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Banocide Forte 50mg (Diethylcarbamazine)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Worm infections, Filariasis


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Banocide Forte 50mg (Diethylcarbamazine) - 50mg

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Product Description

What is Banocide Forte 50 mg?

Banocide Forte 50 mg is a kind of antihelminthic tablet that is generally used against the treatment of filariasis and worm infections.

This infection is known for causing swelling of legs, arms and genitals.

This medicine is known for the treatment and prevention of worm infections that cause infection in your eyes which may lead to blindness and other infections that may cause imbalance to the nervous system, connective tissue, or breathing disorders.

This medicine is not suggested to be used against the treatment of infections caused by tapeworms or pinworms.

Uses of Banocide Forte 50mg

Buy Banocide Forte 50 mg Online is an antiparasitic medicine that is used against the treatment of filariasis which is mainly caused by malayi, Bancrofti, brugia timori.

Along with that, this medicine is also recommended to be used against the treatment of Toxocariasis, tropical pulmonary eosinophilia, as well as Loiasis.


Banocide Forte 50 tablet is having Diethylcarbamazine as its main ingredient so it is very important that you should follow the suggested dose and duration of taking this medicine to enjoy long-term benefits and safeguard yourself from any side effects in your body.

It is very important that you should finish the full course of this tablet and should not stop taking it by yourself unless recommended by your physician. You should be very cautious regarding the doses of this medicine then only you will be able to see desired results in your body.

Different Strength : Banocide Forte 100mg



Banocide Forte 50mg are not suggested by a physician to be used by a pregnant woman unless it is very necessary to use. It is very important that you should discuss all the associated risks and benefits of this tablet before starting your medication with Banocide Forte.


A breastfeeding mother is not suggested to use this tablet unless it is very important. Various research shows that this medicine make fast breast milk and cause the undesirable effect on the baby hence it is advisable to avoid taking this medicine by a breastfeeding mother.

Heart diseases

All the people who are suffering from cardiovascular problem or having history of heart disease and not recommended to consume Banocide Forte 50 mg tablets because it may worsen their health problem and they may suffer from hazardous effects.


No study is of the view that consumption of Banocide Forte 50 mg Pills may affect your vision as you may not suffer from drowsiness or dizziness so it is safe to drive or operate any other machine when you are under the medication of Banocide Forte 50mg.

Benefits of Banocide Forte 50mg

Buy Banocide Forte 50 mg is usual treatment against infection caused by parasitic worms at it is an antibiotic medicine.

This medicine is known for doing wonders by stopping the growth of parasites causing infection to your body by killing such worms.

It is known for providing quick result so that you make start feeling better as soon as you start your medication with Banocide Forte 50 mg.

It is suggested that you should continue to use this medicine as long as your doctor suggested to do so otherwise you will fail to enjoy long term benefits out of this medicine.

It is also known for providing relief against infection known as filariasis.

This type of infectious disease caused by parasitic roundworms that is transmitted to a human body by the bite of a mosquito. It is known for killing such parasites and you will get yourself treated from filariasis.

What are the Side Effects of Banocide Forte 50 mg?

Banocide Forte 50 is an antiparasitic medicine which is very safe to be used by any individual suffering from infections in their body.

This medicine does not required to provide much medical attention as all the symptoms of Side Effects disappear after sometime of its usage.

However you are suggested to consult to your doctor if any symptoms may last for longer duration of time.

Some common side effects of using this medicine includes

  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Hair loss

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if you take too much of Banocide Forte 50 mg?

To enjoy long-term benefits it is very important that you should take this medicine with prescribed and recommended dosage only.

In case you have find out that you have taken too much of Banocide Forte 50mg, then you need to consult to your doctor for seeking emergency medical advice.

What if you forget to use Banocide Forte 50 mg?

If you have missed the dose of this medicine at the scheduled time then you need to take it as soon as you remember about the missed dose.

If the time of next schedule dose is near then you can skip the missed dose to compensate the next schedule dose.

How Does Banocide Forte 50mg work?

Banocide Forte 50 mg medicine belong to the anthelmintics group of medicine which is helpful for caring such parasite worms causing infection in your body also it is helpful in treating filariasis.

By the regular use of this medicine you will be able to treat yourself from various infection caused by different parasites.

How to Use Banocide Forte 50 mg?

You need to take this tablet as per the recommended dose and according to the duration suggested by your pharmacist and health care provider.

This is oral tablets which you need to provide you with the help of water without crushing or breaking it. You can take it with her without food as per your convenience.

What are the Common Drug Interactions?

Depending upon the medical health of an individual different medicines interact in your body differently.

Therefore to safeguard yourself from any symptoms of hazardous effects it is suggested to check the possible interactions with this medicine along with your doctor.

If you are having any disease or health issues earlier you need to discuss with your doctor so that he will be able to suggest the right strength and dosage of taking Banocide Forte 50 mg Online.

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