Ocuvir DT 400mg

Ocuvir DT 400mg (Acyclovir)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Acyclovir
Indication: Herpes labialis, Genital herpes infection, Chickenpox
Manufacturer: FDC Ltd
Packaging: 5 Tablets in Strip & 10 Tablets in Strip
Strength: 400mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Ocuvir DT 400mg (Acyclovir) - 400mg

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Antiviral medicine like Ocuvir DT 400 Mg has treated millions of viral infections in people. The medication has a great role in treating cold sores and swelling blisters inside the mouth which are generally caused by herpes simplex infection. Furthermore, it cures the conditions of herpes zoster, genital herpes, and many more.

Buy Ocuvir DT 400 Mg online if you are looking for a pill to get rid of herpes infections. This is antiviral medicines work for all types of related infections in the body. If you want to recover your infection-free life so, none is better than Ocuvir DT 400 Mg, buy it now as per your doctor’s advice.

What is Ocuvir DT 400 Mg?

Ocuvir DT 400 Mg USA tablet is known to eliminate all types of viral infection in certain parts of the body immediately.

However, its major treatment target is to cure genital herpes, herpes zoster, and herpes simplex infection.

The main composition of the medication consists of Acyclovir medicine which works really well in eradicating all types of herpes-related infections easily and quickly.

The medicine provides a dramatic change in patients who have herpes-associated diseases.

Also, this drug is helpful in treating inflamed blisters which are cause by herpes simplex infections.

If you are suffering from severe cold aching then, it is better to take this prescribed Ocuvir DT.

FDC Limited is the only pharmaceutical manufacturer of Ocuvir DT tablets.

Uses of Ocuvir DT 400 Mg

The main use of Ocuvir DT 400 Mg medication is to abolish viral infections.

Taking this antiviral pill helps you to get relief from herpes simplex infections along with herpes zoster which is cause by herpes.

One of the most essential uses of Ocuvir DT drug is to heal chickenpox issues right away.

However, it is a perfect medicine option for people who have serious infections related to herpes.

The medicines should be prescribe so, that you can buy Ocuvir DT 400 Mg, and get fast recovery from herpes infections.

Benefits of Ocuvir DT 400 Mg

Ocuvir DT 400 Mg has many benefits to provide the best-known treatment of herpes simplex conditions.

If you have been undergoing chickenpox and looking for the best and most effective treatment process, so, it is highly recommend to take Ocuvir DT drugs only.

Whether for painful colds or even other infectious diseases which are viral, they can be treat easily by using Ocuvir DT tablets.

Today, various Ocuvir DT 400 Mg online is available thus; make your secure purchase here without any deceit.

The medications fight against almost all types of viral infections associated with ailments in the body. Therefore, get rid of such herpes viruses instantly by taking Ocuvir DT on a regular basis.

How does Ocuvir DT 400 Mg work?

Ocuvir DT belongs to an antiviral drug and it usually acts by continuously reducing viral DNA polymerase and fights against the natural chemicals of Triphosphate Deoxyguanosine that leads to integration into viral DNA and then it simply obstructs DNA synthesis that shows its mechanisms by functioning as a complete terminating process.

On other hand, Ocuvir DT tablet holds an active element of Acyclovir, as it works as an antiviral medication. This medication inhibits the growth of viruses in human cells that starts working on their DNA which leads to lessening viral infections.

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The dosage of Ocuvir DT 400 Mg tablet is straightforward and it needs to be taken only with a glass of water.

Users can take one pill daily with water. You can use it before or after your meals.

Make this medicine intake regular in your habits to achieve fast and visible results.

Make sure you are taking this drug to treat your herpes-related infections and recommended by doctors.

Do not miss this medicine and also don’t increase the dose of Ocuvir DT.


  • It is recommended not to take other medicines while taking Ocuvir DT.
  • Do not drink liquor when using this anti-viral medication.
  • Make sure you consulted a doctor before starting Ocuvir DT.
  • Keep yourself enough hydrated every day.
  • Don’t work out more after taking this drug.
  • Get this medicine online only with a valid prescription.
  • Keep in touch with your physicians often.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I take Ocuvir DT when I suffer from HIV infections?

No, do not take Ocuvir DT tablets when you have HIV infections.

Can I stop taking Ocuvir DT when I am fine?

No, don’t medicate by yourself even though, without talking to doctors don’t stop taking Ocuvir DT tablets.

Can I take Ocuvir DT twice a day?

No, don’t take Ocuvir DT twice a day without consulting a doctor and if they recommend twice then you can take it accordingly.

Is Ocuvir DT better for herpes treatment?

Yes, Ocuvir DT is the best and safe medicine for the treatment of herpes-related infections.


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