Fastum Gel 30g

Fastum Gel (Ketoprofen)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Ketoprofen
Indication: rheumatic pain and musculo-skeletal pain
Manufacturer: Menarini India Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 30 gm in 1 tube
Strength: 30gm
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Fastum Gel (Ketoprofen) - 30gm

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What is Fastum Gel?

Fastum Gel is a pain relief medication having ketoprofen 2.5% as its main ingredient.

This medicine is very safe and FDA-approved medicine suggested by the doctor to be used for the relief of pain caused due to acute strains, sprains, or soft tissue injuries.

Apart from this Gel has also been recommended to be used against the treatment of painful conditions and inflammation caused by muscle or bone. One thing to be kept in mind is that most doctors advised using it for external purposes only.

Uses of Fastum Gel

Fastum Gel is mainly used to provide relief against moderate and mild pain conditions like sports injuries, soft tissue injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, swelling in muscles, and inflammatory conditions associated with ligaments, tendons, joints as well as muscles.

Fastum Gel review says that it is one of the safest medicine available in the market to be used as a pain reliever.


The right dosage of applying Fastum Gel should be according to the prescription and Recommendation given by your doctor or Health Care provider who suggested you use this medicine as a pain reliever.

As per your medical condition, your doctor may also suggest some dose adjustments that you need to be strictly followed to get yourself treated from mild to moderate pain.


Fastum Gel in the USA is a very famous medication to be used as a pain reliever.

But it is also very important that you should follow certain precautions before starting your treatment with Gel.


During the end trimester of your pregnancy, it is not suggested to use Gel. Most of the doctors suggested that it is quite answering to apply Gel during the time of pregnancy.

Therefore it is advisable to consult your doctor in advance regarding the risk and benefits associated with the medication of Fastum.


Most doctors are of the view that a breastfeeding mother should avoid using Gel because various types of research show that this has desirable effects on the baby.

Therefore it is very important to talk to your doctor regarding the uses of Gel during breastfeeding.


Due to the tropical preparation of this medicine, there is limited information available about the effect of Gel on the driving ability of an individual.

However, it is quite safe to drive and operate other machinery because this medicine does not provide affect your driving ability.


No interaction has been found between the consumption of alcohol and the application of Fastum.

However, it is advisable to consult your physician to separate yourself from any undesirable effects in your body if you are having the regular habit of consuming alcohol or other alcoholic beverages.

Benefits of Fastum Gel

Fastum Gel online medicine is one of the beneficial medicine to be used against pain relief, swelling, and inflammation caused in muscles and joints.

Fast medicine is highly suggested to be used against the treatment of sports injuries, backaches, sprains, and strains because it is known for providing effective results in a very short period.

If you apply this gel as per your doctor’s recommendation then you may find out that you will get cured of such pain if your pain is moderate and mild.

What are the Side Effects of Fastum Gel?

Fastum Gel Side Effects can be ignored because they are very mild and disappear after some time once the body gets habitual to them.

Most physicians suggested that you don’t need to seek medical advice if any of the mild symptoms or side effects are noticeable by you in your body.

Some common side effects include

  • Itching
  • Redness of the skin
  • Burning or tingling sensation of the skin
  • Skin rashes

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if you use too much Fastum Gel?

An overdose of this gel may be dangerous for an individual if you have applied it for a longer duration of time in heavy volume to the affected area of your body.

If you have found out that you have applied a high volume of gel then in such a situation you need to wipe it off with a soft cotton pad and consult your doctor for further treatment.

What if you forget to use Fastum Gel?

If you forget to apply Fastum Gel at the scheduled time then you can apply it whenever you have found out about the missed dose.

However, if it is the time of the next scheduled application then avoid compensating for the missed application with the next application.

How does Fastum Gel work?

Fastum Gel is considered to be a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug.

It is having ketoprofen as its main ingredient helps in releasing certain chemical messengers that provide relief to the pain and inflammation caused in a different part of your body.

How to use Fastum Gel?

Fastum Gel is a prescribed medicine that is suggested for external purposes only.

You need to use Fastum as per the duration and dose advised by your physician.

Before applying this gel you need to clean the area with water and apply a gentle amount of gel over it.

To protect yourself from any infection it is very important to wash your hands before applying Gel.

What are the Common Drug Interactions?

Fastum Gel is to be prescribed for external use only so may interact with another disease it is advisable to tell your doctor about the ongoing gels and creams you are using.

Also, you need to tell your doctor if you are suffering from any skin problems so that he will be able to suggest the right medication for you.

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