Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Sildenafil Citrate
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
Packaging: 4 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 100mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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ERIACTA 100 - 100 Mg

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What is Eriacta 100?

Eriacta 100 encompasses the powerful chemical Sildenafil citrate in its formulation as the chief component.

Plus, this medication forms a vital variety of medicines that are useful for healing male impotency. Additionally, the salt Sildenafil citrate available in the pills of Eriacta 100 is a phosphodiesterase type-5- inhibitor remedy.

Furthermore, this drug helps in augmenting the sensual experience for erectile dysfunction or ED sufferers.

Also, Eriacta 100mg makes a generic remedy for famous stuff Sildenafil.

Besides, it is eminent to be safe for guys who are below 65 years.

Moreover, Acme Formulation, India produces Eriacta 100 having a percentage of 100mg Sildenafil citrate in the pill.

Plus, Eriacta 100mg aids to cure the malfunction and evil effects of erectile brokenness.

Additionally, this remedy sends huge blood circulation to the male genital organs with which strong erections start.


Why You Need Eriacta 100 For Male Sexual Impotence!

Eriacta 100 mg tablet is a phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitor drug.

Also, physicians prescribe this pill for treating ED or impotence.

Besides, ED amounts to the incapacity of a guy to sustain and acquire an erection to perform sensual activity satisfactorily.

Moreover, Eriacta 100mg unwinds the blood vessels available in the genital area.

Plus, this permits surplus amounts of blood to enter the phallus and start an erection.

Furthermore, in nutshell, Eriacta 100 helps guys alongside sexual spur to raise a favorable erection for penetration.

Uses Of Eriacta 100

Eriacta 100 is a useful tablet for the eradication of ED among males.

Plus, this pill raises the volume of blood circulation in the groin region.

Furthermore, Eriacta 100mg calms the penile arteries in the area surrounding the penis.

Thus, the tablet fills the phallus with a massive blood supply.

As a result, it gets up so that penetration can take place without any problem.

Eriacta 100 is also a superior prescription for managing pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Dosage Of Eriacta 100?

A single moiety of Eriacta 100 each day is usually the prescription regime you get from your physician.

Besides, the safe suggested dosage of Eriacta 100mg in 24 hours is one pill of 100mg strength.

Furthermore, the pills of Eriacta 100 normally take to action within one hour after consumption.

Moreover, the trail of positive sensual effects will follow after 30-45 minutes.

However, the horny effects of this tablet stay with you for 4-6 hours.

What happens if you take too much Sildenafil?

If you ever have done overdose on the medication then you must contact a health expert as soon as possible.

Moreover, maybe you observe there appear abnormal and uncommon reactions in the body after using doing an overdose of the pill.

Then you should at once call your GP or run for help to a nearby medical aid.

Also, you never surpass the dosage your GP advises.

After taking an overdose of Eriacta 100, a few reactions will break.

Furthermore, the side effects are blurry vision, rash, giddiness, upset stomach, and muscle pain.

What Precautions Are Required With Eriacta 100?

Eriacta 100 mg does not form a prescription for kids & women.

Also, guys must give up the use of any other ED pill alongside Eriacta 100mg.

Moreover, they need to consult a physician before taking Eriacta 100mg.

Besides, it can pose dangers to eat Eriacta 100mg alongside other medications like nitrates.

Plus, nitrates are usually a prescription for tackling chest pain.

Additionally, you should not use Eriacta 100 pills in case you are ailing with acute hepatic or heart issues.

Furthermore, you avoid this tablet in case you lately have undergone a heart attack or stroke.

Also, if you are ill with low blood pressure, avoid it.

Besides, a user requires telling his physician about his other diseases and medications before starting this drug schedule.

Moreover, a patient in ED must not drive a vehicle in case this medication makes him giddy.

Plus, a sufferer should refrain from using alcohol alongside Eriacta 100mg because it can expand the odds of side effects.

What are possible Eriacta 100mg side effects?  

The side effects like nausea, extreme tearing of the eyes, stuffy nose, painful urination, deafness, and tinnitus can break.

Moreover, adverse effects such as sore and elongated erection, burning sensation, and sensitivity to light may start.

Furthermore, tingly feeling in the feet & arms, visual troubles, bloody urine, sleeplessness, dizziness, cloudy pee, and diarrhea begins.

Also, indigestion, nosebleed, flushing, confusion, breathlessness, flushing, seizures, and headache occur.

Where to buy Eriacta 100 mg online?

A dispensary like Arrowmeds is the top choice to purchase Eriacta 100 pills online.

Plus, this online retailer does not deceive the customers for a few bucks.

Furthermore, they vend excellent and genuine medications.

Additionally, at Arrowmeds you get rebates and deals that do not tear a hole in your pocket.

How Does Eriacta 100 Work?

Eriacta 100mg bearing chemical Sildenafil citrate acts by hampering the activity of PDE5 in your system.

Moreover, the prescription augments the ratio of cyclic GMP in your system.

Besides, with amplification in the proportion of cyclic GMP, your penile blood vessels lighten up.

Also, it works by increasing the blood flow in the penis and gives an erection for up to a longer duration.

Plus, this activity of enormous blood circulation gives rise to a suitable erection.

As a result, there takes place better sensual penetration and experience.

How to take Eriacta 100 mg

An empty stomach is a top medium for Eriacta 100 mg pills or you can eat them with a diet.

Besides, in both situations, the pills of Eriacta 100mg work ace.

Additionally, you better consume this drug strictly as per your physician’s suggestion.

Furthermore, you consume this wonderful tablet one hour before you intend to start penetration.

Plus, the measure of time the tablet uses to start action varies from one patient to another.

However, the tablet usually expends half an hour to one hour.

But, one pill once a day is the best dose for ED, do not overdose on it.

Also, take this tablet wholly without chewing, grating, splitting, or breaking it.

Moreover, foods rich in fat are inadvisable to eat with this drug.

Eriacta 100 mg storage conditions

It is very important to stock up the pills below 30 degrees Celsius in a dry and cool place.

Besides, you also stack them away from wetness and heat.

Eriacta 100mg reviews

Daniel is a resident of California in the States.

Plus, he says he was ailing with erectile brokenness for a long period and could not get a way out.

Additionally, he adds, he, fortunately, visited a physician who prescribed Eriacta 100mg tablet.

Furthermore, with the intake of this magic medicine, he got powerful and firm erections.

Why Buy Eriacta 100 mg From Us?

A user will come across numerous online drug sellers who claim to vend quality medication.

But, after getting a prescription filled from them, you know about the fake medicines they sell.

Therefore, contact Arrowmeds quickly and buy top-notch drugs at cost-effective prices.

We also give you offers and deals.

Thus, it reduces the cost price of your medication.

Moreover, your identity remains secret and drugs reach your home fast after placing an order.

Eriacta 100 mg vs Sildenafil

Both Sildenafil and Eriacta are similar drugs that cure ED.

Plus, Eriacta 100mg encloses Sildenafil in its composition and both are equally effective.


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