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Cenforce 150 mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


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Cenforce 150 mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 150mg

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Product Description

Buy Cenforce 150 online

Cenforce 150 Contain Sildenafil Citrate Active Ingredient

Numerous males fight a malfunction of sexual functioning.

Plus, in this disorder, they struggle to keep up and acquire an erection suitable for performing satisfactory sexual activity.

Furthermore, this sexual dysfunction is popular in medical science as erectile dysfunction or ED.

Additionally, red Cenforce 150 pills are useful for repressing the signs of erectile disorder.

Also, the eminent product comes from the famous drugmaker Centurion Laboratories.

Besides, these red tablets boost lifeblood flow in the penis by loosening up the penile blood vessels.

Moreover, the vessels expand in size and more blood flows through them towards the member.

Therefore, ED patients greatly depend on red pills for getting an erection.

So, they must get Cenforce 150mg from trustworthy online vendor Arrowmeds without fear of forgery.

Arrowmeds vends superior medications online and supplies them to their customers on time at the door.


Defining Cenforce 150 

The Red Cenforce 150 pills come under the group of medicaments that effectively treat ED or erectile dysfunction among guys.

Plus, this condition is also popular as impotence.

Additionally, your physician can advise Cenforce 150 which contains a powerful recipe of Sildenafil citrate 150mg.

Furthermore, the drug successfully targets the signs of pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Also, a user can easily afford the drug.

Therefore, physicians prescribe the red pill as a super-power dose to manage ED.

So, the user enjoys rewarding and gratifying long-lasting penetrative sex.

Moreover, the FDA has long before approved the remedy for fighting the ED problem.

Besides, the majority of guys are consuming the red pills for attaining a rigid and strong erection for an elongated period.

However, Cenforce 150mg cannot completely cure your ED glitch. But, it can effectively manage it and suppress the ED symptoms.

Cenforce 150 Uses

The red Cenforce 150 mg tablets form a medical therapy for the cure of ED.

Plus, the drug hailed the market as a breakthrough option in the arena of ED medications.

Furthermore, the medication is phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitor which means it blocks PDE5 enzyme activity.

Additionally, it loosens up the blood vessels due to the availability of Sildenafil citrate in the composition of the pill.

Also, the Cenforce 150mg specifically augments blood supply to the male sexual organs.

Besides, the penis gets an additional supply of blood volume for the erection to occur.

Moreover, the red tablets are useful for males dealing with PAH and BPH problems. Plus, it lightens up the muscles of your bladder and the prostate. Also, with one pill these three disorders get relief.

What Happened If Cenforce 150mg Overdosage?

It is not possible to take Cenforce 150 in excess except if the user wants to get extra effects.

Moreover, in that case, an overdose can occur.

Maybe a patient uses Cenforce 150 in excess.

Then he should instantly visit a nearby medical facility because an overdose can trigger many side effects.

Hence, for safety medical care is unavoidable for a patient.

Besides, overdose on the pill triggers dizziness, priapism, vomiting, body ache, and headache.

Working Manner

Cenforce 150 red tablets aid to upsurge the blood supply towards the groin region.

Plus, the phallus, in turn, swells in dimension.

Additionally, Cenforce 150mg expands the blood vessels in size so that additional blood floods into your member during sexual arousal.

Furthermore, the fundamental science behind your erect penis is that during arousal nitric oxide and nitrates see their synthesis.

Also, both nitric oxide and nitrates aid to dilate the arteries that feed your phallus.

Besides, the profuse blood circulation renders the phallus stiff and rigid, thus, it provides a better erection.

Then these vessels shrivel in size and trap the blood to keep up the erection.

Moreover, this action lets the phallus stay erect for a considerable period.

Plus, after semen discharge, the blood leaves the phallus and the member regains its normal size.

Additionally, regarding a male fighting erectile dysfunction, the cyclic GMP amounts diminish.

Furthermore, this makes the vessels minimize in size.

Plus, Cenforce 150 red tablets combat the thinning of cyclic GMP percentage.

Hence, your erect penis stays hard for better penetrative sex.

Hence, the blood volume holds the penis for sufficient time and the erection goes on.

How to ingest the pill?

The highly important thing to see is that you should not start the drug regimen on your own.

Also, you better confer with your GP before eating the drug.

Besides, a user must begin the dosage according to your physician’s prescription.

Moreover, a patient can eat the Cenforce 150 with water or milk.

Plus, a sufferer should use a light meal before or after using the pill.

Furthermore, a large fatty meal can negatively affect the effects of Cenforce 150mg.

Additionally, a user better takes the red pill wholly and must not grate, crush, squash, or chew the tablet.

Moreover, you eat the moiety in line with the need.

Also, the pill can initiate great effects in half an hour after eating it.

Besides, the effects of the moiety stay in the system for 4-5 hours after consumption.

Plus, you ought to consult the physician for additional information.


The dosage of Cenforce is available in the strengths of Cenforce 50 / Cenforce 100/Cenforce 150/ Cenforce 200.

Additionally, you better talk to your physician before eating it.

Furthermore, they will advise the correct dose for treating your condition.

Plus, the dose titration necessarily depends on your health and response to the medication.

For eating the Cenforce 100mg dosage of the drug, a patient requires sticking to the advice of his GP.

Plus, a user must take Cenforce 150 one pill a day by using freshwater.

Additionally, Cenforce 150mg remains active in the system for 4-5 hours.

Furthermore, the action of this medicine starts within half an hour after intake.

However, the dosage can decrease as per the condition and tolerance.

What are the Side effects of Cenforce 150mg?

Cenforce 150mg Red pills give reactions like the twitching of your muscles, nightmares, sore throat, fever, skin ulcers, chills, shakiness, and excessive thirst.

Moreover, sensitivity to light, drowsiness, painful continuous erection, seizures, too much sweating, confusion, excessive hunger, and mental depression starts.

Also, dryness of your mouth, less concentration, pale skin, nosebleeds, cold sweat, runny nose, cool skin, anxiety, and vision loss occur.

Besides, pain in your bones, bleeding of a user’s eye, chest pain or angina, numbness, itching, crawling like feeling begin.

Plus, dizziness, trouble urinating, stomach pain, bloody urine, indigestion, headache, upset stomach, and frequent peeing take place.

Additionally, burning feeling in your chest, pain in your bladder, and burning feeling in your stomach occurs.

Furthermore, pain in your eyes, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, skin redness, muscle pain, sneezing, back pain, flushing, trouble breathing commences.

What Cenforce Tablets Precautions need to take?

You must not ingest Cenforce 150 in case you have sensitivity or hypersensitivity to Sildenafil citrate salt.

Also, if there arises any emergency medical situation, you must tell your GP that currently your prescription is Cenforce.

Moreover, this is, especially, necessary in the case of cardiovascular issues.

Besides, you better give up the use of Cenforce 150 Red Pills with nitrate medicines.

Plus, nitrates are normally a prescription for managing hypertension or angina.

Therefore, you need caution with Nitro-Bid, isosorbide, nitroglycerin, etc.

Additionally, a patient requires visiting his doctor regularly if he is ill with heart disease dealing with pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Furthermore, a user should take every precaution not to consume other ED pills with Cenforce 150mg.

Therefore, avoid pills like Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra with Cenforce 150.

Moreover, it is crucial to convey to your GP in case you had a heart ailment before eating this moiety.

Besides, you must immediately confer with your physician in case your erection continues for above four hours.

Also, this condition is famous for priapism which can permanently harm your penis.

Furthermore, a sufferer should not eat any other medicine without talking to his physician during Cenforce 150mg ingestion.

Plus, this can lead to some unpleasant side effects.

Additionally, maybe you have already ingested medicament for high blood pressure.

Then you may experience signs like dizziness, faintness, confusion, or blurry vision.

Besides, it is so because Cenforce 150 decreases your blood pressure.

In that case, you need to speak to your doctor for safety.

Also, some medical situations can turn worse by utilizing Cenforce 150mg.

Moreover, the conditions are Peyronie’s disease, sickle cell anemia, stomach ulcer, heart ailments, seizures, pulmonary disease, retinitis pigmentosa, etc.


Cenforce 150 Red pills commence interaction with drugs like voriconazole, rifapentine, trimazosin, prazosin, terazosin, ketoconazole silodosin, etravirine, delavirdine, erythromycin, and bosentan.

Plus, bunazosin, itraconazole, alfuzosin, Idealalisble, simeprevir, Fosnetupitant, Netupitant, fluconazole, lumacaftor, Duvelisib, Lorlatnib, Lefamulin, dihydrocodeine, Larotrectinib, and clarithromycin start an interaction.

Furthermore, conivaptan, nitroglycerin, ceritinib, nelfinavir, fosamprenavir, cannabis, Propatyl nitrate, saquinavir, molsidomine, tipranavir, lopinavir, Riociguat, ritonavir, and pentaerythritol tetranitrate begin interaction.

Additionally, isosorbide mononitrate, indinavir, isosorbide dinitrate, darunavir, erythritol tetranitrate, atazanavir, cobicistat, amprenavir, boceprevir, and amyl nitrate start an interaction.

How to use Cenforce 150 Tablets?

You require ingesting this pill with freshwater or milk wholly.

Furthermore, a patient should not try to chew, grate, break, crush, squash, or split this moiety.

Plus, you need to intake this pill according to the dosage advice of your general practitioner.

Additionally, a user can consume this moiety forty-five minutes to sixty minutes before sensual intimacy.

However, the sensual spur is necessary for a male to bag its benefits without which the pill cannot show effects.

Thus, sexual arousal and the pill together show desired results.

Why buy Cenforce 150mg from Arrowmeds?

Arrowmeds retails online cost-effective trustworthy products to their customers.

Also, the online dispensary offers top medical care for sufferers of sensual issues at inexpensive rates.

Besides, all sorts of ace medicaments that aid to solve the trouble of ED are obtainable by contacting them online.

Moreover, the online seller promises to provide its consumers 100% happiness guarantee on its products.

Additionally, they pack the drugs carefully and ship them fast to their customer’s address.

Furthermore, Arrowmeds vend top-notch medication and provide various deals and offers.

Plus, drug purchase is always a secret as they never reveal their consumer’s identity.

Besides, they offer their customers different modes of online payment for buying drugs.

Who can use Cenforce 150mg Red Pills?

Usually, all males ingest this moiety.

Plus, males either visit their GPs for getting a prescription or go online shopping.

But, males need to know whether the medicine is for them or not.

Additionally, only those people who have conditions it treats can use it.

Furthermore, guys who are fighting the issue of ED can consume this tablet.

Moreover, the drug augments blood supply towards the member and erection takes place after sensual stimulation.

Also, males who are sick with benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH can ingest this tablet too.

Besides, the medication unwinds the smooth muscles in the bladder and the prostate.

Plus, Cenforce 150 tablets fix the issue of frequent peeing by reducing prostatic swelling.

Furthermore, people who are facing issues with pulmonary arterial hypertension can eat this moiety.

Additionally, this remedy loosens up the smooth muscles within the lung blood vessels.

Thus, the remedy enhances the work out the capability of the users.

How to take Cenforce 150 mg?   

All the time ingest Cenforce 150 mg in line with the instructions of your doctor.

Plus, you better not ignore the directions of your physician.

Additionally, if you deviate from GP’s advice, several side effects can occur.

So, you adhere to the entire list of doctor’s suggestions without fail.

Furthermore, a user may eat the drug by mouth with milk or freshwater.

Moreover, you swallow the medication wholly and do never crush, chew, grate, break, squash, or damage this pill.

Also, a patient can ingest this pill when his stomach is not full of meals.

Or he can eat it alongside food.

However, an empty stomach is more suitable for fast action and effectiveness.

Besides, physicians suggest eating this tablet thirty to sixty minutes before penetrative intimacy.

Plus, this pill will offer the user a rigid erection for 4-5 hours after ingestion along with sensual arousal.

Besides, males shouldn’t use above one pill in a day.

How Cenforce 150mg treats Erectile Dysfunction?

Cenforce 150mg tablets fall under the variety of PDE-type-5-inhibitor remedies because it carries strong Tadalafil salt in the formulation.

Moreover, Cenforce 150 pills efficiently influence ED in guys because it encloses prime substance Tadalafil.

Also, at the moment of erotic arousal, the liberation of nitric oxide happens in the erectile tissue of your member.

Besides, nitric oxide sparks the secretion of a stuff guanylate cyclase.

Plus, this activity augments the percentage of another chemical cyclic GMP.

Additionally, this cyclic GMP unwinds the arteries within the member.

Furthermore, this permits lifeblood to gush into the corpus cavernosal in ample amounts.

Also, this starts erection.

Besides, an additional stuff PDE5 decimates the proportion of cyclic GMP.

Therefore, it stops the supply of blood to the phallus.

Moreover, this defeats your erection and your penis becomes flaccid.

Plus, when a user eats Cenforce 150 Red tablets before intended sexual activity the drug bottles up the PDE5 enzyme.

Additionally, this lets cyclic GMP hang back in the member for an elongated time.

Thus, plentiful lifeblood rushes into the phallus and erection occurs.

What is the consumption procedure of the drug?

A user needs to ensure to eat Cenforce 150mg according to his physician’s instruction list.

Furthermore, you must not increase the dosage of the drug without talking to your GP.

Plus, a patient requires eating it orally.

Additionally, you can ingest it with freshwater or milk.

Also, you bear in mind to use Cenforce 150 as per the need for ED.

Besides, in pulmonary arterial hypertension, eat it daily.

Moreover, a sufferer of ED can take the pill fifteen to thirty minutes previous to penetration.

However, you can consume a low dose each day for doing sex regularly.

Or you eat it when you feel the urge to have sex.

Plus, the pill effect remains active in the body for 4-5 hours.

Therefore, you must be cautious not to use it in excess.

Additionally, you exercise weariness not to eat this tablet above one time a day.

Furthermore, the remedy initiates its function after 30-60 minutes after using it.

Moreover, you remember not to split, crush, or chew this moiety.

However, you maintain distance from grapefruit and its juice.

Also, there can start an interaction of Cenforce with alcohol.

Besides, for the cure of BPH or PAH, use a low dose with the consent of your physician.

Perhaps you sometimes do not remember to eat the pill.

Plus, a user can take the tablet anytime he remembers.

But, you should not ingest over one pill in 24 hours to compensate for the skipped tablet.

Besides, this can trigger several reactions.


  • The contraindications can start with renal problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, PVOD, stomach ulcers, coronary artery disease, and NAION.
  • Also, contraindication takes root with smoking, heart problems, eye issues, retinitis pigmentosa, retinal issues, and a heart attack.
  • Besides, heart failure, hypotension, blood vessel issues, arrhythmia, angina, stroke, aortic stenosis, and idiopathic stenosis start contraindication.

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