Vitamin C Inj

Vitamin C 150mg Inj (Ascorbic Acid)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Ascorbic Acid
Indication: Nutritional deficiencies
Manufacturer: Mankind Pharma
Packaging: 1.5ml in Vial
Strength: 50ml
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Vitamin C 150mg Inj (Ascorbic Acid) - 50ml

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What is Vitamin C 150mg Inj?

Vitamin C 150mg Inj is an injectable medicine with a Vitamin C equivalent dose. This is an injectable medicine given for administration to those who are suffering from Vitamin C deficiency.

Although you will find the oral sublingual form of Vitamin C tablets in the market this is for those who are suffering from severe Vitamin C deficiencies or else cannot take the sublingual form because of oral problems.

Using the Vitamin C 150 mg Inj is under the prescription of a doctor. this is an injection that can also help to treat scurvy disorder which is the primary disorder linked to the deficiency of Vitamin C.

What is the use of Vitamin C 150mg Inj?

Using Vitamin C 150 mg Inj is done for curbing deficiencies of Vitamin C in a patient. This helps cure scurvy disorder which is the name of a disorder in which patients suffer from severe drops in Vitamin C levels.

Using the Vitamin C 150 mg Inj helps treat the conditions which lead to a fall in Vitamin C levels. The injectable dose is only given to patients when even imposing dietary restrictions on the patient along with taking in Vitamin C-rich foods is still not enough to cure the disorder.

Who is the manufacturer of Vitamin C 150mg Inj?

Mankind Pharma has its operations in India’s capital city of New Delhi. The company that began manufacturing medicines way back in 1995 has grown up to become one of India’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers with different drugs.

The company has a diverse array of medicines for curing different disorders like cardiac problems, gastrointestinal problems, dermal, and erectile dysfunction problems.

The company is also having a wider area of services. It not only manufactures medicines but also caters to medical research in different fields.

The company also has different classes of medicines under its belt that ranges from generic drugs, OTC drugs, and diagnostic services, and even cater to some personal care products in the FMCG segment.

What is the chief salt composition?

Ascorbic Acid is the salt that we know by the name of Vitamin C. This is the chief salt within the Vitamin C 150 mg Inj and is applicable for use in curing patients with Vitamin C deficiencies.

Vitamin C is a critical vitamin in our body. Its deficiency can lead to can cause symptoms such as pain in muscles, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, bleeding of the oral gums and skin, rashes, and red spots on the skin.

Coming back to the discussion point, the Vitamin C 150 mg Inj has a 150 mg equivalent dose of Ascorbic Acid which is just a synonym of Vitamin C.

What are the ideal storage conditions?

You can keep the Vitamin C 150 mg Inj in normal storage conditions and under normal room temperature. Ideally one should ensure that even with the flexibility of temperature you must note that the maximum threshold temperature is within 30 degrees Celsius. the humidity conditions must also be preferably lower to allow the vaccines to stay active for a longer time.

But this is not much for you to ponder about as generally you as the patient will have to visit the doctor’s facility to administer the dose. We request all patients, not to self–administer the dose as this might lead to pain, bleeding, rashes, and itching in the applicable area.

What are the benefits of using Vitamin C 150mg Inj?

The main benefit of using the Vitamin C 150mg Inj Tablets is that it is an injectable version of the dose and therefore no pill needs swallowing. This may come as a benefit to those patients who are having problems taking in coarse substances.

The other benefit of the injectable dose is that you find much more straightening effects of the pills. The injectable dose works way faster than pills or tablet form.

Along with this another major advantage of using the Vitamin C 150 mg Inj Pills is that patients do not have the authority to administer the dose. You need to visit the doctor and take this dose. So the result will be almost nil chances of suffering from side effects due to overdosage.

How to use your Vitamin C 150mg Inj medicine while on a course?

When on a regular course of using the Vitamin C 150mg Inj Tablets you must visit the doctor’s facility on time to take the injections. You must ensure that the time deadline is followed as per strict deadlines.

Remember that it is okay that you are using Vitamin C 150 mg Inj but still you will have to ensure taking the right diet as food items rich in Vitamin C are also going to aid in the natural curing process.

Before you go on a natural daily dose of the Vitamin C 150 mg Inj you must ensure to state to the doctor whether you have any problems in absorbing medicines or if you have any chances of interacting with it.

How to take your Vitamin C 150mg Inj pills?

The Vitamin C 150mg Inj Pills is not for self-administration. You see you need to just take the dose of the medicines only from a doctor. this will allow you to ensure that the vaccine administration is done in the right way ensuring all the necessary precautions.

One must ensure that they must keep visiting the doctor at the right times and dates when they have to administer a dose.

How do the Vitamin C 150mg Inj pills work?

Buy Vitamin C 150mg Inj or ascorbic acid in it will generally fill up for the deficit or shortage amounts of vitamin C that your body naturally produces. Using the vaccines will thus allow your body to self-replenish the Vitamin C levels and thus allow you naturally recover from Vitamin C deficiency or scurvy.

What are the side effects of using Vitamin C 150mg Inj?

Generally, there are no side effects on administering Vitamin C 150mg Inj online. Generally, this is because the doctor is going to administer the dose and unless you have difficulties in absorbing the vitamin or have problems or if you are naturally allergic to shots or vaccines no general side effects are visible.

But sometimes due to the work administration process,

The site or injectable area may become

  • Red,
  • Swollen,
  • With rashes,
  • Itch,
  • Burning sensation.

Precautions and safety advice for using Vitamin C 150mg Inj

Alcohol is not for use when you are on a regular curse of Vitamin C 150 mg Inj. If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding your children then ensure to get a consultation from the doctor before having the shots.

Where to buy Vitamin C 150mg Inj online?

You cannot buy Vitamin C 150mg Inj online on any website or even in any local medicine shop. Self-administration is strictly prohibited. If you are to administer the dose then you have to visit a doctor’s chamber.

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