Vigora Lido Spray

Vigora Lido Spray (Lidocaine)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Lidocaine
Indication: Anal fissure, Piles, Local anesthesia (Numb tissues in a specific area)
Manufacturer: German Remedies Private Ltd
Packaging: 15g in bottle
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Vigora Lido Spray (Lidocaine) - 15g

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What is Vigora Lido Spray?

Vigora Lido Spray is particularly for the use of guys.

Also, the medication results in a highly gratifying sexual encounter.

Besides, the drug functions as a mild form of anaesthetic and cut down the sensitivity for an elongated period.

Moreover, with the use of Vigora Spray, you derive enormous gratification and satisfaction during sensual closeness.

Plus, this medicine is a favourite option for guys who are ailing with untimely semen discharge.

Additionally, the remedy is discreet and carries a lubricant for easy use.

Furthermore, Vigora Lido Spray does not have any odour, colour and is non-toxic.

Why You Need Vigora Lido Spray For Male Sexual Impotence!

Vigora Lido Spray is a beneficial medication for guys who ejaculate very soon after penetration.

Plus, the drug benumbs the tissues and blocks signals going to the brain.

Thus, males with premature ejaculation issue lengthen their semen discharge time by applying Vigora Lido Spray on their penis.

Uses Of Vigora Lido Spray

Vigora Lido Spray does not work as a vasodilator but it is an anaesthetic.

Additionally, Vigora Spray has uses ranging from relief from haemorrhoids in the groin area to insect spray area.

Furthermore, this means Vigora Spray helps in decreasing pain on rashes, redness, swelling, and burns on your body.

Plus, the spay medication aids in relieving the adverse effects of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Also, this spray medicine has great use in many diseases as a painkiller & anaesthetic.

Besides, the list of uses of this spray medication is numerous and some of them are here.

Vigora Lido has uses as local anaesthesia during dental procedures, burns, mouth sores, eczema, oral ulcers, and insect bites.

Moreover, this drug is useful for swelling in your pelvic area, anal itching, haemorrhoids, and anal itching.

Plus, it treats sunburn, ventricular tachycardia, piles, premature ejaculation, pain, arrhythmia, and erectile dysfunction


The dosage of Vigora Spray purely depends on the condition under treatment.

Also, doctors prescribe dosage according to the extent of your disease.

Moreover, the dose can be a few times in a day or only once within 24 hours.

Besides, this spray is easy to use.

Therefore, use the remedy five minutes before a sensual encounter.

Additionally, you need to use only two to three sprays at a time.

What happens if you take too much Vigora Lido?

The excessive use of the drug in the area you apply to can lead to several side effects.

Also, if you notice to have applied the spray remedy in too many amounts, call your doctor without wasting time.

Moreover, the drug can begin nasty effects like irritation at the site of application, paresthesia, and bruising.

Besides, skin redness, flushing, dizziness, nausea, discolouration, and vomiting can occur.


Vigora Lido Spray medication is an excellent drug for safe use in the form of spray for relieving certain conditions.

However, specialists advise using it as per the proper mannerism without misusing the drug. Plus, the precautions and the mode of using this spray remedy is very easy.

Additionally, in case you are using it on your private parts, ensure you clean the area before the drug application.

Furthermore, you keep in mind that the medicine does not reach near your eyes.

Also, a patient must not swallow this drug in case the doctor uses it for dental surgery in the mouth.

Besides, when the effects of this medication begin to fade away, it can start an edgy feeling.

Side effects

The spray drug can start both severe as well as mild side effects.

Vigora Spray begins reactions like low blood pressure, skin irritation, swelling, constipation, and redness at the application site.

Also, small red spots on your skin, confusion, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headache, and purple spots on your skin start.

Moreover, tingling, numbness, irritation signs, tremor, drowsiness occur.

Besides, malignant hyperthermia, grave allergic reactions, methemoglobinemia, abnormal heart rhythm, seizures, and cardiac arrest can take place.

Where to buy Vigora Spray online?

You buy Vigora Spray from highly predominant online seller Arrowmeds.

Plus, by ordering your product from Arrowmeds you can gain many benefits.

Additionally, your product will be cheap and genuine with superior salt from a reliable drug maker

How Does Vigora Lido Spray Work?

The medication of Vigora Lido functions as local anaesthesia.

Furthermore, the drug acts on your skin by hampering pain signals from your nerves en route to your brain.

Also, this activity benumbs the area and cuts down sensation.

Moreover, this medicine reduces pain or sensation by hindering nerve impulses going to the brain.

Besides, the spray medicine begins its function within ninety seconds and the effects stay with you for twenty minutes.

How to take Vigora Lido Spray?

You grasp the container keeping the extension tube in line with the area you want to have medication on.

Additionally, for spraying the remedy, press the container’s button.

Furthermore, you require maintaining a gap of two seconds between two successive sprays.

Plus, applying this spray medication for premature ejaculation is easy.

Also, use Vigora Lido Spray on the shaft and underside of your member nearly five to fifteen minutes before sex.

Besides, after that, smear the drug in a circular pattern until your penis skin absorbs the remedy.

Vigora Spray storage conditions

You place your spray remedy at 15 to 30 degree at a distance from flames, dampness, and heat.

Moreover, the medication in the container has great pressure; therefore, never burn or puncture it.

Why Buy Vigora Lido Spray From Us?

By purchasing Vigora Lido Spray from Arrowmeds you gain several benefits.

Besides, Arrowmeds sells its products at cheap costs.

Furthermore, they place deals and offers on their medicines.

Also, your name is always secret and retailing genuine medicines is their priority.

Moreover, Arrowmeds ship quality products on short notice at your doorstep.

Vigora Lido Spray vs Lidocaine

Lidocaine and Vigora Spray is one medicine because Vigora Lido Spray encloses Lidocaine in its composition.

Therefore, both drugs resemble each other in every manner.

Vigora Lido Spray Reviews

Charlie resides in the USA.

Plus, he was suffering from an untimely semen discharge issue.

Additionally, he visited his physician who recommended applying Vigora Lido Spray before penetration.

Furthermore, after using this spray remedy, his ejaculation period is now more than before by several minutes.


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