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Tadacip 20mg (Tadalafil)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Erectile Dysfunction


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Tadacip 20mg (Tadalafil) - 20mg

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What is Tadacip?

Tadacip Cipla drug helps in relaxing the muscles into the walls of the blood vessels which then helps in increasing the blood flow overall in the body of a human. This drug is explicitly used to treat the condition of Erectile Dysfunction, High blood pressure, and Prostate gland enlargement.

 Usage of Tadacip:

There are three conditions for which this drug is prescribed by the doctor, they are listed as under:

a)For Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

b)For Erectile Dysfunction

c)For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Interaction of Tadacip:

a) If a person is allergic:

Tadacip Cipla should not be taken by men who are allergic to a certain composition of this medicine.

b) Keeping away from nitrates:

This drug should not be taken with other medicines that contain nitrates. Tadacip Cipla does not react well with nitrates and can cause a sudden loss in the level of the blood pressure.

c) Interaction with Riociguat:

This drug should not be taken by people who take Riociguad. This drug is also known by other named called as Adempas.

d) With Alcohol:

Taking this Generic Cialis drug with alcohol can decrease the blood pressure of a person even more which can be fatal. It is therefore advisable to avoid taking alcohol while taking Tadacip Cipla as a drug.

e) People who have the cardiovascular disease:

This drug is not recommended for people who have the problem in their heart as such patients are refrained from having a high-intensity sexual workout.

f) People with Kidney Disease:

This drug is known to be fatal of people who have a kidney disorder, however, in some cases where the disease is not chronic, the drug can be used while keeping the optimum dosage in view.

g) The disease of the lungs:

This drug is again not recommended for people who suffer from obstructive lung disease such as emphysema, venous-occlusive, etc. The risk factor in such cases is extremely high and must be avoided.

h) Having a diseased Retina:

People who are suffering from disordered retina should avoid taking this drug as this drug can impair the eye of the person even further.

Substitutes of Tadacip:

This drug has various substitutes of this drug that works in the same way, they are mentioned below:

a)Megalis Tablet

b)Pulmopres Tablet

c)Manforce tablet

d)Tadora Tablet

e)Upwards Tablet

Warnings and Precautions:

a) For ladies who are pregnant:

This drug is not recommended for ladies who are pregnant unless it is highly required. In such cases, it is important to consult with your doctor.

b) For ladies who are breastfeeding:

This drug is not advisable for ladies who are breastfeeding and needs special consultation if taken otherwise.

c) Hypotension:

This drug in some cases can cause a person to have low blood pressure. This can be prevented by monitoring the low blood pressure of the person and taking proper medications for the same.

d) Deformation in the penis:

This drug should be taken with great precaution especially for people who have a physical deformity. This can permanently damage the sexual potency of a man and should be avoided in such cases.

e) Facing Prolonged Erection:

This drug must be avoided if it causes a person to go through a long painful erection which lasts for more than 4 hours. This can be caused because of conditions such as anemia or leukemia.

f) Loss of vision and hearing:

In some cases, this drug is known to decrease the hearing capabilities of a man as well as the vision. This happens very rarely and can be because of the genetic disorder.

g) Heart disease:

This drug needs to be taken with high precaution especially if the person is the patient of heart disease.

h) Side effects:

The side effects that are shown by this drug are most evident in people who smoke a lot or if the patient is suffering from heart disease. The side effects seen by such people can be dizziness, nausea, numbness, etc.

i) Not for children:

This drug is not recommended for children who are below the age of 18.

Side Effects of Tadacip:

Some of the major side effects of this drug are listed below

  1. It causes the sensation of heartburn in a person
  2. Headache
  3. It causes Diarrhea
  4. Flushing of the skin
  5. It causes Flue
  6. It causes a decrease in the vision of a person
  7. Person to not view the color as it
  8. It causes the person to suffer from hearing ailment.
  9. It causes a Painfully long erection
  10. Dizziness
  11. It causes skin allergies
  12. A person may face difficulty in breathing and swallowing
  13. It causes the person to face selling on the tongue, hands, feet, and lips of a person
  14. It causes the skin to peel
  15. Infection in the upper respiratory tract of a person
  16. It causes constant pain in the legs and arms of a person
  17. It causes bleeding in the uterine

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does this drug take time in order to be effective?

This drug takes effect within 60 minutes of taking it (in case it is taken orally).

What is the duration of each drug?

The effect of each medicine lasts for around 40 hours.

Is it safe to take this drug with Alcohol?

No, it is not as safe as the side effects of this drug are enhanced because of its interaction with Alcohol.

Does this drug create a problem of habit-forming?

As such, there have been no reports that show the habit-forming tendencies of this drug.

Can this drug be used by women who are pregnant?

No, it is not recommended to use this drug for pregnant ladies.

Can a woman breastfeed and take this drug at the same time?

Ideally, this drug should not be taken by women who are breastfeeding. In case they need to, a special consultation from the doctor is needed.

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