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Tentex Royal (Crocus Sativus / Tribulus terrestris)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Crocus Sativus/Tribulus terrestris


Erectile Dysfunction


Himalaya Drug Company


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Tentex Royal (Crocus Sativus / Tribulus terrestris) - 14mg/100mg

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Product Description

What is Tentex Royal?

Tentex Royal is a medicine offered by one of the well-known Himalayas, the pharmaceutical company which is useful for improving The condition of male vigor. Lacking vigor in the body of men causes difficulties in relationships. Along with that it also generates stress in the daily life of the person. This also helps in the treatment of two conditions- Libido loss and erectile Dysfunctional in men. This medicine contains hydrophilic ( kokilaksha), almonds, and small caltrops which help in improving stamina and strength. It is safe for use long term.

Who is the manufacturer of Tentex Royal?

Tentex Royal is manufactured by the most renowned company Himalaya. This company has been in the pharmaceutical industry for decades and offers a variety of medicines for well- the being of people. They manufacture this medicine by using natural ingredients and hence it’s safe to use Tentex Royal.

What are the uses of Tentex Royal?

It is useful in the treatment of erectile Dysfunctional in men.

It helps in relaxing the vascular muscles, which improves erection.

Increase the desire for sex and improve sexual function.

Useful in getting and maintaining stronger header erection.

Useful for controlling better ejaculation.


Missed dose

If you have forgotten to take your dose take it as soon as possible. But it’s the next scheduled dose you need to take after the free hour, skipped to take your missed dose. If you take both doses in a short interval of time it will going to work as a double dose and may harm your body as well as show you some side effects. Hence avoid taking your missed dose in such a situation.


It is advisable to visit immediately to your doctor in case of an overdose. Overdose may harm your body and show some side effects like dizziness, headache, flushing, muscle aches, and many more. Hence to overcome all these problems directly contact your doctor he will solve your issue and will adjust the dose amount.


Liver– if the patient has had a liver-related disease in pastpresentssent it’s advisable to avoid the consumption of this medicine it is necessary to take it, contact your doctor and consume it with caution.

Kidney– it is advisable not to consume this medicine if you are suffering from any type of kidney disease. If it’s necessary to take this medicine contact your doctor and as per their guidance consume the medicine. They will adjust your dose according to your physical condition.

Alcohol– Avoid alcohol if you are taking this disease. It may create many health issues for to you consume this medicine with alcohol. I will show you some side effects which may be dangerous for your body.

Driving– driving requires proper attention, by consuming this medicine you may feel dizziness and this will reduce your ability to drive perfectly. Hence, when you are taking this medicine avoid driving and use heavy machines to avoid any type of accident.

Allergy– if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients present in Tentex Royal Online avoid taking this medicine as it affects adversely in your body and may create unwanted health issues.

Side effect

Consumption of medicine sometimes causes some side effects in the body. Buy Tentex Royal Online is made from natural ingredients and hence there is no risky side effect you feel by using Tentex royal. Sometimes the patient may suffer from

  • dizziness,
  • vomiting,
  • headache.

In such a situation contact your doctor and make adjustments to your dose. Once your body gets habitual with this medicine, the symptoms of all these side effects gradually get reduced.

Storage condition

Keep this Tentex royal in dry or cool places. Avoid it to store in direct sunlight. Keep it away from children and your pets. It should be kept at room temperature and away from heat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What happens if you take too much Tentex Royal? 

As Tentex royal is manufactured by using natural products such as Gokshura, almonds, and saffron it may not causes some harmful side effects in your body. But sometimes you may feel dizziness, vomiting, or headache-related issues. In such a situation contact your doctor and inform him of the exact amount of dose you have taken. This will help the doctor to reschedule your dose and make necessary adjustments in the amount of dosage. Overdose creates a problem so use it carefully according to the doctor’s prescription.

How to take Tentex Royal?

The main purpose of using these Tentex royal Pills is for treating erectile Dysfunctional. This medicine contains protodioscin which works by transforming protodioscin into dehydroepiandrosterone in your body which improves the circulation of blood in penile tissues. It also works of enhancing the ability to erect in men.

What are the common drug interactions?

Every medicine shows some effects when it is taken with other medications. Hence if you are using some other medicines along with Tentex Royal visit the doctor and inform them of all the medicine you are currently using. The interaction of ingredients of different medicines may affect adversely the body and will create some help issues. Hence it’s beneficial to properly examine all the drug interactions before using and taking this Tentex royal tablet.

Why buy Tentex Royal with us?

In this pandemic situation where it’s difficult and risky to go outside for buying any medicine or product. We are here for selling this medicine online. We are in this pharmacy selling for decades and selling all this medicine to our customers as per their demand. Along with door-to-door services we offer several discounts and offer to our users. Our bill payment system is very simple as you can pay your bill by using credit cards, net banking, or even we offer cash on delivery services to our customers. Along with this medicine, we also sell other related products to the users. You can order your medicine from our Website and we will deliver it as soon as possible. Hence contact us if you want to Buy Tentex Royal from us.

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