Promethazine Cream 2.0 30g

Promethazine Cream (Promethazine)

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Promethazine
Indication: Nausea, Vomiting
Manufacturer: Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 30 gm in 1 tube
Strength: 30g
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Promethazine Cream (Promethazine) - 30g

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Promethazine Cream is also known by its brand name Phenergan. This topical ointment mainly prevents dull skin by retaining its texture to original. It is also a profound treatment for preventing and treating symptoms like motion sickness, nausea, and vomiting. It penetrates via skin and treats allergic symptoms like itchiness, rashes, runny nose, etc. This antiemetic drug is also prescribed to children for treating nausea and vomiting. As it absorbs via the skin, it does its job of preventing the aforementioned symptoms and eliminates the need for using oral pills for these underlying health conditions.

In this article, we’ll explore all the details about this topical gel and you’ll know how it benefits as you buy Promethazine Cream USA, UK, Australia, or Canada.

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What is Promethazine Cream?

Promethazine Cream is a medical advancement for elevating skincare. It is a topical cream used for rejuvenating the texture of your skin, thus giving a transformational look and feel. Moreover, it has got a green flag from dermatologists too. This cream is celebrated and loved because of the excellence of its natural ingredients. No wonder if your skin is oily, dry, or normal, it suits all. The main purpose of this ointment is to moisturize your skin by deeply penetrating the skin layers. Thus, it relieves symptoms of itching, burns, and more that cause discomfort.

In short, it is meant to keep your skin nourished, and hydrated, and retain a non-greasy texture. Hence, it is all about feeling the softness of your skin instead of dull and dehydrated texture.


Actiza Pharmaceuticals

Key ingredients and their benefits

Its classic combination of all-natural ingredients makes it a power-packed skin remedy. Here are its key ingredients you should know too!

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Hyaluronic Acid
  3. Green Tea Extract
  4. Vitamins A, C & E

Be it any of the ingredients listed above, they are meant to give a refreshing and radiant touch to your skin. Alongside, aloe vera is used for soothing inflammation and helpful for skin burns. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes your skin and minimizes the appearance of all those nasty fine lines and wrinkles that make you look older. It thus becomes a former choice as an anti-aging cream.

Benefits & Indications for use

The former uses of Promethazine Cream are as below:

  • Calm and soothe any kind of skin irritation
  • Maintaining a well-nourished, deeply moisturized and hydrated skin
  • Delay aging effects on the skin
  • Restore skin texture to normal and maintain the same
  • Help with nausea and vomiting by deeply penetrating through the skin
  • Improves skin conditions like burns, itchiness, dryness, dullness, and so on

How does it address a wide range of skin conditions and symptoms?

This advanced formula is designed specifically for soothing the skin with deep moisturization and natural hydration. It improves the overall texture of the skin from dry and dull to bright and radiant. The results will be visible as soon as you start applying the topical gel according to the prescription. This Promethazine Cream can be suggested for short-term and long-term use depending on its purpose. For instance, patients using it for moisturization purposes may use it for the long term or regularly under medical guidance. Whereas, patients using it for treating specific skin conditions may apply it for a limited period until the underlying symptoms improve.

This cream helps in alleviating skin conditions as below:

  • Dryness
  • Flakiness
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Burns
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Dull skin
  • Tired-looking skin

Potential for improved skin health with regular usage

When applied regularly, this Promethazine Cream can work wonders for your skin health. It ensures youthful skin with a properly hydrated texture. Your skin will never feel so soft and radiant. In short, it makes your skin appear well-maintained.

Usage Instructions

This cream comes with an instruction leaflet. It features a stepwise procedure for applying the ointment. Your doctor will also guide you on how to apply Promethazine Cream. Follow the instructions accordingly and consult your healthcare provider if any query persists. Meanwhile, we’re sharing some general application steps to follow.

  • Take a small portion of cream by squeezing the tube
  • Apply a thin layer on your skin area that requires treatment (be it your face, neck, hand, leg, etc)
  • Massage the gel gently with upward and circular motions until it fully settles in your skin or until you feel it has absorbed

Follow this regimen until prescribed. You may apply it once in the morning and once at night, before you go to bed.

Precautions and Safety Measures

  • Discuss your skin conditions with your healthcare provider before starting treatment.
  • Check all the ingredients of this Promethazine Cream before applying the same. Do not use it if you’re allergic to any.
  • If you have sensitive skin or have experienced allergic reactions after using any cream, inform your doctor first. We recommend a patch test before you start treatment.
  • Avoid letting this cream enter your eyes while you apply the same. If it enters your eyes accidentally, wash and rinse with cold tap water immediately.
  • It can be prescribed to children as well as adults. However, avoid using it for children without consulting your dermatologist.
  • Patients with several skin allergies or skin conditions may not be prescribed this cream. Hence, avoid using it without consulting a medical care provider.
  • Avoid its prolonged use or discontinue without medical consultation.


You may have to avoid any other topical ointments while applying this cream. Discuss with your doctor if you’re already using any skin treatment medicines or ointments before starting your treatment. This is a crucial step to undertake so that you don’t experience any allergic reactions later. Also, avoid applying your daily moisturizers too. You never know if it can have negative reactions with Promethazine.

Promethazine Cream Reviews

“I have used Promethazine Cream all through my pregnancy for managing nausea and anxiety. It works well.”

“If you follow the prescription, it’ll work as desired. I used it for severe migraine headaches and it was incredible in easing the pain and nausea that followed my health condition.”

Storage Recommendations

  • Store your Promethazine Cream Tube always with the cap applied. Keep it in a cool and dry place only.
  • It needs not be refrigerated, just store it away from damp areas, moisture, direct heat & sunlight.
  • Place it out of reach of children.
  • When not to be used anymore or expires, discard it in the trash can only. Avoid flushing in the toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Promethazine Cream

Is Promethazine Cream safe for use daily?

Usually, this topical cream is used until the underlying skin condition improves. You are supposed to stop its application as soon as the symptoms like itchiness, burns, or irritating skin after X-rays improve. It need not be applied regularly without any cause.

What is Promethazine Cream used for?

The main purpose of this medicine is to treat several types of skin conditions like itchiness, insect bites, maculopapular, and irritations on the skin after X-rays, skin burns, etc. However, it should be used under medical guidance only.

Can I apply Promethazine Topical for itchy skin?

Yes, it can be applied for soothing itchy skin as treating itchiness is one of its most popular uses. Do it under medical guidance only.

Why pregnant women are prescribed Promethazine Cream?

Nausea and vomiting are common among pregnant women. Promethazine Cream belongs to the antihistamine class of drugs that inherit drowsiness which helps treat such allergic symptoms.

What are the age restrictions for using Promethazine Cream?

Promethazine Cream is for use among adults above 18 years only. This ointment is not recommended for children of or below 2 years. It is important to apply it with special cautions when prescribed in exceptional cases to such children. In addition, any other products containing codeine should not be given to children under 16 years alongside Promethazine.

What is Promethazine Cream’s price?

You get to buy Promethazine Cream online at a very budgetary price range of $10 at Well, to avail of this medication at such pocket-friendly prices, you need to place a pre-order request with us first. Bulk buyers are welcome for better deals and pricing benefits. Hit the ‘Send Inquiry’ button as seen in the price chart above.

Where to buy Promethazine Cream?

It is crucial to buy Promethazine Cream USA, UK, Australia, or Canada from reputable sources only. And we feel proud to belong amongst the most trusted and budget-friendly sources for Promethazine Cream online. You can surely find numerous sources online but it is always a cool idea to buy from a vendor who sources this medication directly from the manufacturer, thus offering great pricing benefits, and promising express shipping.

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    Eric Evans

    Fast relief for itching and irritation, highly recommend!

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