Round Purple Inhaler

Round Purple Inhaler (Salmeterol/Fluticasone)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Salmeterol/Fluticasone
Indication: Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Packaging: 60 MDI in 1 Accuhaler
Strength: 50mcg+500mcg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Round Purple Inhaler (Salmeterol/Fluticasone) - 50/500mcg

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Brief Overview of Round Purple Inhaler

If asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are creating havoc in your life, Seretide Accuhaler or round purple inhaler is what a patient should turn to. With two core elements, Salmeterol and fluticasone, this round purple inhaler will show you the path further in your life to deal with chronic disease.

Understanding Asthma and COPD 

Asthma and COPD are two different diseases, and one needs to understand both to better get an idea about the round purple inhaler and the way it treats these diseases.


Asthma is the inflammation of the air path of the lungs, which turns out to cause swelling, congestion, weakness, and narrowing of the air path. The inhale and exhale of a person get disturbed when he goes through these changes in the air pathways. It will hit normal day-to-day activities and needs to be addressed as soon as we see a single symptom.


Chronic bronchitis that does not have the reversal process, which has symptoms like wheezing, chronic cough, which increases mostly at night, and shortness of breath now and then, is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Reaching out to the health provider as you see above mentioned symptoms and starting the treatment is the first step anyone should take.

Key Features of Round purple inhaler 

General users recognize it as a round purple inhaler as it has that color; it is easy for even a layperson to identify the inhaler. Besides that, it has a simplistic design, and it is a very easy-to-use device, which has made it popular. When the question arises of its efficacy, the millions of prescriptions generated all year round speak for the round purple inhaler. With two core elements, Salmeterol and Fluticasone, its operations and working after the intake or each puff is what makes it stand out. 

Active Ingredients and Mechanism of Action 

Round Purple Inhaler

With Salmeterol and Fluticasone, this round purple inhaler has a unique way of working; it treats asthma and COPD from two sides. Salmeterol works with the symptoms and controls them, whereas Fluticasone works with the repairing of the lungs and stops the condition from expanding further. 

This unique combination and the round purple inhaler itself is the product of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd., established with the vision to cure and give people their natural being that is health in the year 1923; this company now has become a trendsetter in the modern pharmaceutical world though it is a 100-year-old company.

How to use a round purple inhaler?

The person who is prescribed the round purple inhaler must know how to use it properly. It might look difficult and confusing, but it is not at all, as companies spend huge amounts of time and money to design a device that is easy to use for all age groups. It comes in round as well as traditional shape as well.

Let’s understand how to use this inhaler step by step: 

Purple inhaler – round shape – 

  • Hold the inhaler in one hand and put the thumb of the other hand on the mark.
  • Slide the cap of the inhaler from your thumb until the sound of a click comes.
  • Your inhaler is open to use.
  • Exhale as much as you are comfortable, turning your mouth away from the inhaler.
  • Now, put the mouthpiece between your lips tightly.
  • Inhale deeply and slowly.
  • Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds or until you are comfortable.
  • Your puff is over.
  • Slide the cap back to close the inhaler.
  • If you are prescribed more than one puff, take the next one with the same process but keep a 1-minute gap in two puffs.
  • Last but not least step is to rinse the mouth with water and spit it out.

Purple inhaler – Traditional shape – 

  • Exhale away from the inhaler as much as you are comfortable.
  • Open the cap of the mouthpiece.
  • Put the mouthpiece into the lips tightly.
  • Press the top of the inhaler and, at the same time, inhaler deeply but slowly.
  • Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds.
  • Exhale away from the inhaler.
  • If prescribed more than one puff, take the next one with the same steps but keep the 1-minute gap between the two.
  • Put the cap of the mouthpiece back on.

Storage and Handling 

Storage of the inhaler: 

  • Storing at the right temperature is key; 30 degrees Celsius is the right temperature.
  • Children and animals should not come in contact with the inhaler.
  • Keep the inhaler handy; it should be with the user all the time.
  • Check the expiry date at the time of buying and keep the remainder of the date.
  • Do not use it once it has expired.
  • Dispose of it after expiry; understand the process of the same from your pharmacist or health provider.

Handling the inhaler is equally important: 

  • Make sure it doesn’t get dropped from the hand.
  • Foreign particles should not enter the mouthpiece; the cap must be on always.
  • Clean the inhaler after use with a tissue.
  • Make sure no pressure comes on the inhaler.
  • Take it by yourself; it should be given by someone else in an extreme health condition only.

Safety Precautions

When it comes to safety and precautions, one needs to understand the following:

  • Obey the prescription and never change it in any circumstances.
  • Explain all the other diseases that one has to the health provider on the first visit.
  • Do all the tests suggested by the health provider.
  • Inform if the user is allergic to the core elements of the medicine or from any other medicine.
  • Don’t let the inhaler get wet; it will decrease its efficacy.
  • Clean the inhaler after use.

Pre-treatment points to consider

As a person sees any symptoms of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:

  • The first is to arrange the visit of the health provider.
  • Take all the past and present health reports that the patient has.
  • Explain the health history well to the health provider.
  • Read and understand the prescription well.
  • Understand the inhaler and the medicine well.
  • The process of taking an inhaler and instructions must be followed.
  • Never hide even a tiny detail regarding health from the health provider.

Potential Side Effects

There are a few side effects that are going to be encountered if a person doesn’t obey the prescription customized, changes the prescription and dosage by self, overdoses or misses a dose of the medicine:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore throat
  • Burning in the upper respiratory
  • Chest pain
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach pain
  • Joint pain
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Diarrhea


If a person is experiencing even a single symptom of asthma or COPD and wants to avoid the havoc they create in life, the round purple inhaler is the way ahead. The foremost thing is to visit the health provider, take the prescription, and obey it completely. Take care of the precautions and safety measures, and know about the side effects attached to this round purple inhaler, it will make the healing process smooth and will give you the desired results.


When to take Round purple inhaler?

Seretide Accuhalermore commonly known as the round purple inhaler, is both a preventer and a reliever, it should be taken every day as prescribed, and it can be taken at the time of attack as well.

What does Round purple inhaler do to your lungs?

The salmeterol in it will work on symptoms and give relief in it, whereas, fluticasone will work with the lungs to improve and the overall condition to stop from worsening.

When should you not use a round purple inhaler?

If not prescribed, if the patient is below 12 years of age, if the health condition is very weak, and the health provider has not advised if the inhaler has expired if the inhaler is not releasing puffs, or not in perfect shape or condition.


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