain consistency. In general, the below-mentioned exercises can be continued.

A. Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are the ones that get the heart rate up. It helps to keep up for a sustained period. Certain examples of aerobic exercises are, swimming, dancing, running, biking, etc. With the help of such exercises, one can have improved blood circulation in the body and penis. It helps to have better erectile functioning by making it very easy to have and maintain an erection.

B. Resistance training

It’s a type of exercise that is known to use weight or resistance bands for building muscle. Be it squats, pull-ups, or push-ups, all of it would help to improve the level of testosterone, which helps in better erectile functioning. Such training also helps improve overall endurance and strength, which remains helpful for sexual activity.

C. Pelvic floor exercises

These exercises strengthen muscles supporting the uterus, bladder, and bowel. Such muscles remain involved in erectile function and can help with the improvement of erectile functioning by easily getting and maintaining an erection.

Lifestyle Factors Affecting Erectile Performance

It might not seem like much to you, but lifestyle factors do affect erectile performance. By bringing in just a few changes within day-to-day functioning will help men a lot in having great intercourse. Certain things which can be changed or controlled in the given case are discussed below.

A. Diet and nutrition

Eating healthy, avoiding the unhealthy, and having enough amounts of zinc and magnesium within the body can be the best chance to have improved erectile functioning. So, it is better to include a lot of fruits, whole grains, lean protein, etc., to improve erectile functioning and to have a chance to regain the lost confidence.

B. Sleep and rest

Getting sleep is important not just for health and normal well-being, but it is also a chance for a man to regain their lost confidence with better erectile health. Now, most of the adults, to do so, would need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Remember, insufficient sleep would cause stress, fatigue, and other issues which would interfere with erectile functioning.

C. Avoidance of harmful habits

To smoke can cause damage to the blood vessels. It, in turn, helps reduce blood flow, leading to erectile dysfunction. Even the excess consumption of alcohol would cause damage to blood vessels and reduce testosterone which can all cause ED.

D. medical issues

Some of the medical conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, can increase erectile dysfunction risk. There are certain medications like blood pressure medicines, antidepressants, etc., which can cause troubles like ED as part of the side effects.

Incorporating Physical Activity into Daily Routine

Erectile dysfunction creates a significant impact on an individual’s lifestyle. However, with physical activities, one can have improved blood flow all throughout the body, even the penis. It can help to have improved erectile functioning by ensuring to make the erections easier.

With regular exercise, one can assure themselves of reduced stress, better testosterone level, and improved mood. Now, all of this helps to contribute towards better erectile functioning.

Some tips to include physical activity in daily routine are,

  • Start slow and then get a gradual increase in the time one spends on exercise.
  • Find activities that you enjoy, and that fit your lifestyle.
  • Talk to a doctor before you begin the new exercise program if needed.


Now that you know all about physical activity to improve erectile performance, make some changes in your life. If you want, you can even talk to the doctor to know what exactly is right for you. Further, know that this is one of the safest and most effective ways to bring improvement in erectile functioning and one’s overall health. So, do not compromise. Make the necessary changes today and have an amazing life.

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