Which are the fastest ways to cure erectile dysfunction?

fastest way to cure your ed
  • The figures for erectile dysfunction or ED in men have gone up.
  • It came fore from the time the tiny blue tablet made an appearance.
  • The pill made it very easy to discuss the issue.
  • Happily, now the patients have many options for treatment too.
  • Therefore, it is a query, which is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction.

Arrival of Viagra

Arrivel of viagra

  • Viagra came in the year 1998. Since then twenty-two years have gone by.
  • The figures for ED cases have gone up at an alarming rate of 250%.
  • However, males understand that they are not without help.
  • Moreover, they realize there are different choices.
  • Besides pills such as Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra, they have surgical options on hand.
  • They have the fastest ways to cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Moreover, there are do-it-yourself and therapeutic treatments.
  • These can restore lost power.
  • Several older ways of ED cure are now in use.
  • However, particularly, as to males who cannot consume the tablet.
  • These are words by Michael Felony.
  • He is an MD, a urologist in Omaha.
  • So, go on reading and know different common cures for ED.
  • Moreover, know the reality which option meets the hype.
  • Plus, praise the fastest ways to cure erectile dysfunction.

Different types of pills

Vidalista Fildena





  • There are the first lines of cure pills for ED.
  • Nearly thirty million Americans fighting ED take them.
  • These reputed magic pills are Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra.
  • Just around eighty% of users find them useful.
  • These tablets come under PDE5 or phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors class of medicines.
  • The FDA has certified its use in men.
  • However, these tablets boost blood supply to your male organ.
  • Thus, they produce a better erection.
  • Conversely, some side effects follow them.
  • These reactions are dizziness, headache, and nasal congestion.
  • However, you cannot take them along with nitrate medicines.
  • They can dangerously lower blood pressure levels.
  • Only physicians say which the fastest ways to cure erectile dysfunction is.

Penile Injection Cure

penil injection

  • The FDA has permitted alprostadil as an ED medicine.
  • This drug is an injection for injecting directly into the member.
  • It brings about an automatic erection.
  • This treatment choice is a highly efficient way for men.
  • However, it is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction for men unable to take pills.
  • Nelson Bennett says it.
  • Its rate of success is eighty-five percent.
  • Alprostadil can initiate a burning sensation.
  • Moreover, it can bring on priapism.
  • This erection goes on for the above four hours.
  • It can impair your male organ if you avoid medical care.
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  • This is a dissolvable pellet.
  • The FDA has certified its use in men.
  • However, it is helpful for males who fear self-inject alprostadil.
  • Or males who are unwilling to use alprostadil.
  • This pellet remedy is insertable into the urethra of a man.
  • This means the opening of your member.
  • Dr. Feloney asserts it.
  • Muse will set off an erection for nearly ten minutes.
  • However, this erection goes on for four hours.
  • It comes under the fastest ways to cure erectile dysfunction.
  • The use of muse triggers several bad side effects.
  • These come as minor bleeding, redness, burning, and an aching sensation.

Vacuum Pump

vacume pums

  • Maybe you are not eager to use ED medicines.
  • Or you do not wish to try them.
  • Here is a top option for you- the vacuum pump method.
  • This is another very common option among males with ED.
  • Usually, those males who surpass tablets use it.
  • Dr. Bennett says it.
  • In order to bring on an erection, the user puts a plastic cylinder on his member.
  • He draws out the air.
  • The air flows out of this cylinder.
  • As a result, this suction brings blood into your phallus.
  • Then you slip an elastic band onto your member near its base.
  • Consequently, it raises the erection.
  • The vacuum pump is useful in nearly seventy-five% guys.
  • You can note side effects like weak ejaculation, bruising, and numbness.
  • However, you need to take out the ring after half an hour.
  • Ask yourself if it is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction.

Surgical Implants

surgical implants

  • Maybe you are dealing with a neurological issue.
  • Or you deal with the injury of the spinal cord.
  • Or other ED management choices are not working with you.
  • Then there are two kinds of surgical implants for you.
  • This method can address your ED problem.
  • Doctors put cylinders into your member.
  • Then they through this implantable pump supply fluid into the penis.
  • This way erection comes on manually.
  • Another choice is a malleable prosthesis.
  • It resembles a gooseneck lamp.
  • This directs the phallus into a position to begin insertion.
  • These ED treatments carry the risk of mechanical breakdown and infection.

Sex Therapy

sex therepy

  • No drugs increase blood supply to the phallus if there are psychological reasons.
  • If your ED is the result of depression and performance anxiety, see a psychiatrist.
  • Your ED management choices with expert counseling are very useful.
  • Therefore, sex therapy for couples is necessary.

Male Hormone Therapy

hormons therepy

  • Advertisements for medicines to pick up testosterone levels are now on air.
  • It is the man’s hormone.
  • This hormone has no approval for handling ED, says Bennett.
  • You can use it to add to desire in guys with low testosterone.
  • However, it cannot make a better blood supply to cause an erection.
  • Moreover, it perks up your libido and mood.

Herbal Supplements

  • You find numerous herbal supplements.
  • They have a reputation as sexual enhancers.
  • You find them as Yohimbe, saw palmetto, and ginkgo Biloba.
  • Out of temptation, many males have tried them. However, they have no approval from the FDA to help ED in any way.
  • Moreover, they can affect your prescribed drugs.

Shock Wave Therapy

  • Reports reveal that this therapy aids heart blood vessels to grow again.
  • This procedure is popular as revascularization. This therapy can also affect your penis.
  • Doctors have some positive effects on it. However, this treatment has no approval yet.

Advancement in ED cure

  • Possibly the present ED treatment options will see improvements in the near future.
  • Some drugs will see up-gradation.
  • Moreover, sufferers will benefit greatly from those new methods.
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