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Super P Force (Sildenafil/Dapoxetine)

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Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation


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Super P Force (Sildenafil/Dapoxetine) - 100mg/60mg

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Buy Super P Force online

Super P Force is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction or ED does not mean stopping the pleasures of sex life with your partner.

Moreover, ED does not aim to bereft yourself and your partner of the gratifying lovemaking session.

Besides, now Super P Force makes numerous guys keep up relations and elongate the moments of lovemaking.

Also, Super P Force offers a definite effect from the start of the medication.

Plus, this solution increases emotional, sexual feelings and provides a sturdy erection for long-drawn-out penetrative sex.

Additionally, a top climax will be an additional gain for you by choosing Super P Force pills.

Furthermore, with the help of Super P Force bring back lost vigor and enhance your sex drive.

Also, your memorable moments of happiness repetitively decrease the low price of Super P Force tablets.

Moreover, all those guys who wish to win the day before going on the date must buy the pill in advance.

Besides, this tablet has the power of two powerful ingredients that do not allow you to fear any sort of penile failure.

Plus, you feel full of energy and confidence with the intake of the tablet.

Additionally, your partner will remember those intimate moments for many days.

Therefore, Super P Force makes it necessary to buy it from a reliable online medical retailer.

Furthermore, with so much depending on its use, you better purchase it from genuine online sellers.

However, you must be cautious before buying it so that to avoid getting a fake product.

About Super P Force

The moiety Super P Force is an oral medicine.

Also, this drug is a prescription for the malfunction of ED & premature ejaculation (PE).

So, the medicament is one of the aces and advanced remedies for impotent males to raise stiff and strong erections.

However, the action of the medicine can be successful only when a male experiences sexual excitement.

Besides, a user can ingest Super P Force only after conferring with his physician.

Moreover, his doctor will suggest the correct dosage that will be appropriate for his condition.

Additionally, a patient will find this pill in the market in tablet form.

Plus, a sufferer can use water or milk with the pill.

Furthermore, Super P Force has a strength of 100mg that is the standard dosage for it.

Moreover, the influence of the tablet can fight the bad effects of ED for around 4-5 hours.

Besides, after you eat the pill, the results of this moiety continue for four to five hours.

Also, with the hope to derive top effects you require eating the tablet under the supervision of a specialist.

Furthermore, the specialist can give advice that will yield the most excellent result.

Additionally, the remedy is the cocktail of two famous salts that make it stand out in the numerous ED medications.

Besides, Super P Force has Sildenafil and Dapoxetine in its formulation.

Consequently, the medication is famous for regaining the lost libido and sexual power.

Also, your vanishing sexual urges spring up due to this pill.

Therefore, the combo of two chemicals functions in unison to provide natural erections during penetration.

However, the solution forms an efficacious concoction of Sildenafil & Dapoxetine.

Hence, Super P Force offers males a powerful erection all through the session of penetrative nearness.


Super P Force for ED issues aids to heal ED in males.

Besides, the ratio of 100mg Sildenafil and 60mg Dapoxetine can cure ED and PE in a single tablet.

Moreover, ED is the incapacity to acquire or sustain a firm penis appropriate for penetrative intimacy.

Also, this condition crops up because of an unsatisfactory blood supply towards the member.

Additionally, the drug loosens up the blood vessels and arteries within the penis, thereby enhancing the blood volume.

Furthermore, sufficient blood circulation to the phallus starts erection.

Plus, the erection is the normal response to sexual excitement.

On the other hand, Super P Force pills are effective at dealing with premature ejaculation.

Also, PE is a very common disorder in guys of all ages.

Moreover, the untimely discharge of sperm is an indication of this sexual dysfunction.

Besides, in this disorder, ejaculation takes place with the least sexual excitement before or shortly after insertion.

Plus, PE can be the reason for issues and distress in relationships.

Additionally, the medication aids to have control over your ejaculatory system.

Thus, it enhances the period prior to semen discharge which happens during sexual activity.

Furthermore, for guys who are dealing with constant or regular episodes of PE the pill delays the ejaculation process.

Also, the remedy functions by a different mechanism to heal two sexual disorders.

However, the Super P Force can act only when the user experiences sexual excitement.


Sildenafil function

Sildenafil and Dapoxetine are the major constituting chemicals in Super P Force.

Also, these two salts in unison are useful for the treatment of PE and ED.

Besides, one component Sildenafil in the medication works top on the cavernous tissue within the phallus to amplify blood circulation.

Moreover, while going through sexual arousal the diffusion of nitric oxide in the cavernous tissue of the member occurs.

Additionally, it triggers the chemical guanylate cyclase.

Plus, this chemical enhances the ratio of a chemical famous as cyclic GMP.

Furthermore, Cyclic GMP unwinds the blood vessels inside the penis.

Moreover, it lets blood enter cavernous tissue generously to bring on an erection.

Also, stuff popular as phosphodiesterase type -5-inhibitor decomposes cyclic GMP hindering blood supply feeding the phallus.

Thus, in this way, a guy loses the election.

Besides, due to the presence of Sildenafil in the tablets, it represses the function of PDE-5.

Additionally, this action solves the problem of ED by permitting the sexual arousal to begin the cyclic GMP method to work.

Thus, a male maintains and attains a favorable erection for insertion.

Dapoxetine function 

Super P Force also carries Dapoxetine.

Moreover, this functions as SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

Besides, SSRI under normal conditions is useful as antidepressants.

Nevertheless, the deliberate presence of dapoxetine in Super P Force has a special use in curing PE.

Also, Dapoxetine starts its action very quickly within the period of one or two hours after ingestion.

Moreover, it has a very short half-life.

This means your body eliminates the chemical twenty-four hours after use.

Furthermore, ejaculation forms a reflex in which the nervous system functions as a mediator.

Additionally, as the sexual arousal gets to some threshold, some changes take place.

Plus, the activation of the sensory nerve cells in the spinal cord occurs.

Then the nerve impulses go straight to the brain.

Moreover, your brain after that conveys signals back to your motor neurons controlling the set of muscles within your member.

Additionally, the muscles undergo contractions to start ejaculation.

Besides, experts think that serotonin acts as the mediator for the ejaculatory reflex.

Also, serotonin is a particular brain chemical or says neurotransmitter that is conveying nerve signals.

Furthermore, these nerve signals make it possible for brain cells to respond.

Plus, specialists think the low ratio of serotonin within several regions of your brain result in premature ejaculation.

Moreover, the presence of dapoxetine in the remedy hinders the reuptake relating to serotonin as of the synapse.

Besides, the synapse forms the gap amid nerve cells through which chemical signals are transmitted from nerve cell to nerve cell.

Also, in case the first nerve cell (pre-synaptic) obstructs the reuptake of serotonin, this implies something else.

Furthermore, it means there exists extra serotonin for the receiving nerve cell (pre-synaptic).

Additionally, this lets nerve cells stay in touch with each other for an elongated period.

Plus, this working mechanism of dapoxetine in the pills aids to extend the capacity to keep up penetrative nearness.

Besides, with this action of the moiety, the anxiety of early discharge remains no more. Thus, the guys enjoy more control over semen discharge.

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The method to ingest Super P Force tablets

In the first place, contact your physician for advice to eat Super P Force with safety.

Besides, your doctor may decrease or increase your dosage according to your response and health condition.

Also, swallow the tablet through the oral route by making use of milk or freshwater.

Moreover, a patient can down this tablet without considering the intake of meals.

Additionally, a user can ingest the tablet alongside diet or without diet.

Furthermore, a sufferer can swallow the pill thirty or sixty minutes before penetration.

Plus, usually, its lovers consume it forty-five minutes before insertion.

Moreover, the medication starts its action of filling your phallus with immense blood within 30 minutes.

Besides, a user can ingest the pill four hours before sexual activity.

Also, your system eliminates this drug in 24 hours and it lingers inside your body for four hours.

Plus, a patient should give up alcohol intake when they are taking this pill. Additionally, alcohol tends to interact with Super P Force tablets.

Furthermore, this interaction can begin with side effects such as flushing, headaches, doziness, fainting, dizziness, etc.

Also, a victim of ED needs to avoid fat-rich full meals for enjoying top effects.

Besides, you can drink milk with Super P Force but you must not drink grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit.

Plus, it is advisable to swallow this pill whole.

Moreover, experts advise not to break, grate, chew, squash, or crush the pill. Additionally, a user should avoid eating two tablets in unison.

Furthermore, perhaps, you forget to consume Super P Force, use it whenever you remember.

Also, a patient cannot consume the forgotten dose if the timing for the scheduled tablet is coming close.

Besides, a user needs to inform his doctor.

Moreover, in the event of getting side effects while you are consuming the pill on a prescription, notify your GP.


The combination medication of Super P Force includes two chief constituents in ideal dosage. Also, the needed dose of the chemicals is effective at eliminating both disorders of PE and ED.

Moreover, the required dose for Sildenafil is 100mg whereas the dose of dapoxetine is 60mg in each pill.

Besides, the drug encloses the precise dosage requisite to cure both sexual dysfunctions among guys.

Plus, both PE and ED have the solution in the wonderful moiety of Super P Force.

Missed dose

Maybe a sufferer forgets to down the pill of Super P Force.

Then he needs to swallow it whenever he remembers it.

However, you cannot consume the double dose of the remedy to make up for forgotten moiety.

Moreover, you also require avoiding the skipped pill in case the timing of regular dose intake is close.

Besides, using two pills together can begin with side effects.


There are no chances of overdosing on the pill until you decide to use the highest dose.

However, it can occur only as you use more pills for extra power.

Additionally, taking too much of the medication can trigger reactions.

Furthermore, the side effects can be grave such as priapism, flushing, hearing loss, stomach upset, vision loss, etc.

Plus, in case you overdose on Super P Force, contact your physician for avoiding the extra bad effects of the pill.

Side effects

You must hasten to the nearest medical facility if you observe an allergy to Super P Force tablets.

Moreover, the drug may cause side effects like difficulty with breathing, swelling of the throat, tongue, lips, face, and hives.

Besides, you better stop using Super P Force and look for medical aid if you have nausea, pressure, sweating, and angina.

Also, it begins with pain in the jaw or your shoulder, a light-headed feeling, fainting, abrupt vision loss, breathlessness, and vision changes.

Additionally, a sore constant erection can occur that holds your genital organ for over four hours can begin.

Furthermore, irregular heartbeat, ringing inside the ears, abrupt hearing loss, seizures, and swelling in the feet, ankles, hands is possible.

Plus, it initiates nausea, headache, muscle pain, blurry vision, flushing, nosebleeds, tingly feeling, dizziness, and upset stomach.

Moreover, color vision changes, runny nose, heartburn, stuffy nose, and back pain can trigger.


A user cannot eat Super P Force pills in case he has an allergy to dapoxetine or Sildenafil.

Moreover, he cannot use the pill if he is allergic to any component in the remedy.

Maybe a patient is suffering from a kidney ailment or kidney problem, he better avoids the tablet.

Besides, in case a patient is fighting abnormally hypertension or hypotension, he must not use the Super P Force.

Also, perhaps a user is having an eye disease such as NAION or non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy. This issue can bring on loss of vision.

Additionally, a sufferer must give up the use of the pill if he has retinitis pigmentosa.

Furthermore, a patient is fighting a condition in which sexual activity is not advisable because of cardiovascular or heart issues.

Maybe a user has undergone a heart stroke or heart attack six months before.

Plus, perhaps a user is going through a bleeding disorder or has a history of disorder orthostatic hypotension.

Also, in case a sufferer has schizophrenia, unstable epilepsy, bipolar disorder, or depression, he should not take the pill.

Besides, if you are eating any monoamine oxidase inhibitor remedies, these can start severe reactions with Super P Force.

Moreover, perhaps a patient is using any nitrate medicine like nitroglycerin for managing angina.

Then it can result in a serious fall in blood pressure.

Maybe you are ingesting medications that interact with the tablet.


  1. In case you are eating Super P Force pills, you need to avoid operating machinery and driving vehicles.
  2. Moreover, this remedy normally brings on dizziness and light-headedness so the drug can cause accidents.
  3. Maybe a user is dealing with any of the below medical conditions or issues.
  4. Then he better gives up the use of Super P Force or contacts GP first:

Blood pressure problem

Heart issue of any kind

Maybe you have had a heart attack or stroke recently

Some genetic issue with your retina


Maybe you happen to be an organ donor recipient

Perhaps you have depression

You better avoid nitrates at any cost

Also, you must avoid using the Super P Force with other ED medicines.


  • Super P Force is likely to begin interacting with other medicines like carbamazepine, warfarin, amlodipine, atenolol, phenytoin, terazosin, and nitroglycerin.
  • Besides, interactions can come up with ketoconazole, atazanavir, cimetidine, imatinib, dexamethasone, itraconazole, and clarithromycin.


The contraindication can initiate as an allergy.

Furthermore, you cannot take Ricioguat with Super P Force pills.

However, people eating nitroglycerin and nitrates should be cautious as this drug can begin contraindication.

Additionally, you must avoid this drug in St. John’s wort condition and with butyl nitrate & amyl nitrite.

Moreover, it needs to be wary of certain health conditions like structural defects of a male member and inborn abnormalities.

Besides, the curve of the phallus, heart attack arrhythmia, an irregular heart rhythm, and hypotension can contraindicate with the pill.

Also, severe chest pain or angina, blood vessel problems like aortic stenosis, idiopathic stenosis, heart stroke, and hypertension are possible contraindications.

Additionally, heart failure, eye issues or retinal problems, inborn diseases like retinitis pigmentosa, and diabetes contraindicate.

Furthermore, in case you are over fifty years, a low cup to disc ratio within the eye are contraindications.

Plus, coronary artery disease, heart issues, a crowded disc of the eye, and high-fat content in the bloodstream show contraindication.

Moreover, NAION, hypertension, stomach ulcers, smoking, kidney problems, multiple myelomas, liver disease, have contraindications with Super P Force.

Besides, it contraindicates PVOD, sickle cell anemia, bleeding disorder, and leukemia.

Why you should buy Super P Force from Arrowmeds?

Super P Force medication is very important for males who are fighting the ED and PE.

Also, the drug makes their sex life and relationships normal once again.

Besides, with the use of the pill the erectile tissue of the phallus fills with huge blood volume.

Moreover, the fresh blood with a high content of oxygen renews the limp penis and it becomes erect and hard.

Therefore, Super P Force has special importance in your sex life.

Additionally, your relationship with your partner greatly depends on the working of the tablet.

Furthermore, this medication makes your relationship go on smoothly without any dissent.

Then it makes it vital for your sex life and relationship to get it from a trustworthy retailer.

Plus, the online seller must be famous for retailing original medicaments.

Moreover, they will not deceive their customers for some money.

Besides, they are aware of the importance of the drug and your relationship.

Also, they will never compromise your health for a few bucks.

However, you will discover all these qualities in Arrowmeds.

Plus, this online dispensary is always there to aid your ED or PE issue.

Also, they serve their customers in all circumstances.

Besides, they do not take your orders lightly.

Moreover, their prime goal is to offer top-notch products.

The use of Super P Force when your stomach is empty

Inside your empty stomach Super P Force finds the better place for starting the action.

Additionally, a user can consume this moiety without food or with diet.

However, you cannot eat a high–fat–rich heavy diet before or after the medication.

Furthermore, this can hinder the ace action of the pill.

What about the safety of Super P Force and smoking

There can come up with several side effects of tobacco smoking.

Besides, you cannot use any form of tobacco or cigarettes with this pill.

Also, people know that tobacco contains nicotine.

Moreover, this nicotine mixes with the blood when you smoke.

However, Smoking & Super P Force together make your eye problems worse.

Besides, smoking and the pill can worsen the eye issue NAION.

Therefore, confer with a doctor to know the exact precautions.


The chief aim of this article is to proffer information regarding Super P Force.

Therefore, its prime purpose is informational use.

Besides, there can be mistakes in the contents of the article.

Also, the information about interactions, contraindications, reactions, side effects, usage, and dosage can vary from one male to another.

Hence, a patient needs to talk to his physician before taking this drug.

Additionally, a sufferer must not consider this article 100% correct.

Therefore, he must get info from a GP.

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