Tretinex Cream

Tretinex Cream (Tretinoin)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Tretinoin
Indication: Acne
Manufacturer: HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd
Packaging: 20gm in a Tube
Strength: 0.025%
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Tretinex Cream (Tretinoin) - 0.025%

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What is Tretinex Cream?

Tretinex Cream forms a derivative of vitamin A.

The prime recipe in Tretinex Cream is Tretinoin.

Also, this cream is useful for the skin (topically) for the management of soft to moderate acne.

Besides, Buy Tretinex Cream is best for the skin that has undergone damage from too much exposure to the sun.

Moreover, this cream medicine irritates the skin and makes the skin cells of a user divide or grow very fast.

The cream, in addition, causes rapid elimination of skin cells.

Plus, it amplifies the turnover of the user’s skin cells.

Additionally, the count of layers of your skin cells reduces.

Furthermore, in people fighting acne issues, new cells take place of existing pimple cells.

Also, the fast turnover of the skin cells stops new pimple formation.

Besides, through the identical mechanism, this cream can cut down wrinkles, zones of dark skin (hyperpigmentation), and rough skin zones.

Moreover, all this takes place in the skin damaged by the sun.

Who is Manufactures Tretinex Cream

The manufacturer HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd, in India, produces Tretinex Cream.

What Are The Uses Of The Tretinex Cream?

Tretinex Cream forms a topical skin remedy.

Plus, the main component in the cream Tretinoin has been around for the last fifty years for treating moderate acne.

Additionally, Tretinoin blend products at times carry antibacterial constituents for treating acne effectively.

Furthermore, research from Trusted sources reveals that Placentrex Gel with Tretinoin can help in cutting down inflammation that accompanies acne. Placentrex Gel

Also, the cream can prevent follicular plugging and exfoliation of the skin.

Besides, there exist clinical data to demonstrate that topical retinoids are extremely efficacious for treating both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne.

With daily use, Tretinex can aid to clear existing acne.

It can also diminish the number of episodes of acne outbreaks and its number.

Moreover, other research illustrates that Tretinex Cream Online can lessen the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Plus, the cream can restore the health of sun-harmed skin.

Additionally, Tretinex Cream perks up the tone and texture of your skin.

It helps to decrease the emergence of dark spots.


Previous to applying Tretinex Cream, report to your physician concerning your existing medicines, and over-the-counter items.

Also, these can be herbal supplements and vitamins, etc.

Besides, inform them concerning your present health status, pre-existing ailments, allergies, surgeries, etc.

Furthermore, people dealing with eczematous skin must follow these precautions:

You cannot use the cream orally.

Also, confer with your physician ahead of applying this cream product on sun-damaged skin, irritated, chapped skin, and open wounds.

Besides, rinse your hands carefully before and after using this product.

Moreover, dry and clean the zone of your skin under treatment.

Additionally, after applying Efaderm Cream, do not rinse the area under treatment immediately.

Plus, give up using other medications on the affected zone of the skin without the doctor’s advice.

Furthermore, using a surplus quantity of Tretinex Cream can start pilling.

Therefore, you apply a thin layer or less amount of the cream product to keep off pilling.

Also, prevent contact with the cream with your mouth, eyes, and nose.

What are the side effects of tretinoin? 

Below is a list of potential side effects that can come up from all inactive and active components of Tretinex Cream.

Plus, there can be more side effects than in the list below.

Additionally, these reactions can begin, however, they do not break always.

Furthermore, several side effects can be grim or rare.

Therefore, discuss with your physician in case you notice any of the below-mentioned side effects, particularly if they persist. Read below:

The side effects break as bruising, unusual bleeding, coffee-colored vomit, trouble breathing, and dry mucous membrane.

Also, blood cell disorder, fever with body pain, nausea, vomiting, blistering of the skin, and hearing loss start.

Besides, peeling of the skin, skin irritation, dryness, irritation, redness, pain, unusual grave skin dryness, stinging, and burning.

Moreover, the skin turns light at the place of cream application, the skin feels warm to your touch, and itching begins.

Plus, erythema, pharyngitis, pruritus, hypopigmentation, skin pain, and hyperpigmentation occur.

Where to buy Tretinex Cream online?

You contact the site Arrowmeds and order your medicine with confidence.

Also, this online seller will never let you down.

Besides, their store is full of all kinds of medications with top-notch excellence.

Moreover, they will offer rebates and offers to you and the price of the product will be reasonable.

Plus, your product will get to your place fast after placing an order.

How long does it take for Tretinex to work?

A user of the Tretinex Cream will observe the drug starts to function in 2-3 weeks.

However, it can use up to six weeks or more to derive the full gain.

Plus, in case you do not notice an improvement in twelve weeks, see your GP.

Additionally, maybe you observe a noteworthy improvement and think you must begin applying less frequently.

Then discuss with your doc.

What does Tretinex cream do?

The Tretinex Cream has wonderful use in curing dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and rough skin on your face.

Plus, these things come with the harmful rays of the sun.

Additionally, Tretinex Cream acts by lightening your skin and growing new skin in place of an older one.

Furthermore, the cream decelerates the rate of your body and eliminates skin cells that the sun damages.

Tretinoin cream 0.025 price

The price of 0.025 Tretinoin cream is Rs 25/-

Is it safe to use Tretinex daily?

The cream is useful for the treatment of acne and symptoms of skin aging like wrinkles.

Also, it is quite safe to use Tretinex Cream each day at night.

However, particularly a user may not use it daily initially because intense reactions can start.

Furthermore, to stay safe from redness, skin irritation, and various side effects, you must apply the cream as per a doctor’s prescription.

Does Tretinex lighten skin?

Yes, the cream makes your skin light.

Also, it acts on the area you apply it to.

Can Tretinex remove dark spots?

Certainly, Tretinex cream can easily reduce dark spots or hyperpigmentation of your skin.

Can I put moisturizer on after Tretinex?

Surely, it is perfectly safe to apply moisturizer in common with Tretinex Cream.

Plus, Tretinex Cream is always a prescription with moisturizer.

Additionally, the use of moisturizer can decrease the odds of developing conditions like peeling and dry skin.

Which is better Tretinex gel or cream?

Both Tretinex Cream and gel are equally effective.

However, your skin absorbs the gel very fast.

Also, the cream takes some time to absorb in the skin.

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