Altraz 1mg

Altraz (Anastrozole)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Anastrozole
Indication: Breast cancer
Manufacturer: Alkem Laboratories Ltd
Packaging: 14 Tablets in Strip
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Altraz (Anastrozole) - 1mg

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Introduction to Altraz

One of the most common cancer types in women is breast cancer that to cases of post-menopausal women developing breast cancer has increased way too much. 

After the age of 40 when women become a mother, they face a lot of hormonal and overall health changes and, thus, come into this venerable situation where they stop menopause and are diagnosed with breast cancer. 

For this particular situational cancer which is breast cancer in postmenopausal women, there is a great ray of hope and it is named Altraz, this is a very effective medicine and you can Buy Altraz online

What is Altraz? 

Altraz is a medicine that was invented by Alkem Laboratories Limited, India, and it is used in breast cancer in postmenopausal women. It is a medicine that comes in tablet form and is packed in strips with 14 tablets per strip. 

This medicine strip has pre-printed 2 weeks days and according to the prescription you have to take medicine each day considering the printed days of weeks, meaning you have to take Sunday’s tablet on Sunday, Monday’s on that day, and so on and so forth. 

Please remember this medicine falls into use with prescription-only medicine. 

Uses of Altraz 

Altraz is used in breast cancer and premenopausal women in both initial and advanced stages. It is used with prescription-only medicine so please get the prescription from your authorized health provider first. 

You need to take the medicine as you are guided in prescription, so, you need to gulp it without breaking it anyway. It is up to you to take the medicine after or before your meal but set one time to consume. 

Benefits of Altraz 

Breast lumps, changes in breast shape and texture, and blood discharge from nipples, Altraz mitigate these signs with that modify the amount of hormones that are the root cause for breast cancer’s spread. Altraz also helps to stop the growth of the cancer cell. 

How does Altraz work? 

To understand how Altraz works you need to understand how cancer works in your body. Cancer cells need a natural female hormone that the body produces to grow and spread, it is called estrogen. If cancer cells don’t get these estrogens they won’t be able to grow and spread. 

Altraz exactly does that with the core element Altraz (Anastrozole) and that is called aromatase inhibitor which stops cancer cells from spreading or growing further.

Buy Altraz in the US and UK 

In September 2000 the FDA approved the core element of Altraz which is Anastrozole for the treatment of breast cancer, at the same time UK drug regulatory board also approved Anastrozole, thus, Altraz is legal to buy and sell in the USA and UK.  

You can buy Altraz online from This web portal has great Altraz review and Altraz for sale throughout the year. 

Altraz USA has been very famous all around the country for the treatment of postmenstrual breast cancer. 


Storage of Altraz is very simple, you just need to keep it under 30 degrees and avoid the drug from direct sunlight with that store at a place where it doesn’t get moisture. 


Altraz comes in 1 mg and you need to take the medicine as your health provider has guided you with your prescription. 


If you ever coincidently take the overdose of this drug you need to immediately talk to your health provider. 

Missed dose 

If you ever coincidently miss a dose you should take the dose without further delay. But first, check the time of the next dose and if it is near then take that dose only. Don’t take an extra dose to cover up for the missed dose as it may adversely affect your health.  

Side Effects 

Altraz side effects are very insignificant and there is no need to worry if you encounter one. But if you see them stay longer then you should talk to your health provider who will give you some easy way to get rid of it. 

  • Hair thinning 
  • Skin rashes 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Nausea 
  • Weakness
  • Sleepiness 
  • Headache 
  • Osteoporosis 


  • If you are pregnant it is advisable not to take this medicine. 
  • It passes into the breast milk so do not take it if you are breastfeeding. 
  • Do not consume alcohol if you are consuming Altraz. 
  • Driving is safe while taking this med but with caution as you might feel weakness and sleepiness.
  • Share the correct information regarding your menopause with your health provider like when it stopped and when you last had it.
  • Share your full health history with your health provider before you start this med.

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To treat one common cancer type in women which is postmenopausal breast cancer, health providers frequently prescribe Altraz. This med has Anastrozole as a core element and that prevent estrogen hormone from spreading and growing cancer cell. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Which Food to avoid when taking Anastrozole? 

Vegetables, cereals, raw fruit, seeds if they give you diarrhea, and whole-grain bread, are the food items to be avoided when you are taking Anastrozole. 

What is Altraz used for? 

It is used for breast cancer that develops post-menopause in women. It is used with prescription-only medicine and you need authorized guidance from your health provider to proceed to consume it.

What are the major side effects of Anastrozole + Altraz?   

Hair thinning, Skin rashes, Diarrhea, Nausea, Weakness, Sleepiness, and Headache, are the major side effects of this med. Other than this osteoporosis is also seen as a side effect with this medicine.  


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